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Clear Aligners Cost Comparison

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Clear aligners are virtually invisible orthodontic appliances that help in correcting misalignments in the jaw and teeth. They are quite different from traditional braces as they are flexible, and the user can easily remove them at any time.

Although one is permitted to remove them at their convenience, it is recommended that they have the aligners on for at least 22 hours every day. You should only remove them whenever you wish to eat, brush, or undergo any other oral hygiene.

While these clear aligners offer a more discreet and convenient way to straighten your teeth, cost becomes a major consideration for most consumers. Invisalign, one of the most popular clear aligner brands, is known to be quite costly compared to traditional metallic braces. But is this the case with all other brands?

Today, there are many clear aligner companies that are creating durable and effective products, all trying to compete for your money. To make a comprehensive comparison, we have gathered pertinent information on each major brands to consider.

Understanding the different types of clear aligners

Before you look at invisible aligner cost comparisons, it would be prudent first to understand the different types that are available. For starters, there are two major categories of clear aligners to consider:

At-home aligners

Also known as direct-to-consumer aligners, they are the cheapest clear aligners that you can get. The treatment is mainly remote, and there’s no need to make frequent visits to the orthodontist.

Most of these products can be purchased over the counter or simply by ordering them through the company’s website.

Some of the most popular at-home clear aligners are:

In-office clear aligners

In-office clear aligners require an orthodontist’s involvement from the start of the treatment to the end. In-office impressions of your teeth and jaw are made for a custom fitting tray to be made.

These aligners are also capable of fixing more severe malocclusion (teeth misalignment).

The most popular options are Invisalign and ClearCorrect.

The average clear aligners cost in the US

How much do clear aligners cost? Here’s a quick price comparison for the most popular clear aligners in the US:

Clear Correct$2,500–$5,500
Byte$1,999 -$2,399

Top in-office clear aligners cost comparison

In-office clear aligners are technically more costly than at-home aligners. This is because they are known to fix more severe conditions and require regular check-ups with your orthodontist. Here are clear teeth aligners cost comparisons for major brands.


Invisalign is hands-down the most well-known and established clear aligner brand. The product is made out of patented thermoplastic material known as SmartTrack®, which is more comfortable and flexible when putting on and removing.

  • Cost of treatment: Invisalign is known to be the most expensive clear aligners brand in the world. But exactly how much does Invisalign cost? The average cost for an Invisalign treatment ranges between $3,000 and $8,000.

This price tag is pretty high, and one of the main questions that most people ask is ‘does insurance cover Invisalign?’

The short answer is that it depends on the insurance cover that you’re on, and the costs would go lower depending on your dental plan.

  • Monthly payments: Payment plans vary from one dentist to another, so you need to speak to yours regarding an option for monthly payments.
  • Invisalign discounts: There are various Invisalign discounts that you can get either through a third party or the official company website.
  • Additional expenses: Invisalign requires in-person consultations with the dentist, which can cost $100 or more. Furthermore, you may also have to factor in additional expenses, such as X-rays and impressions.


ClearCorrect works just like Invisalign, just that it is a younger brand. However, it is still quite effective in fixing misalignment and crooked bites. Besides, it is usually cheaper compared to the other in-office alignment brand, and it is also available worldwide; so, it can be considered as a great alternative to Invisalign due to its similarity and affordability. 

Clear Correct
Clear Correct
  • Cost of treatment: ClearCorrect treatment is a little cheaper than Invisalign, with the cheapest options starting at just $2,500 and the highest cost being about $5,500.
  • Clear Correct discounts: You can get ClearCorrect discounts from third-party websites with promo codes that could get you up to 50% off your treatment.

Top at-home clear aligner brands cost comparison

At-home clear aligners are a cheaper option compared to Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Most of them are even less expensive compared with braces. You get to avoid in-person consultation costs and regular check-ups.

You can order an impression kit and take the impressions yourself before sending them back to the company. If you’re a good candidate for the aligners, the company will send you the trays a few weeks after they’ve received your impressions.

Some brands will offer remote professional check-ups after every few weeks to monitor the progress.

Here’s what to expect in terms of pricing of the most popular at-home clear aligner brands:


SmileDirectClub is a relatively new company that manufactures clear aligners made from comfortable, smooth, BPA-free plastic. The average treatment cost is about 60% less than that of traditional braces. Your kit comes with two sets of trays.

However, it only caters to patients with minor bite problems.

