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An innovative clear aligner system, Invisalign is a highly effective and user-friendly alternative to uncomfortable and unappealing traditional orthodontic solutions. The cost of Invisalign in Nebraska can range anywhere between $3000 and $6000.

Average cost of Invisalign in Nebraska

The national average for Invisalign can fall anywhere between $3.000 and $5.000. In Nebraska, the cost of Invisalign ranges between $3000 and $6000.

How to make Invisalign Affordable in Nebraska?

Since Invisalign is costlier than other orthodontic treatments and the Nebraska Medicaid Dental Programs (MCNA and CHIP) do not cover it, it is advisable to explore all the available options prior to making a decision. For instance, you can check NeedyMeds’ list of low-cost and free dental clinics and look for special programs that may include Invisalign. Help Paying The Bills is another website worth checking for special programs offered by universities (like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln), community centers, etc.

Since, for example, the average price of Invisalign in Colorado is slightly lower, you can save money by looking for an Invisalign provider in a more affordable area such as Federal Heights or Lamar.

Insurance coverage

To make Invisalign more affordable, you can opt for a dental insurance plan that covers orthodontic treatments. Nonetheless, it is of utmost importance to thoroughly read the small print to make sure that your insurance covers Invisalign.

Payment options

The payment options may vary from one clinic to another. However, most dental clinics in Nebraska offer flexible financing solutions: monthly payments, special discounts for full payments, third-party financing, down payments, and even case-sensitive plans.

Invisalign Alternatives in Nebraska

If you still want to check other alternatives, you can check traditional braces, lingual braces or teeth alignment companies like Byte or Candid which offer at-home treatments.

Invisalign Providers in Nebraska

To help you make a well-informed and safe decision, the Invisalign website puts at your disposal the Invisalign doctor locator, allowing you to find the best doctors close to your location. That includes Invisalign Lincoln Nebraska, Invisalign Milford Nebraska, or Invisalign in Omaha Nebraska.

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