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Clear Aligners for Teenagers

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Our teeth tend to develop during the teenage years fully. It can be easy to get orthodontic issues during this period due to the developing teeth. You might get misalignment or bite problems which can easily occur during this period.

The best way to resolve such concerns would be automatically through orthodontic treatment, which mainly involves braces.

However, teens are quite self-conscious, meaning having a mouth full of metals may not be desirable. Fortunately, you can consider clear aligners for teenagers as an alternative solution. This post takes you through all the nitty-gritty surrounding clear aligners for teens to help you make an informed decision.

Are Clear Aligners Right for Teens?

Clear aligners have been in use for the last couple of years with excellent success rates you can start by checking byte aligners’ results to see their efficiency. They are used to treat minor to moderate malocclusions and teeth alignment issues.

Although there really isn’t a time limit for when one can get orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening, the ideal time is often in the early teenage years. This is because you already have all, if not most, of your teeth, but your jaw bone and facial structures are still developing.

It is much easier to adjust the position of your teeth or tooth roots at this stage rather than having to wait until adulthood.

What Doctors Really Think About Clear Aligners for Teens?

Although dentists generally accept clear aligners as an alternative orthodontic treatment for teenagers, a small percentage of them still don’t think they will be 100% effective.

For starters, clear aligners are useful in correcting only mild to moderate malocclusions. This means that if a teenager experiences severe bite issues, aligners may not be able to help. This is a problem because most teenagers only think about their appearance due to their increased self-consciousness.

In a condition where traditional braces might have been the ideal solution, some teenagers may opt to get clear aligners instead, even without consulting with their dentists.

Eventually, they will not get any results, and perhaps their bite issue will have taken a more severe turn. This is why it is crucial for any teenager, their parents, or guardians to ensure that they first visit a dentist to help them select the best clear aligners. You can check our review of the best invisible braces to be more informed before visiting a dentist.

What Doctors Really Think About Clear Aligners for Teens

Furthermore, it is important to stick to the rules to obtain optimal results from clear aligners. Most of these rules demand discipline and dedication from the patient, which you may not easily find from early-age teenagers.

For instance, one of the rules is that one should wear their aligners for at least 22 hours every day. Without proper supervision, most teenagers may fail to adhere to these rules.

There are also various methods on how to relieve Invisalign pain that doctors recommend in case the teenager complains of discomfort during the first few days. This means the pain or irritation should not be a major concern.

Nevertheless, doctors generally agree that the concerns surrounding clear aligner usage in teens can be easily resolved if close monitoring is involved.

When Shouldn’t You Get Clear Aligners for Teens?

The limitations to getting clear aligners as a teenager are still the same as when you are to get them as an adult. Clear aligners are only effective in treating mild to moderate bite issues. If you have severe concerns, you are better off using alternative options like braces.

It would be crucial first to consult with your dentist to define your issue clearly and whether aligners can resolve it. Alternatively, you should pick a clear aligner brand that has orthodontists on board who will consult with you and monitor your treatment.

Benefits of Clear Aligner Treatment for Teens

Teenagers are still in the stage where they want to explore and experiment with almost everything that life has to offer. Unlike braces, clear aligners treatment for teens give them the freedom to:

How Much Will Clear Aligners Cost for Teens?

On average, you should expect to pay anywhere between $1,800 and $8,000 for the cost of clear aligners for teens.

To get the exact quote, various factors come into consideration, including the brand, the severity of the dental flaw, location, treatment preferences, etc. Fortunately, with better research, you can easily get cheap teeth aligners within your budget.

What Other Straightening Options are Available for Teenagers?

Traditional metal braces are the most popular and effective alternative teeth straightening option for teenagers. They are the most preferred option for those that may require extensive tooth movements throughout their treatment.

Metal braces have metallic brackets attached to the teeth and connected using a thin metal wire. This wire is adjusted at regular intervals to force the teeth to move to their desired position. Such braces are very popular among young patients as bright colors can be added to make them more appealing.

The other option is ceramic braces which work the same way as metal braces. However, the only difference is that their brackets are tooth-colored. This is a popular treatment option among older teens seeking a more discreet treatment option.

Which is Better for Teens: Metal Braces vs Clear Aligners?

When it comes to choosing between metal and clear braces for teens, there are a few questions that you must first ask yourself:

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be better-position to decide the best kind of orthodontic treatment for your teenager.


What age is recommended for clear aligners?

Dentists recommend the earliest a young one can wear clear aligners should be when all their adult teeth have developed. This mostly occurs when they are between 11 and 13 years.

Are clear aligners for teens covered by insurance?

Clear braces are generally considered to be a cosmetic-leading type of treatment. This means it is possible that your insurance provider does not cater to these charges.

How long does it take for teens to straighten their teeth?

The average period of teeth straightening for teens is between 12 and 18 months. It may take longer depending on the severity and the condition being treated.

Are teeth aligners for teens different from the ones for adults?

Clear aligners treatment for teenagers doesn’t differ in any major functional way from the one that adults use.

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