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Cost of Invisalign in Arkansas

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One thing you can be sure of when it comes to treating any dental issue in Arkansas is affordability. If you are a resident in any area of the state and wonder if Invisalign treatment will cost you to break a bank, think again. This article will show you the average cost of Invisalign treatment in Arkansas and ways to make it cheaper. Ready? Let’s go.

Average cost of Invisalign in Arkansas

Anywhere you decide to do your Invisalign procedure in Arkansas, expect to pay between the range of $3000 and $6500. This price range is meager compared to other states that pay up to $9000. Nonetheless, this price is not fixed, as some factors can influence its rise or discount.

How to make Invisalign Affordable in Arkansas

If the above price is still way too much for your current budget, no worries, there are affordable options you can settle for.

Insurance coverage

You can get your Invisalign procedure done at an affordable rate if your private insurance covers it, but if it doesn't, there are some other alternatives. Interestingly, you can make use of the affordable care provided by universities’ medical clinics or opt for Medicaid Services offered in Arkansas. However, Medicaid Arkansas itself doesn’t cover this type of orthodontic treatment as it is considered a “cosmetic feature”, but you can get other benefits with the dental plan they offer with Delta Dental.

Payment options

Some clinics give a discount for a one-off payment. Others accept credit cards. Any of these payment options will help make the treatment affordable. Also, university dental clinics offer a discount, but there is none in Arkansas. Yet you can find it in nearby states university dental clinics at a reasonable cost.

Invisalign Alternatives in Arkansas

If even using dental insurance, Invisalign’s full price is still out of your budget, you should know that there are affordable alternatives. Traditional braces, lingual braces, or even telehealth alignment companies like Byte or Candid can be affordable alternatives to Invisalign.  

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Invisalign Providers in Arkansas

There are several orthodontists in Arkansas to choose from; you can check to see which one works better for you using the Invisalign tool “Find an Invisalign Doctor” that you can find on their website. Or you can look for other dental providers out of the states like Invisalign Texas or Invisalign Mississippi that might offer more affordable treatment.

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