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Cost of Invisalign in Maine

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An effective and innovative orthodontic solution, Invisalign is a clear aligner system that provides all the usage comfort and aesthetic value that traditional orthodontic treatments – such as metal braces – fail to deliver. Despite its unquestionable advantages, orthodontic patients must be aware that the cost of Invisalign in Maine can range anywhere between $4000 and $7000.

What is the cost of Invisalign in Maine?

Despite its relatively low cost of living, Maine – alongside other Northern states – is known for its high dental fees. And Invisalign makes no exception.

Average cost of Invisalign

While the national average for Invisalign ranges between $3.000 and $5.000, the cost of Invisalign in Maine can fall anywhere between $4000 and $7000, depending on several factors.

Extra cost considerations

The cost of Invisalign can vary depending on various factors:

Is Invisalign worth the investment?

Whether or not Invisalign is worth the investment depends on each patient’s real orthodontic needs and expectations. At first sight, Maine cosmetic dentistry may seem to meet purely aesthetic needs: use clear aligners to achieve a beautiful smile. However, correcting severe dental conditions such as crooked teeth or cross-biting helps patients prevent tooth decay, periodontitis, or jaw pains.

Factors affecting cost

Apart from each patient’s particular needs and insurance coverage, there are other price-determining factors. Living in an urban area implies a higher cost of living that directly affects dental fees. In exchange, rural areas have a lower cost of living, and that usually translates into more affordable dental fees. The most expensive cities in Maine are Portland, Saco, and Biddeford. The most affordable places are Augusta, Lewiston, and Auburn.

How to make Invisalign affordable?

After learning how much is Invisalign, we can confirm that the brand is more expensive than other orthodontic treatments. However, there are certain stratagems you can resort to and make Invisalign more affordable.

Insurance coverage

Opting for a dental insurance plan that covers orthodontic treatments is a savvy strategy. To avoid unpleasant surprises, read the small print carefully to make sure it covers Invisalign.

Unfortunately, the MaineCare program only covers limited dental services that are considered medically necessary: periodontal gum disease and tooth decay prevention. Invisalign is not covered. According to Healthcare.gov, Mainers can purchase their dental insurances either as part of a medical plan or as a “stand-alone” product. Make sure to read the fine print to see if Invisalign is covered or not.

Fortunately, there are multiple federally qualified non-profit health centers and dental hygiene schools - such as the University of Maine (Augusta) or the University of New England (Portland) - that offer free and low-cost dental services. You can find a comprehensive list here. Even if these clinics do not usually cover Invisalign, there might be exceptions.

Payment options

The financing options vary from one clinic to another. To make Invisalign budget-friendlier, most orthodontist Portland Maine and Southern Maine pediatric dentistry clinics offer various financing programs: CareCredit (i.e., monthly payments), coupons via specialized websites such as Groupon, third-party financing options, or unique case-sensitive payment plans and discounts. Keep in mind that most clinics do not accept Medicaid.

Invisalign Alternatives in Maine

If you have already discarded metal braces, and you think that Invisalign might be out of your reach, there are other popular alternatives. For instance, you can opt for lingual braces, Damon braces systems, or other Invisalign teeth aligners alternatives sold by teledentistry companies at more affordable prices.

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Invisalign Providers in Maine

aspen dental invisalign

If you are looking for an Invisalign orthodontist Augusta Maine, Aspen Dental is a reliable and top-quality Invisalign provider with additional offices in Ellsworth, Bangor, Thomaston, and Waterville. Apart from offering virtual consultations and flexible payment options, Aspen Dental clinic has adapted to the COVID-19 reality and ensures contactless delivery of your Invisalign aligners.

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However, if Aspen Dental is not the best choice for you because of the locations or the price, you can also search for a doctor site in Invisalign website tool ‘Find an Invisalign doctor’. 

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