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Cost of Invisalign in Kentucky

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Everybody wants to have a bright smile that lights up the room every day, but not everybody seems to afford it. Well, what if there is a way out? If you reside in Kentucky, this information is for you to grab for an Invisalign procedure you might have.

Average cost of Invisalign in Kentucky

In Kentucky, just like other states around, the cost of Invisalign is not fixed, but the range here is between $3000-$6500. If this is still way above budget, check the next section.

How to make Invisalign Affordable in Kentucky?

To achieve that smile will not be impossible anymore with these two options listed below.

Insurance coverage

Most private insurance plans include dental care and orthodontic benefits like Invisalign treatment; if your insurance plan does include these types of benefits, you can get this treatment done at an affordable price. If your health insurance doesn't cover for invisalign treatment, you can also consider getting Kentucky Medicaid plan to cut out the price of other dental expenses sometimes needed before starting an alignment treatment as dental clinics, x-rays, or dental extractions; however, Invisalign treatment as such is not covered by this governmental help. Moreover, you can also subscribe to affordable clinics like school of dentistry clinic in University of Kentucky for general dental care, and they offer Invisalign treatment.

Payment options

If you can't do any listed above, you can opt for a suitable payment plan to pay for the treatment. It could be an installment payment of six months or more. Also, a discount from the orthodontist specifically can help with the cost too.

Invisalign Alternatives in Kentucky

If you still think that Invisalign is not very budget-friendly, you can also check other alternatives that are as good and effective as Invisalign. Some of them are traditional braces, lingual braces and other clear aligner companies Byte and CandidCo.

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Invisalign Providers in Kentucky

If you search for the various Invisalign providers in Kentucky, you will be sure to find a handful that fits your budget and need. But, if you live on the border of Kentucky and you are able to travel to a near state, you can also go to bigger states (check Invisalign Ohio or Invisalign Indiana) and can use the respective Invisalign tool to get a suitable doctor.

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