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Best Online Clear Aligners Discounts & Coupons

Julia Willcox

Written by Julia Willcox

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Clear dental aligners are a popular and effective alternative to metal braces. Clear aligner effectiveness, depending on how well patients follow treatment plan instructions, is on par with braces. Some brands of clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are not available solely online and treatment must be administered and monitored by a licensed orthodontist in person. However, there are several brands that do offer clear dental aligners exclusively online, and treatment with these aligners does not require the patient to make trips to an orthodontist’s office in person. Instead, the patient’s progress with these aligners is monitored entirely online, still by a trustworthy orthodontic professional. The prices for online clear aligners differ between brands, but they are typically less expensive than treatment with Invisalign or traditional metal braces. Additionally, most online clear aligner companies offer discounts and coupons that lower the cost of treatment even more.

Byte: get the impressions kit for ONLY $17.95, BBP and FREE travel whitening pens!

byte Aligners Discounts

Byte is a teledentistry company offering clear aligners to customers in an entirely remote process. With Byte, customers order an at-home teeth impression kit, which is then used to create the aligners that will be used during their course of treatment. There are both an all-day and nighttime only teeth straightening options with Byte, allowing customers to choose which system is best suited for their lifestyle.

Although Byte already offers several ways to reduce the cost of treatment, including insurance plans and payment via flexible spending accounts, there are additional promotional offers available. By clicking on the button above, you can get the impressions kit for ONLY $17.95, BBP and FREE travel whitening pens!. This discount is exclusive to The Teeth Blog. Byte also offers a $150 military discount for all active and retired service members. Students and first responders are also able to get discounts at Byte. For further information about getting a Byte aligner coupon code, email either [email protected] or [email protected] .


Click to get the impressions kit for ONLY $17.95, BBP and FREE travel whitening pens!

NewSmile: Get $111 OFF your impression kit!

newsmile discounts and codes

NewSmile is one of the newest teledentistry companies offering clear aligners. Like many of its competitors, NewSmile’s treatment plan begins with the patient taking 3D molds, or impressions, of their own teeth and sending the impressions back to the company for analysis. Once it is confirmed that the patient is a good candidate for treatment using NewSmile aligners, the aligners can be developed and sent to the patient to start treatment.

Although NewSmile offers some of the cheapest invisible aligners compared to many of its competitors in the industry, there are additional promos available to further reduce the cost. TheTeethBlog in collaboration with the brand is offering a flash offer: $111 OFF your impression kit! The impression kit normally costs $139, but with this exclusive offer you can get it for only $49! Customers that checkout with at least $1,000 can redeem a $100 Visa Gift Card. NewSmile also offers a $200 military discount.


By clicking on the button below, get the impression kit for only $49 for a limited time!


AlignerCo: Free Holiday Gift Pack Worth $145

alignerco discounts and promo codes

AlignerCo offers clear aligners for only $795. There are several payment plans offered, including paying in full and two monthly payment options. These plans are SmileAdvantage, SmileFlex and SmileFlex Easy. These payment plans also apply to the nighttime-only aligners, just with a slightly higher cost.

With The Teeth Blog exclusive promo, customers can get a Free Holiday Gift Pack Worth $145. Additionally, active or retired military service members can get an additional $50 off of the cost of their treatment.


Limited Time Offer: you can get a Free Holiday Gift Pack Worth $145.

Candid: $200 off when you purchase aligners at a Candid Studio

candid discounts and codes

Candid is another teledentistry teeth aligner company offering clear aligners. With Candid, customers have two options to start their treatment plan. They can either choose to take their own photos and teeth impressions, or visit a nearby Candid studio for a 3D scan of their teeth. With CandidMonitoring, treatment is monitored remotely by a licensed orthodontist, with the same orthodontist overseeing a patient’s progress from the beginning to the end of their treatment plan.

There is currently a discount available for Candid Co. that gives customers $200 off of their treatment when they purchase aligners from a Candid Co. store. Additionally, starter kits are available for a reduced cost of $20 at this time. These discounts are subject to change, so make sure you check out the Candid Co. website for the most up to date deals!

SmileDirectClub: FREE Impression Kit using code SAVE2SMILE

smiledirectclub discounts and codes

Attention: On September 29, 2023, SmileDirectClub initiated Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Despite this, the company has expressed its intention to sustain regular operations while undertaking efforts to reorganize its debts, seek a buyer, or secure additional funding. The founders have injected $20 million into the business and are conditionally prepared to contribute further funds to ensure uninterrupted fulfillment of commitments to stakeholders throughout the restructuring process. It should be noted, however, that the success of the reorganization is not assured.

Like its teledentistry competitor Candid, SmileDirectClub offers customers the option of beginning the treatment process either by doing a dental impression kit themselves or going to a nearby SmileShop to receive a 3D scan of their teeth. Once the initial steps are completed, custom aligners can be made and shipped to the customer, whose progress will then be monitored by a doctor virtually.

With The Teeth Blog discount code for smile direct, SAVE2SMILE, you can get the impression kit for free. A SmileDirectClub promo code: Military, Student, Teacher, and Invite a Friend. The military, teacher, and student discounts are $100 off the total cost of aligners. For “Invite a Friend”, your friend will receive $150 off of their SmileDirectClub purchase, and you will receive a $150 VISA reward card.


Using the code SAVE2SMILE you can get your impression kit for FREE after rebate!

SnapCorrect: Aligners for $1,599 with SnapCorrect Discount programs.

snapcorrect discounts and promo codes

SnapCorrect aligners can correct mild to moderate malocclusions of the teeth, and are made out of FDA-approved medical grade plastic. To ensure that the treatment process goes smoothly and the results turn out as desired, SnapCorrect strongly recommends that patients get a dental checkup prior to beginning treatment.

To make clear aligners more accessible to patients, SnapCorrect offers a discount program and SnapCorrect promo code through school Parent Teacher Associations that brings the cost of SnapCorrect aligners down to $1,599.

We will update this page as soon as a new discount is available to help you get the best alignment treatment at the best price. And, if you are interested on getting another brand not listed here as Invisalign, take into account what we mentioned at the beggining on the article: those brands don’t offer online discounts (for example, an Invisalign Cyber Monday Deal) as they don’t sell their products online and the final price depends on the dental professional is providing the treatment; but you can learn more about other brands in our review of the best invisible braces.

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