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Candid Review: Does It Really Work?

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Candid offers one of the best clear aligners online with a drive to deliver the best smiles possible (although, as you will be able to read at the end of this post, you can have a peek in person before shipping it!) To achieve that, they need a plan. One part of that plan includes having strict qualifications for choosing the dental professionals that they include on their team. Candid requires all dental professionals on their team to have a license as an orthodontist, not as a general dentist like many other companies use. Second, they must have at least 20 years of dental experience and at least 2 years of post-doctoral training in relation to moving teeth. Obviously, they take the profession and the results customers receive seriously.

Candid Aligner: What Makes Them Different from Other Teeth Aligners?

Aside from being selective and specific about the orthodontic professionals they use on their team, they also strive to develop a satisfactory smile with all customers. That is why they have a semi-remote mode. When having the possibility of having in-office visits, the brand can treat more complex cases, let patients have in-person consultations when needed and even let them go to a clinic when an emergency happens. This is one step that most at-home aligner companies do not do.

Besides, they offer treatment for teens over 13! This type of treatment isn’t widespread among at-home teeth aligners companies, but Candid has everything under control.

Parents won’t need to take their kids to any clinic during the treatment; teens will be monitored by their assigned orthodontists to follow all the treatment steps and keep good oral hygiene during it. And they will also save a lot of money because the treatment is only $2400!

So, if you want to save thousands of dollars and some trips to the dentist and raise your confidence with an invisible treatment, this may be the best option!

Candid Customer Care

The waiting process in between your first consultation and receiving your Candid aligners is around 1 month, which is average. In addition, your assigned orthodontist and Candid provider will continue to communicate with you throughout your aligner treatment, providing updates, tips, and reminders. They are also available if you have any questions throughout your program. Once you have completed your Candid aligner schedule, Candid gives you one free upper and lower set of retainers, which is a nice bonus.

Let’s talk about The Starter Kits

In going back to the company’s drive to deliver the best smiles, they provide the 3D images of what your teeth will look like when you complete the program. You get to see them before you move forward, which means that you must accept and approve the personalized aligner program before they get started on manufacturing them. This is their way of showing you what will happen and how your smile will transform upon completing your clear aligner schedule. Since their selected orthodontists are highly qualified and experienced, the image predictions should be pretty accurate, assuming you use your aligners as directed and do it correctly.

To get those 3D images to review, first you must go to a Candid provider clinic so they can take a 3D dental scan of your teeth. The brand doesn’t offer impressions kit to take at home because they believe it’s better to assess your situation by taking a 3D dental scan.

Besides, impressions kit are usually hard to use for a lot of patients and it can often take a couple tries to achieve successful upper and lower impressions.

A dental clinic to get 3d dental scans

The Candid Co Orthodontists

The fact that Candid Co chooses orthodontist vs dentist is because selecting the right dental professionals is an important step for any company that sells the best invisible braces online. The professional used to approve or deny aligners (based on your 3D dental scan) should have enough experience to properly determine your eligibility. They should know how the aligners can alter your teeth based on any checkups and inspections that they have completed over the years, as well as know about how long it will take to realign your teeth based on the current alignment status. Anyhow, let’s get back to the topic.

Candid Co. partners with the best orthodontist in the US so you can choose the best on the state you reside in. That keeps them fairly local and it also enhances the personalization experience. You see, Candid’s concept is to eliminate the high costs of visiting your local orthodontist while making it a simple process you can do from home. It may not be that simple for some people, but they can get help through the phone, email, an online chat or in-office visits. You choose!

In addition, your personally assigned orthodontist will have the experience to properly design your aligners since they were qualified to meet Candid’s high requirements.

candid co aligners kits
dental online monitoring candid co
teeth aligners candid co


The duration of your personalized Candid aligner program can be anywhere between 8-10 months. Every case is unique and different. Your personal orthodontist will determine the best duration for your needs and they will monitor your treatment with their great online dental monitoring service and in-office visits if needed.


Candid Co. aligners are available to US residents only.


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Overall Experience

Through conventional ways, obtaining braces or teeth aligners requires a lot of cash. After you have factored in the orthodontist visits, the services performed, and the high costs of the products; you end up with a hefty bill. Perhaps that is one of Candid’s marketing angles, but it does make sense. Instead of regular checkups at the office, the brand reduces the in-office clinics and are able to drastically reduce the cost. Of course, the price is not a fixed price as it will depend on different factors like location or severity of your case and can change if adjustments to your program need to be made at a later time.

