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There’s yet another clear aligner system on the market!

Dandy is a clear aligner that’s poised to take off in popularity across the U.S. next year. It’s not exactly new, however. Dandy was formerly known as a small company called Orthly but has undergone a radical rebranding process in the past year. Dandy is still providing the same product at the same price but now offers its service to a much wider geographic area than Orthly.

With so many clear aligner options to choose from and some conflicting reviews about the various companies, you might wonder how you could ever pick the right treatment.

'How does Dandy stack up against the competition? What should you know about this orthodontic treatment? Is Dandy right for you?'

We dig into the details here.

Dandy Review: An Honest Opinion

Dandy aligners are designed to get you a straighter smile in less than a year. The Dandy Aligner combines convenience with a personal touch and professional insights. Digital treatment planning and home delivery for your trays are features of Dandy, as they are for other clear aligner companies.

But what makes Dandy different is that you need to first have your smile evaluated by a real dentist in-person before pursuing treatment. This strategy challenges the typical direct-to-consumer clear aligner companies on the market.

'Dandy may be just another clear aligner on the market, but it’s not like any other out there.'

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Quick Stats on Dandy Aligners

Dandy Pricing:

1900 USD which can be divided into payments as low as 88 USD/month for simple cases; 2600 USD or payments of 122 USD/month for complex cases.

Duration of Treatment with Dandy:

6-10 months, on average. Depends on the complexity of your case.


United States. Dandy was formerly known as Orthly, a brand with limited geographic reach. But rebranded as Dandy, this aligner is ready to take the entire country.


Dandy started out as Orthly, a small company started by two college students in 2017. After some updates to their branding, website, and availability, the company transformed into Dandy as we know it today.

Overall experience:

The Dandy website already boasts several positive real patient cases. Happy customers reported loving the results of their smile and loving the fact that they only paid a fraction of what it would have cost to use a DTC clear aligner alternative.

Explore Dandy for yourself by visiting MeetDandy.com.

How Does Dandy Compare?

 DandyInvisalignClear CorrectSmile Direct ClubTraditional Orthodontic Treatment
Average Price$1900 or $2600$3000 and up$2500 and up$2700$5500 and up
In-Person ProceduresNoYesYesNoYes
Impression Kit Required?NoNoNoYes (additional charge)No
Case Severity TreatedAllAllAllMild,moderateAll
Office Visits?1-310-15Yes, with remote monitoring optionsNo10-15
Insurance Accepted?YesYesYesAccepted, but not all insurance plans agree to payYes

How Does Dandy Work? Your Treatment Step-by-Step

Straightening your teeth with Dandy is a breeze!

1- Take this online quiz to find out if you’re a candidate for Dandy.
2- Book a Snapshot appointment with a dentist near you who’s also a Dandy partner.
3- Your dentist will give you a full dental checkup to make sure you’re clear to start treatment.
4- Your Dandy dentist will take a quick 3D scan of your teeth and send it to the Dandy team.
5- Get your Dandy treatment plan within 72 hours of your Snapshot appointment and review it to see what your new smile will look like.
6- Start wearing the aligners that Dandy sends right to your door.
7- Track your progress with the Dandy app.
8- Maintain your final results with the retainer that’s included in your Dandy teeth aligner package.

dandy teeth aligners scan
dandy teeth aligners treatment

Dandy is similar to other DTC (direct-to-customer) clear aligner products in that it delivers your orthodontic trays to you and remotely monitors your progress. You don’t have to visit a dental office over and over to keep your treatment moving along.

But where Dandy provides a unique treatment experience is in how you are required to see a dentist in person before starting treatment. This ensures that your teeth truly do stand to benefit from treatment with Dandy aligners and that your mouth is healthy enough to have the treatment.

Final Results: Dandy Before and After

Dandy is still an up-and-coming name on the clear aligner scene, so there aren’t many people who have tried Dandy and shared their before-and-after photos with the world.

'But there are several happy customers who have tried Dandy teeth aligners and loved the results they got'.

Not only does Dandy focus on making smiles look nicer after treatment, but the company puts an emphasis on health and economy, as well. They are happy to offer cutting-edge orthodontic treatment at a fraction of the cost of their competitors while providing customers with a more health- and safety-conscious experience by coordinating their treatment with real dentists, which their customers love.

Matthew K.
Read More
My wife started with Invisalign about 4 months before I started with Dandy. She paid $5,500 for her treatment. I paid $1,900. We're seeing who gets the best results. So far it's been a tie.
Jenna L.
Read More
Dandy changed my life & my smile! I'm thrilled with the results. The entire process was easy & amazing and the price was very affordable. Thank you for allowing me to be confident in my smile again! Highly recommend!
Read More
It's been such an easy process! I’m about halfway through my treatment and can already see a massive difference in my teeth. The aligners are comfortable and easy to put in. I can't wait to see the final result!

How Much Does Dandy Cost?

Dandy aligners are a great deal in comparison with similar products. You’ll save the most when you pay the full price up front. Simple cases cost only $1900 while complex ones cost $2600.

Not only is Dandy a cost-effective orthodontic solution, but the company’s pricing is very straightforward. You won’t get hit with any hidden fees or charged for unnecessary products. What you see is what you get!

In fact, their price only gets better when you see what’s covered.

For example, the total treatment fee includes your Snapshot appointment, which is when a local dentist evaluates your smile for treatment with Dandy aligners. This appointment includes a full dental health checkup and cleaning—a $200 value!

A retainer to help you maintain the progress you’ve made with your treatment is also covered in that one price, a $99 value.

Although $1900 and $2600 are very affordable prices when it comes to orthodontic treatment, Dandy still offers convenient financing to help you foot the cost. For simple cases, you can make payments of $88 a month until your treatment is paid off. Complex cases are $120 per month.

And if you need the help of dental insurance, then you’ll be glad to know that Dandy can still work with you. They’ll even file your claim for you for as much as 50% off your treatment.

Want to take advantage of the tax benefits of orthodontic treatment? Dandy also accepts payments from a FSA/HSA for your treatment.

Get Your Dandy Teeth Aligner At Home

Is Dandy right for you? Take their online quiz to find out or visit your local dentist for advice.

Dandy is the perfect at-home way to straighten your teeth if you’re looking for where economy and quality care intersect. But teeth aligners online aren’t always the right answer for everyone. And you have to keep in mind that the creators behind this product aren’t actual dentists.

If you have a very complex case or other dental problems, you should probably consult a dentist before sending away for an aligner kit.

You should also contact your dentist right away if while using Dandy aligners you notice:

  • Teeth that are very loose
  • Bleeding gums
  • Persistent bad breath

Dandy is an orthodontic treatment method that minimizes the risk of treatment complications by requiring you to see a dentist right off the bat. So if you’re looking for a safe clear aligner system, Dandy is probably right for you.

Dandy teeth aligners are safe, thorough, effective, and are practically invisible. Now that Dandy is branching out across the country, the benefits of having straighter teeth are right within your reach.

The best smile of your life is just months away, thanks to Dandy teeth aligners! Visit the Dandy aligners website for more information on how you can get started.

Written by The Teeth Blog Team

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  1. John Costanzo

    I was one of the original Orthly customers. I thought that Dandy went out of business. I am almost done my treatment but my final aligners do not fit well. Can you help?

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi, John!

      If the aligners don’t fit well the best to do is contact customer service, they will probably come up with a solution (replace the aligner, make a new one, etc.)
      Hope this helps


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