Attention: On September 29, 2023, SmileDirectClub initiated Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Despite this, the company has expressed its intention to sustain regular operations while undertaking efforts to reorganize its debts, seek a buyer, or secure additional funding. The founders have injected $20 million into the business and are conditionally prepared to contribute further funds to ensure uninterrupted fulfillment of commitments to stakeholders throughout the restructuring process. It should be noted, however, that the success of the reorganization is not assured.

  • Cost of treatment: The total cost of SmileDirectClub clear aligners treatment is around $2,250.
  • Monthly payments: There are various payment options available for SmileDirectClub treatment. For instance, you can make a down payment of at least $250, and the rest to be cleared within 26 months.
  • SmileDirectClub discounts: Offers and discounts are available. You can use
    SmileDirectClub discounts to lower your total treatment cost.
  • Additional expenses: You can easily get a free 3D scan at any SmileShop near you. However, you may have to purchase a starter kit for $59. You’ll also need to get a retainer that costs an average of $125.


Candid aligners are also made of BPA and phthalate-free plastic known as Zendura FLX. The aligners are quite comfortable and easy to use. The advantage of using Candid is that the material used in its making has a higher impact strength than other at-home clear aligners.

You’ll have to order an impression kit online or get a free in-person scan at a Candid Studio near you to get started.

It would be prudent to note that Candid only fixes minor teeth misalignments.

  • Cost of treatment: Candid clear aligners are among the most expensive at-home clear aligners, with a price tag of about $2,400. The alignment plan doesn't have a fixed price as it will depend on various factors like location and severity of your case among others.
  • Monthly payments: If you’re unable to clear the total cost in one instance, you can go for a monthly payment structure, but the details of the monthly installments will depend on what the Candid provider offers and the final cost of your treatment.
  • Additional expenses: When your Candid Provider shares the total cost of the treatment with you, all the expenses are included in it. However, if something happens with your aligners, those costs are subject to the dental clinic you get the treatment from.


NewSmile clear aligners are some of the cheapest aligners and are also pretty new in the market. The major difference between these and other aligners is the fact they do not touch your gums.

They are made to comfortably sit along the gum line, hence, helping in reducing irritation while making them less visible.

  • Cost of treatment: There are two main types of NewSmile aligners. The Fast Track aligners cost $1,595 and should be worn for at least 22 hours every day. The Night Aligners have almost the same benefits but only require the user to have them on for at least 10 hours daily. They cost about $1,695 too.
  • Monthly payments: You can also get a 36-month payment structure for your NewSmile clear aligners for $58/month with no down payment.
  • NewSmile discounts: Although there are no listed discounts on the company’s website, you can easily get some promo codes from third-party websites that you can use to lower your treatment cost.


Byte is yet another popular clear aligner brand made from BPA-free polymer. The trays are tear and stain-resistant, making them a good value for your money. You first have to order an impression kit online, and after approval, you will receive your kit via mail within three weeks.

Besides getting all your aligners at once, the kit includes a carrying case, a free medical-grade retainer, BrightByte treatment for teeth whitening, and a HyperByte (tooth movement acceleration device).

  • Cost of treatment: There are two major types of Byte aligners: All-day aligners and At-night aligners. All-day aligners are to be worn for at least 22 hours every day and come at the cost of $2,099. At-night aligners can be worn for at least 10 hours (more so at night) and cost $2,499.
  • Monthly payments: You can also get monthly payment plans if unable to raise the total treatment cost at once. You can either pay $89 per month for 36 months, or $106 every month if you want the nighttime aligner.
  • Byte discounts: You can lower your treatment cost through the best Byte promo codes.
  • Additional expenses: The impression kit costs $95, but you get a full refund if you fail the candidacy test. The first retainer is included in the kit, but an extra one or replacement will come at an additional cost.


AlignerCO is the cheapest teeth aligners in the market as well as one of the best brands to get your aligners right now. It has not been for a long time in the market, but it provides many commodities and benefits for its customers like convenient monthly payments, great discounts, or nighttime aligners plans, among other things.

  • Cost of treatment: AlignerCO clear aligners cost only $995 for the entire treatment, impression kit included.
  • Monthly payments: You can opt for the monthly payment plan of $71 or $135 for 6 months with no additional charges.
  • AlignerCO discounts: you can get FREE Teeth Whitening Kit and $150 OFF when purchasing your alignment plan for a limited time!

Regardless of the treatment plan you opt for, it is crucial to determine the total cost first. However, the price shouldn’t be your final deciding factor. You also need to consider other things, such as the severity of your condition, payment plans, and whether your dental insurance can cover it.

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