Candid strives to help and assist all customers. They respond quickly, whether you have a question, need assistance, or have a complaint. There have been a lot of complaints about response time, but that is usually due to their messages going to the spam folder. So if you don’t get a response, check your spam. We’re not saying that this is always the case, but it seems to be a common situation that goes misunderstood.

Overall, shipping times are fairly quick compared to most other clear aligner companies. The only exception to this seems to be when they cannot determine your aligner eligibility due to difficult photos, or a complex misalignment case. 

Comparison of Candid Co to Other Clear Aligner Providers

NewSmileCandid CoMotto AlignersByte
Free Retainers 1st one Free1st one Free1st one FreeYes
Payment Plans Yes. Starting at $58/mo. for 36 months at 0% interest.Depend on your Candid providerYes. Starting at $52/mo. for 60 months at 0% interestYes, as low as $89 for 36 months
Insurance AcceptedNo.YesYesYes
Other Payment OptionsYes, also accepts FSA and HSA.Yes, also accepts FSA and HSA.Yes, also accepts FSA and HSA.Yes, also accepts FSA and HSA.
Cost: Impression Kit or Digital Scan$49 per kitFREEFREE$95 per kit
Cost: Aligners$1595Depends on the provider.Starting at $1,895$2099
FreebiesFree Retainers & Teeth WhiteningPremium whitening treatment with aligner purchaseAligners case and retainersBrightByte 3-in-1 Teeth Whitening Foam, HyperByte Vibration Tool & Aligner Case

Pricing and information are subject to promotions and adjustments. We cannot guarantee accuracy.

How Candid Co. Works, Step by Step

Candid Co. strives to make the aligning process simple and worry-free. To do that, they guide you every step of the way. It all starts with an online assessment and ends with a bright, happy smile as long as you follow the directions correctly. They work on a person to person basis, meaning that every customer is different and may need different suggestions or assistance.

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

The first step is to determine if aligners are right for you. It is NOT required, but I highly recommend it. You go to the website and click on the “Am I a Candidate?” link, and fill out the questionnaire.

Step 2: Find a Candid Provider

If you decide that aligners are right for you, the next step is to find a Candid Provider in your area. To do so, you only have to visit Candid website and go to “Doctor locator”. By selecting your state, you will be able to see all the Candid providers in the state your reside in and choose the nearest from you.

Step 3: Setup an Appointment

After finding a Candid provider, you have to book an appointment to get a 3D dental scan of your teeth that your orthodontist will use to create your alignment plan. As mentioned before, this usually takes a month to create and, then, you will receive the alignment pack in the comfort of your home. The CandidPro alignment pack includes the following: your set of aligners, your CandidMonitoring materials, and premium whitening foam.

Step 4: Start your Treatment

Now that you have your alignment pack, you only have to follow the treatment plan created by Candid specifically for you. You will have to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day and send your CandidPro doctor scans of your teeth every 14 days. In that way, your orthodontist will ensure that your treatment plan is on track and can help you if something happens during your treatment. If you have any doubts, you can contact Candid team virtually, but you can also visit your Candid provider anytime. 

Step 6: Get Your Retainers

Upon successfully completing your aligner program, you will need retainers to ensure that your beautiful smile stays that way. Without them, the teeth have the potential to move back, kind of like bending a piece of plastic. If the plastic stays bent for a long period, it begins to take that form. They recommend you replace your upper and lower aligners every 6 months, but don’t worry about the timeline because your treatment will be monitor all along your treatment in a Candid Studio or with its online monitoring service.fvf

What's the 'Online Remote Monitoring'?

When you receive your Candid aligner kit, besides the aligners and the teeth whitening, you will get some materials to scan your teeth from home. This materials will help you to keep in track your treatment without having to visit the nearest Candid Studio, making the treatment completely remote.

candid co dental monitoring service
dental monitoring candid co

The only thing you have to do is download the Smartphone Candid app and scan your smile with the materials for the check/in you’ll find on the kit.

And, don’t worry, the same professional that designed and prescribed your treatment will also follow your remote treatment, Candid Co will keep it as personalized as always. Do you know a more convenient treatment?

Final Results: Candid Co. Before and After

Because Candid Co. assists you along your journey (in-office or with its great dental monitoring service) to a great smile and also keeps up with your progress, the results seem to be mostly positive (check out Candid reviews online!). If the results are not where you want them to be, Candid will help you get there. That may include more impressions, photos, and aligners. However, you need to reach your goal and they are there to help you achieve it.

candid co before and after
candid co after

For those that have an overbite or underbite, Candid will help you realign them by gradually shifting their position. For slightly crooked to medium-crooked teeth, they customize your aligners to create gradual movement over time and bring back that smile. It does not work for extremely crooked teeth but does the job well for smaller misalignments.

