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Invisalign has revolutionized teeth alignment. It allows you to be beautiful and comfortable compared to traditional braces. It also straightens your teeth while staying virtually invisible and causing no interruption to your lifestyle.

Invisalign treatment is pricey, and the costs depend on your treatment plan, among other factors.

Average cost of Invisalign in Wisconsin

Invisalign treatment in Wisconsin costs about $2500 to $6500.

How to make Invisalign more affordable in Wisconsin

Use dental insurance

Having an insurance policy can help with costs. Nor Medicare or Medicaid do not cover Invisalign treatment in Wisconsin. However, if you’re willing to get traditional braces, Part C of the plan may be able to help cater to such expenses.

Find nearby dental schools

You can pay for Invisalign at Wisconsin at a much cheaper price if you got served at some of the dental schools and universities offering such services. One of the options would be to get Invisalign treatment at Marquette University.

Payment options

You can pay for Invisalign treatments using a flexible spending account. The contributions for FSA are made with pre-tax dollars from your salary. This is like getting a discount. You can make the payments using an FSA debit card issued by many employers.

Search for discounts

You can search for dentists and orthodontists that offer discounts near your location. During promotion periods, you can find Invisalign treatments that cost way less than standard prices. Compare the prices of different providers and settle for one that meets your needs.

Invisalign Alternatives in Wisconsin

If even using the tips we have recommended, Invisalign is still expensive for you, it must be said that there are similar alternatives as effective and convenient as this brand, for example, at-home teeth aligners. Check out our article about the best at-home teeth alignment brands to help you choose the best alternative for you. 

Invisalign Providers in Wisconsin

Although Invisalign may be a bit expensive, it is worth it. Find a licensed orthodontist and get a lifetime of incredible smiles. The best way to find a good Invisalign provider is by using the Invisalign doctor locator.

Some regions can have more affordable Invisalign treatment plants. For example, you can check out the cost of Invisalign in Oklahoma.

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