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ClearClub Custom Night Guard Reviews 2024

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If you are reading this, you’re probably looking for honest ClearClub night guard reviews to determine if this product can help you get the peaceful night’s sleep you long for.

Dealing with bruxism and cases of teeth grinding or clenching can make a restful night elusive. However, you can alleviate these symptoms by using some of the best night guards available in the market.

ClearClub night guards may be one of the brands you may come across in your search, and in this post, we extensively explore this product to help you determine if it is right for you. Find out more about this product as we cover:

  • Why you should go for custom night guards;
  • A comprehensive ClearClub night guards review;
  • Customer experiences with ClearClub night guards.

The Importance of Custom Night Guards

Custom night guards are precisely designed dental appliances created to protect your teeth and jaws from the adverse effects of bruxism and clenching. They are a custom-fit solution that addresses but doesn’t cure bruxism.

Bruxism, or the subconscious grinding and clenching of the jaw, can cause headaches, jaw pain, and permanent dental damage. These habits often manifest unconsciously during sleep, and when left unaddressed, they can wreak havoc on your oral health. Most custom night guards are between 1 mm and 3 mm thick.

Benefits of Night Guards

Custom night guards act as a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. This barrier prevents the grinding and clenching forces from causing damage. Beyond preserving your teeth, custom night guards are crucial for mitigating several issues, including:

Most of the benefits you get from night guards can be seen mostly in the custom-made versions.

Check out these Pro Teeth Guard reviews or this Remi night guard review if you are looking for good recommendations for custom night guards.

Moreover, you should consider getting mouthguards for bruxism in children if you are getting the product for your younger ones. There are also other types of night guards you can get over the counter. But what exactly is the main difference between them?

Why You Should Get Custom Night Guards Over Generic Alternatives

There are many reasons why getting custom night guards is a preferred option over generic versions. Some of the reasons include:

It is due to these and other reasons that ClearClub was formed, with the aim of offering affordable night guards to people without the need for extensive processes and costs associated with going directly to the dentist.

So, what exactly is ClearClub night guard, and can it be on our list of the best mouthguards for teeth grinding?

Let’s explore further to help you make a more informed decision.

Understanding ClearClub Custom Night Guards

ClearClub Night Guards is a mail-order company that deals with night guards, also known as mouthguards. Mail-order companies technically work by sending you impressions to take of your teeth once you order. After taking impressions, you simply mail them back to the company for your custom night guards to be created. This is exactly how ClearClub night guards work.

However, the company also states that it is an OTC (over-the-counter) brand, raising questions on how exactly an OTC brand is able to develop ‘custom night guards.’ Nevertheless, more on this later in our customer review section of the brand.

Screenshot of ClearClub Custom NightGuards site

The company prides itself on developing affordable night guards for people with a range of unique needs right to their doorsteps.

ClearClub night guards are made of FDA-approved, non-allergenic, latex, and BPA-free materials. They are manufactured and approved by US dental professionals. The outside of the night guard is hard acrylic to withstand the forces of grinding and clenching.

Pricing and Cost of ClearClub Night Guards

ClearClub offers different types of night guards that you can choose from, depending on a range of factors, such as personal preferences or the severity of your condition. They also offer retainers and sports mouthguards to protect your teeth during high-impact sports.

The company has four different types and bundles of night guards that you can choose from, all with different pricing structures. They include:

Clear Custom Night Guard
Clear Custom Night Guard

This particular model is available in three thickness levels (1.3 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm), where you get the thickest when you have severe grinding issues. A one-time purchase will cost you $158.

However, if you opt for the subscription model, you get $40 off each renewal.

Multi-Color Night Guard
Multi-Color Night Guard

The multi-color night guard is best for those with a creative side who want to add some fun to their usage. The product comes in various colors, from bubble gum to camo.

To get this model, you will have to pay $170 as a one-off payment, or if you opt for the renewal plan, you will pay $136.

Color Night Guard
Color Night Guard

The color night guard is also colored, just that it only consists of a singular hue. There is a wide range of colors available, and to get this night guard, you will have to part ways with $160 for a one-off payment. The subscription model will take you back $126.

Dynamic Duo Night Guard
Dynamic Duo Night Guard

ClearClub also offers the Dynamic Duo Night Guard, where you can take both the upper and the lower night guards. A single night guard, in this case, costs $210, while both go for $380.

Customer Experiences with ClearClub

It is always important to go through real customer experiences before purchasing a product, especially when it is a crucial investment like getting night guards. Much of the information regarding ClearClub night guards can be found on their website.

However, much of what a company posts on its websites may go unchecked, meaning it can be difficult to verify. Fortunately, there are other platforms that you can rely on to get unbiased reviews of real customers, which the company doesn’t have control over.

Are ClearClub Customer Reviews Legit?

When scrolling through ClearClub’s website, you will notice how they pride themselves in ‘leading the market with over 5,000 reviews.’ Upon scrolling further down the page, you will come across many reviews, most of them rating the product at 5 stars, highlighting how the product may have helped those people.

The company claims that all these reviews are sourced from third-party platforms by a neutral reviews collection platform (Loox). However, by the time of publishing this piece, we could not access any links directing us to Loox showcasing where the company gets all those reviews.

Moreover, when searching for customer reviews on platforms where the company doesn’t have direct control over the reviews, like Trustpilot and Amazon, the numbers did not add up.

Screenshot of Amazon's Clear Club Night Guard Reviews. They are mostly negative.

ClearClub states that it leads the industry with the number of reviews it has received. However, we could only find less than 15 reviews on Amazon and less than 10 reviews on Trustpilot.

Is ClearClub a Scam?

Most customer reviews we found on these independent review platforms indicate that the company may not be trustworthy or worth your money.

Most people complained about the brand, hence the very low ratings on Amazon, where it got a 1.7 out of 5-star rating. On Trustpilot, it got an average rating of 2.2 stars out of 5.

A screenshot of Trustpilots' Clear Club reviews page, in which the brand has 2.2 stars.

Most of the complaints regarding the company we saw from other customers include: 


We are not explicitly stating that ClearClub night guards are a scam. However, the company may need to strategize how to respond to the issues raised by their clients. Nevertheless, based on the ClearClub night guard reviews we saw, we would advise approaching them carefully and conducting your own research before committing to their night guards.

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