How Much Does Candid Co. Cost?

As a whole, Candid Co. teeth aligners for adults and teens cost on average $2400, but it’s not a fixed price as the final cost will depend on various factors like: location, severity of your case, your Candid provider expertise, etcetera. 

Financing options are usually available, but the price of the installments will depend on the clinic.

Get Your Candid Co. Teeth Aligners At Home

Instead of regular dental checkups that cost money and having high prices for aligners, this program cuts the costs as much as 70%, give or take. Using invisible teeth aligners at home eliminates those extra charges and repeated visits while still receiving online dental monitored service. Once you finish the program, you and your orthodontist can decide if you need additional treatment but it seems to work out well for most. As long as you follow the directions correctly, you will be well on your way to a beautiful smile.

*Pricing is subject to promotions and adjustments. We cannot guarantee accuracy.

You can read here some of the Candid reviews we found online talking about the brand and its effective treatment:

Extremely pleased
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Not only did Candid fix my spacing, it forced me onto a better flossing and brushing regimen and helped me quit biting my nails. Customer service was beyond anything I could ask for and my teeth look great. Dentist told me yesterday my teeth looked great and my oral hygiene was exceptional. I brush and floss at least 3 times a day now after having to do it so often with Candid. Best investment I ever made. Thank you!
From Beasts to Beauties
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I always thought of straighting my teeth but it always seemed expensive and to difficult. Then i started hearing the name Candid. It turned out to be very affordable and extremely easy. They answer any of your questions or problems very quickly. They really care about their customers and make the process easy.
Great experience! Pleased with the results!
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The entire process was super easy from the very 1st step. So glad that I did it! I am very pleased with my results!
Great product, great experience!
Read More
When I first came across Candid Co., I was definitely skeptical. But after reading through a very thorough website that answered all my questions and looking at all the reviews I decided to try it. I’m so grateful I did. I now have a straighter smile and my experience with the Candidate co team has been very good. I recommend them all the time to people I see.
A smile is worth 1000 words!
Read More
This program was so easy to follow and super affordable! Following along was worth it because now all I want to do is smile!

Candid Co Studios

There is some news about Candid Co that may convince those people who like to touch and see the product before buying it. Now, you can experience Candid Co in person with the creation of what they call the Candid Co Studio: a place where you can have the first contact with the brand and their dentists. 

Candid closed all the Candid Co Studios as they changed their treatment model. Right now, the brand has partnered with local dental clinics to offer this service and provide Candid treatment by collaborating with dental clinics.

My Candid™ Clear Aligners Review Timeline

We did try Candid aligners when they offered a 100% remote alignment treatment and our experience with them was amazing (that's why we recommend them). 

Thursday, 01-10-2019

Am I A Candidate for Candid Clear Aligners?

Yes, I was. In order to determine that answer, I filled out the Candid survey on the website. It asked several questions like what my teeth problem was (crowding, spacing, etc.), how severe it was, what dental conditions I have like missing teeth or crowns, last time I saw an orthodontist, and more.

There seemed to be a lot of questions, but they were easy to answer. My particular problem was spacing issues. This survey was one of the most detailed surveys I had completed during my quest for clear aligners. It didn’t take long to complete though.

candid co candidate

They also asked how happy I was with my teeth, which was something I didn’t quite understand. Why would they ask for that information? How does it relate to their clear aligners? I never did figure that one out. No matter what answer you choose, it just continues to the next step, which is your email address, followed by any dental conditions, and then followed by several other questions.

At the end of the survey, it said I was a candidate for Candid aligner treatment and it offered me 50% off the starter kit for the next 24 hours. It also stated that I would be charged the other half if I didn’t return my impressions within 7 days after delivery. I thought I would mention that because it is an important thing to know.

Completed My Clear Aligner Starter Kit

Overall, I was happy with how Candid candid co aligner starter kithandles their impression kits. It came with complete instructions and recommendations to create good-quality impressions and photos. They also offer online videos to get more information. It came with 3 upper and 2 lower impression trays.

I followed the detailed instructions and found out that the trays were digging into my gums. They said they would send me new ones for free that would fit better. I did remember in their FAQ section that the trays shouldn’t dig into the gums or touch the ends of your teeth when biting down in the empty tray. That’s how I determined that they were not the right ones for me. I did submit the photos through to their online photo portal. Now, I just had to wait for the replacement trays and then send those back.

