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Cost of Invisalign in North Carolina

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Dreaming of beautiful, straight teeth and a contagious smile without the inconveniences caused by metal braces? If so, the Invisalign clear aligners’ system might be just what you need. How much will you have to pay? The cost of Invisalign in North Carolina ranges between $3,000 and $6,500.

Average cost of Invisalign in North Carolina

Unlike the northern states that tend to be more expensive when it comes to dental care, dental fees in North Carolina and the bordering states (i.e. Invisalign Georgia) tend to be close to the national average. The Invisalign costs North Carolina range between $3,000 and $6,500.

How to make Invisalign Affordable in North Carolina?

Since NC Medicaid only covers dental procedures deemed “medically necessary”, making Invisalign more affordable implies looking for free and low-cost dental care providers. NeedyMeds and Free Clinic Directory provide useful lists of free and low-cost dental clinics. Some good places to turn to for low-cost and often free dental care are universities and dental schools. Most of them provide services at a reduced rate. University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Chapel Hill or East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine might be two good options to try out.

Insurance coverage

If you already have a dental plan that covers orthodontics, make sure to check with your insurance company if Invisalign is covered. If you don’t have an insurance plan but you are interested in one, make sure it covers treatments such as Invisalign before making a decision.

Payment options

No matter how you look at it, Invisalign is not precisely cheap. This is why most Invisalign providers offer a wide variety of payment plans: monthly payments, low and no down payments, online payment, coupons, special discounts, customized payment options, etc. make sure to ask your provider about all the available payment and financing options.

Invisalign Alternatives in North Carolina

Traditional braces, Damon braces, lingual braces, or at-home teeth aligner companies offering clear aligners are great alternatives if you’re looking for other options instead of Invisalign.

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6 Best Teeth Aligners Brands
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Invisalign Providers in North Carolina

If you want to become an Invisalign provider, or you already are one and want to improve your patients’ experience and offer better prices, don’t hesitate to contact any Invisalign North Carolina sales representative. If you are a patient, and you are looking for an Invisalign clinic close to you, the Doctor Locator tool will make things easy for you.

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