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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dental Care

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The holidays are coming up fast, and as tradition dictates, time to get a loved one a gift. If you’re unsure what to get them, a dental hygiene Christmas gift may come in handy.

With most people still reeling from the impacts of lockdown, it is a no-brainer that their dental health has taken quite a toll.

So, why not shift gears and get them something that they will find helpful and have a major positive impact on their health?

5 Best dental gift ideas for Christmas

Don’t go through all the hassle of trying to find the perfect gift this Christmas. After a thorough thought process, we have created a list of the top five most helpful dental Christmas gifts to present to your loved ones this festive season.

They include:

1. Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dental Care 1


From $14 to $399.99

What's included?

3 brush heads, glass holder charger and toothbrush case.

The Philips Sonicare line of electric toothbrushes is one of the best in the world. Although they are known to be a little more pricy (when comparing electric toothbrush vs manual, all the good features and efficiency of it work this down), you can still get pretty affordable models like the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100.

These toothbrushes come with a two-minute time and a rechargeable battery. What’s more, they make less noise than some of their biggest competitors like the Oral-B Pro 1000.

Here’s a complete Philips vs. Oral B Electric toothbrush review.

This type of electric toothbrush has five cleaning modes: clean, deep clean, gum health, tongue care, and whiten. Each mode has up to three intensity levels depending on what you wish to achieve, giving it a truly personalized oral cleaning.

Apart from the smartimer, some of the other notable features of the Sonicare electric toothbrush are:

  • Quadpacer: some models allow you to break the timer into 30-second intervals so that you can allocate enough time to brushing each side of your mouth. 
  • BrushSync: the brush detects how often you use it and will give an indicator once it is time to get a new one. Old brushes are not as effective in getting rid of plaque.
  • SenseIQ: most new toothbrushes are fitted with a sensor that detects motion, pressure, coverage, and duration to evaluate your brushing techniques and offer instant feedback to your mobile app.

Looking for great dental Christmas gifts? Why not get them something cool? Here’s where the Sonicare Electric Toothbrush comes in.

Brushing your teeth is one of the most important oral hygiene practices that you must follow every day. However, we all know that no matter how hard you try, it might be difficult to get your mouth sparkling clean sometimes.

Besides, sometimes you may just be too tired to think about brushing your teeth ‒ going through all that necessary hassle. This is why a good electric toothbrush may be one of the best Christmas gift ideas for dental care.

2. HiSmile Whitening Kit

HiSmile Whitening Kit



What's included?

A VIO405 device, a travel case, 6 teeth whitening refills, a PAP+ primer and a charger cable

HiSmile is one of the leading at-home teeth whitening kit providers in the market. You can easily whiten your teeth, up to eight shades lighter, without visiting the dentist at any point.

HiSmile teeth whitening stands out because of the amount of scientific research put into their products. For instance, their unique PAP+ formula offers enhanced whitening solutions that go beyond only whitening to benefit your general oral health.

Who doesn’t want to whiten their teeth? Everyone is seeking for the perfect smile and keep your teeth white is very difficult as we all drink coffee or eat foods that can change the color of your teeth: it is almost impossible to keep your teeth turning yellow. However, there are whitening products like HiSmile Whitening that can help you not only whiten your teeth an average of 4 shades but keep that bright color for a long time. Besides, Hismile Whitening Kit is pretty affordable, very easy to use, and it only takes 10 minutes! 

Enjoy free shipping when you spend over US$55. Click the button below to get the discount.

3. Byte aligners

byte aligners dental christmas gifts


All-Day aligners: $1,999
All-Night aligners: $2,399

What's included?

An aligners case, a HyperByte device and a whitening foam.

Like most other top invisible teeth aligners, they are also far less conspicuous giving the user the much-needed confidence. However, they offer more than just their inconspicuous nature. For starters, they have one of the shortest treatment periods, thanks to their special HyperByte addition.

You also get flexibility when using Byte aligners, as you can choose between the All-Day aligners (worn for at least 22 hours daily) or At-Night aligners (require only 10 hours of use every night).

Sounds good yet? What’s more, is that (besides being a cheap teeth aligners brand compared to similar aligners) you also receive a couple of freebies from your first purchase. These include free teeth whitening formula and your first set of retainers. Other companies charge extra for these other products.

If your giftee has always wanted to get orthodontic treatment but has not done so for various reasons, getting byte aligners would be the best Christmas gift.

Byte aligners provide an excellent alternative to traditional braces to correct most structural dental flaws. They are more comfortable for the patients and offer the convenience of receiving orthodontic treatment from the comfort of your home. It’s an expensive present, but it is an affordable alternative to braces or other invisible alignment brands. 

Click the button below to get $100 OFF, the impressions kit for ONLY $14.95 and BrightBytePRO FREE.

4. Sonicare Airfloss

sonicare airfloss dental christmas gifts



What's included?

An airfloss handle, an Airfloss nozzle and a charger base.

The Philips Sonicare Airfloss is a handheld device with a mouthwash or water reservoir. When activated, it fires small bursts of air mixed with the water or mouthwash into the user’s mouth in between teeth.

It is a no-brainer that the thought of flossing makes most of us sigh. However, it is one thing you know has to be done to maintain your oral hygiene, just that it is too much work. Moreover, sometimes doing so may be fiddly and potentially hurt you.

Fortunately, you do not have to undergo such an experience if you have a good Airfloss  like Sonicare’ because, with this, you no longer have to think of flossing as a necessary evil but something you’d actually enjoy doing.

5. Dental insurance

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dental Care 3

Dental insurance is a type of insurance that covers dental care. It can pay for you the expenses of dental procedures, routine visits to your dentists, and accidental damage to your teeth, among other things, or cover it partly. 

Most dental procedures are not cheap, yet they are a necessity. Perhaps one of the best dental Christmas gifts to present to your loved ones would be getting them dental insurance. You will have made their lives much easier and secured a healthy future for them.

Be sure to consult with your insurance provider or some of the best dental insurance providers on the logistics required to get dental insurance for a third party.

Why dental products can be the best gift for Christmas?

Although dental products may not be a priority list for many when choosing the ideal Christmas gifts, times are changing, and so are people’s preferences. We are now more educated than before on the importance of oral hygiene, and we’re aware that your mouth is the gateway to overall body health. A healthy mouth paves the way for a healthy body.

There are different types of products that one may require to maintain oral health: brushing, flossing, whitening, and teeth straightening.

Most of these products (or services) don’t come cheaply, but there are various more affordable and convenient options to look into. That’s why dental Christmas gifts can be a great idea: you can help your loved ones save money and take care of themselves.

Break the old, dull chain of obvious gift options and go for healthier, unique, and thoughtful Christmas dental gift ideas.

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