Wednesday, 01-16-2019

Received My Replacement Impression Trays

It didn’t take long to receive the replacement trays. I immediately got started. They were definitely a better fit. I also followed the instructions to create 8 photos of my face and mouth. I quickly sent the impressions out and submitted the images through their photo portal and waited for a reply.

Tuesday, 01-22-2019

My Approval for Candid Aligner Treatment

I got a reply on Monday that I was approved for aligners. Their orthodontists reviewed my case and gave me the green light to move forward. It took 6 days to get a response, but that counts the weekend and the shipping time to send the impressions to them, which wasn’t too bad at all. They stated that it would take about 2-3 weeks to receive my aligner treatment plan.

Thursday, 02-07-2019

Received My 3D Images for My Clear Aligners

They emailed me my treatment plan details which included 3D images for each step of the program. This showed my planned progress as I move forward with the aligner treatment. I was scheduled for 6 months of treatment. I reviewed the information and approved the plan.

Purchased My Candid Clear Aligners

Since I was happy with the predicted results of using Candid aligners, I went ahead and purchased my aligners online. My choices included an upfront payment for clear aligners or financing for as low as $99 per month.

Since my credit was horrible, I opted to pay the lump sum. I had and still have a health savings account (HSA) that helped cover half of my cost. Besides, it kept me from a long-term obligation and the extra costs of a loan such as higher interest and a security deposit. You may not be required to pay a security deposit or may have good enough credit to get lower interest rates, but mine would have been awful.

At this point, I just had to wait for my aligners to get delivered at home. They state that it generally takes about 3 weeks to get your aligners following your purchase.

Thursday, 02-28-2019

Received My Candid Aligners

Just in time for the weekend, my aligners arrived. I had the entire weekend to test them out and see how they feel and how they work. It took a little over 3 weeks to get them delivered to my door.

What’s included with Candid Aligners?

I went through my aligner package to see what was in there. It included all aligners for the entire treatment period, a complimentary whitening kit for my teeth and my aligners, a storage case, instructions on how to use clear aligners, chewies for situating my aligners if needed, and an aligner removal tool for difficult situations. Hopefully, I didn’t forget anything as I write this aligner treatment timeline.

included candid co aligners

Friday, 03-01-2019

Started Using Clear Aligners

To ensure that I was ready to get back to work on Monday while using aligners, I tested them out over the weekend as I just mentioned above. I inserted my first set of clear aligners over my teeth and it felt very weird. However, I knew that my body was not used to having something like that and I also knew that it would take a while to adjust to wearing clear aligners. They didn’t feel like they were seated all the way in some areas so I grabbed a chewie and pressed down gently with my teeth. I figured it was probably feeling off because the first set has the most impact, but I wanted to make sure that they were seated correctly. When I put them in, I could hardly see them. The aligners were amazingly clear and were barely noticeable indeed.

As the hours passed by, I began to feel discomfort from the tight fit. Candid said it will take a couple of days to adjust with every new aligner I put in because it is gradually realigning my teeth. The tight fit caused a little inflammation but that was expected since the body tries to heal during the movement process. They tell you that too so that you don’t worry.

start using candid co clear aligners

Saturday, 03-02-2019

Aligners Felt More Comfortable

On day two, I was already feeling less discomfort and inflammation. I could see what Candid was talking about. The aligners slipped in place easier than they did the day before. I assumed that it was the sign of my teeth beginning to shift. I ate breakfast, as usual, that morning without problems, although the sensation was a little bizarre since the food was not directly contacting my teeth. When I brushed, I removed them and rinsed them in warm (not hot) water as instructed.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that I had a lisp when I spoke. That is actually a normal experience with clear aligners. As time passes, you adjust to it and get used to it too. The lisp may be more intense in the beginning, but it normalizes over time.

Sunday, 03-03-2019

Getting Used to My Aligners

As the day moved on, I began to get used to them and by night, I practically forgot that they were in. The discomfort was minimal and it was starting to become the norm. However, I knew that the next ones would have similar effects for the first few days, but I was ready for it now.

Friday, 03-15-2019

On My Second Set of Clear Aligners

This day was the day for round two in my aligner treatment program. I inserted the new aligners and stowed away my old set as a backup after cleaning them and letting them dry. This time around, it wasn’t as uncomfortable as it was the first time, but I still had a little discomfort and inflammation. Since I expected it, it wasn’t hard to deal with.

candid co clear aligners cleaning

Saturday, 05-25-2019

Halfway Though My Aligner Treatment

I was actually due to change my aligners on Saturday but forgot to do it. I had a busy weekend with activities and tasks. Candid said it is fine to miss a few days and that it won’t affect my treatment in any way.

