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Damon Braces: What Are They, Benefits and Cost

Julia Willcox

Written by Julia Willcox

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Whether you are just looking for mild corrections to your teeth, or a complete overhaul of your smile, straightening your teeth can be a massive confidence boost. While regular metal braces used to be just about the only option available for those looking to straighten their teeth, that is thankfully no longer the case. There are several orthodontic systems to choose from for patients who want to improve their smiles in today’s world. Several of these orthodontic systems are also advantageous aesthetically, as they are not as visible as regular braces. Aside from traditional metal braces, there are lingual braces, Invisalign, and Damon braces. Lingual braces are just like traditional metal braces, except they are placed on the inside side of the teeth, so they are not visible. Invisalign is typically the go-to choice when patients are concerned about the appearance of their braces. Damon braces bear some similarities to regular metal braces but have some unique advantages and differences.

What are Damon braces?

Damon braces are made out of brackets and wire. So what sets them apart from average, run-of-the-mill metal braces? Traditionally, metal braces have elastic ligatures that allow for the teeth’ adjustment and movement- Damon braces don’t. What sets this type of braces apart and makes them a different kind of braces is their ability to self-adjust, without the elastic band ligatures that you typically see around braces’ brackets.

traditional vs damon braces

They utilize a sliding mechanism to hold the brackets and the wires together, and it is also this mechanism that puts slight pressure on the teeth and forces them to move into the desired positions. The brackets can be described as tiny “doors” and are directly connected to the archwires of the braces. Compared to the pressure put on the teeth by the elastic ligatures found in the more traditional style of braces, Damon braces are more gentle and allow for less discomfort during the treatment process.

Do Damon Clear Braces exist?

damon clear braces

Yes! They do have an option with clear brackets! These clear Damon braces are amongst the best braces for adults and are an excellent option for all those who want to make it less apparent that they’re wearing braces. Although there are competitors with completely clear aligners, such as Invisalign, these are not the best option for every patient. Invisalign is typically reserved for those requiring more minor corrections to their teeth, which is wear Damon braces can step in as a suitable alternative option.

While more aesthetically pleasing than braces with metal brackets, Damon’s clear braces option still does contain a metal wire. While the brackets themselves are clear and nearly invisible, the metal wire can still be noticeable and is something to keep in mind if the aesthetics of your orthodontic treatment is a top priority.

Damon System Benefits

The Damon System offers several benefits to its patients. Below are some of the main points that set them apart from its competitors:

Fewer visits to the orthodontist:

The self-adjusting nature of these braces allows for fewer trips to your orthodontist’s office. Typically, patients need to make several trips to the orthodontist just for adjustments to their braces, which can be avoided with Damon braces.

Less staining

The elastic ligatures found on the brackets of traditional metal braces tend to develop stains or discoloration over time, and since the Damon system does not use such ligatures, this issue can be avoided entirely.

Faster treatment time:

Damon system can improve your smile faster than traditional metal braces.

Increased comfort:

The Damon system is overall more gentle on your teeth and gums during treatment, improving comfort while your teeth are being shifted.

Easier to clean:

Since they lack elastic ligatures, it is easier to maintain good dental hygiene during treatment.

Greater versatility:

Although competitors that offer clear aligners, like Invisalign, can treat most mild to moderate teeth and bite issues, they are not usually well-suited to treat more complex cases. On the other hand, they are an ideal option for those with more severe orthodontic problems.

A broader smile:

Known as a “Damon Smile,” the Damon system seeks to straighten your teeth in a manner that broadens your smile and reduces the dark spaces in the corners of your mouth. For a visual of the Damon Smile, check out before and after braces images on the Damon braces website.

Damon Braces Cost

How much to get braces? This alignment system is typically slightly more expensive compared to their traditional metal counterparts. Traditional braces usually cost between $2,000 and $6,000, while Damon braces tend to cost between $5,100 and $7,000. However, the final cost will depend on several factors and vary from patient to patient.

Damon Braces: What Are They, Benefits and Cost 1

One of the main influences on the cost of braces is the complexity and severity of the orthodontic problem that is being treated. While the Damon system is capable of treating even more complex orthodontic cases, more complicated issues tend to require more of the orthodontist’s time and tools, leading to a higher cost of treatment for the patient.

Damon Braces: What Are They, Benefits and Cost 2

Another factor that plays a role in the cost is the level of expertise of the orthodontist you choose. Only orthodontists, not dentists, are licensed in the administration of braces. After the completion of dental school, orthodontists must undergo additional graduate-level training. Furthermore, since Damon braces are a specialized orthodontic system, orthodontists need specific training to be able to offer this treatment to patients. The longer an orthodontist has been licensed in the administration of this system and the more patients he or she has treated, the better they will be in executing the treatment. Therefore, they tend to charge more than their less experienced counterparts.

Damon Braces: What Are They, Benefits and Cost 3
A third variable in the cost of orthodontic treatment is your location. The cost of living in certain areas is generally higher, which can influence the cost of services like orthodontic treatment. Typically rural areas are less expensive, and densely populated urban areas tend to be more costly. Within the United States specifically, the cost of living on the coast tends to be higher than the interior of the country. Be sure to conduct thorough research on the different licensed orthodontists in your area. If you live in a more expensive area, consider the costs and benefits of potentially traveling slightly further to visit an office that offers lower prices.

Does insurance cover the cost of Damon Braces?

Damon Braces are covered under many insurance plans given that they are a type of braces and fall within the category of orthodontic treatment. This is an advantage over clear aligners such as Invisalign since they are not technically braces and may not qualify under certain insurance plans. However, not all health insurance or even dental insurance plans cover this alignment system, so it would be wise to read the fine print within your specific insurance plan.

If your insurance plan does not cover the cost of Damon braces, there are several alternative options to help finance them. These include but are not limited to Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Savings Accounts, and monthly payment plans. Health Savings Accounts are meant for those with high-deductible insurance plans, while Flexible Savings Accounts are accounts managed by your employer that can be used for various health-related purposes, including dental and orthodontic needs. Monthly payment plans vary from location to location but allow patients to spread out the cost of braces over time instead of paying for them all at once. Additionally, some monthly payment plans have 0% APR, meaning that interest does not accrue over time (increasing the treatment’s final cost). Wondering where to get braces for the lowest price? Researching the types of monthly payment plans offered by different orthodontist’s offices can determine the most suitable option for you and your budget.

what are damon braces

The Damon system is an excellent alternative to classic metal braces. Its main difference compared with regular braces is the lack of elastic ligatures and the use of a unique sliding mechanism as an alternative way of moving the teeth. As a result of the lack of elastic ligatures, these braces require fewer trips to the orthodontist’s office for adjustments, are easier to clean, and have a shorter average treatment time. Furthermore, the Damon system offers clear brackets as an option for those who care more about the aesthetic appearance of their braces, making it competitive with popular clear aligners brands like Invisalign. The cost can vary on a case-by-case basis, but given that they are a type of braces, they should be covered as a form of orthodontic treatment under most insurance plans. If you are a patient seeking orthodontic treatment, be sure to consider Damon braces among the more common options of traditional metal braces and Invisalign.

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