Before I inserted my seventh set, I looked in the mirror to review my teeth’s alignment progress. I was happy to say that the program was working. My teeth were looking great! Of course, my teeth had a long ways to go but the progress was evident. I could see the crookedness of my teeth as they gradually moved into the new position but it was definitely moving them closer together to fix my spacing issue.

Tuesday, 06-11-2019

Lost My Aligner

My fun-filled weekend adventure ended with the loss of my current set of clear aligners. When leaving the hotel on Sunday morning, I forgot my aligners in the bathroom and started freaking out. On Monday, I called Candid and they said to use my next set of aligners for the duration of both periods. That surely put my mind at ease.

Saturday, 07-20-2019

Do Clear Aligners Really Work?

Here I was more than ¾ of the way to completing my aligner treatment. I reviewed my progress and saw significant changes to my teeth. They sure looked like they were on track but we wouldn’t know until we finished the treatment. My teeth appeared closer together, but they still looked a little crooked from the movement process. They certainly appeared to look a whole lot better than they did when I began the treatment.

Sunday, 08-18-2019

Completed My Clear Aligner Program

Well, here was my last day to wear aligners. In the evening, I removed them and reviewed the results. My teeth looked great! It was well worth it to complete the clear aligner treatment plan. Now, I just need to wear retainers to prevent my teeth from falling back to their old positions. I put the free retainers in before bed. Oh, and I also used the whitening foam to freshen my breath and whiten those little gems. I did use the whitening foam during the treatment process some because it helped me to maintain clean teeth aligners. But I didn’t use it much during the aligner process. I wanted to save it for the end to give my teeth that final touch. They do offer whitening kits for sale if you’d like to have more.

complete invisible aligners program candid co
candid co clear aligner program complete

The Final Results of My Aligner Treatment through Candid

Upon review of my clear aligner treatment results, I could definitely see the difference. It did seem to match their predictions almost perfectly (the Candid Co reviews I read online before starting my treatment were right!). Results can vary and much of that is based on the impressions and photos you originally sent to Candid. The better job you do, the more accurate your results may be. However, it doesn’t always work that way but it does most of the time. If you find that your results don’t achieve your desired goal, contact Candid to discuss further treatment actions.

Are You A Candidate?

If you are interested in getting at-home teeth aligners, we recommend you to take Candid into account as one of the best options on the market. But, first, you have to fill in this 30-second survey to know if you are a qualified candidate. You can even get now 50% off your starter kit from Candid with code ATHOME.

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Cynthia Tso

    Very poor communication and very disappointed about customer service. No follow up calls, or email to update you when the treatment plan is available for review . I approved the treatment, waited for 3 weeks for the aligners to come, and ended up finding out I have to approve again?! The whole process takes forever and zero follow up from the team.
    WORST customer service ever. Took you money and then all gone radio silent.

  2. Roshanna

    I actually like Candid, this far; however, I can say that this article contains a few inaccuracies. For example, as the poster before me said, there is NOT going to be consistent communication throughout the process before getting your aligners. I’m NOT displeased with this, because I had researched before hand and I kinda expected it. However, the most I heard from Candid was during the process leading up to my approval. The long wait after approval could be a bit uneasy because you don’t hear from them again until your aligners are done being manufactured (which can take 2-4 weeks). It would be nice if they would check in or update us on the manufacturing process, other than just going ghost for almost a month.

    Another thing is that the process of getting your aligners DOESN’T take two months…or at least it doesn’t have to from my experience. I actually went into a local studio to get my 3D imaging done (which I guess is a faster process than doing the kit at home….you skip out on the waiting for the kit to come, doing your own impressions, having to ship them back, and waiting to have them approved). About 4 days after my visit, my 3D images were ready to be approved by me. I approved them and they told me they were starting to manufacture them the same day! There was no video call process, either.

    Additionally, it couldn’t be true that they always choose orthos in your area. The orthodontist they chose for me is all the way in New Jersey, while I’m in Atlanta.

    Finally, I feel that the price quoted in this article is a bit misleading. If you don’t choose to do the impression kit at home, you DONT have to pay the $95. It was incorporated in the price on this blog, as if it was required. Additionally, if you go into the studio, you SAVE and ADDITIONAL $100. That brings the price down to $1,800. I do like how Candid this article is about the financing plan. It DOES ultimately cost more if you choose financing options—but still less than the cost of top & bottom braces.

    Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to provide this very informative article. It has answered many common questions!

    Best wishes!

    1. Sam

      How was your final treatment? Would you reccomend? I just signed up, did my scan, paid the total amount at the studio, now Im just waiting on whats next.

      1. Lul

        How much did you pay at the studio? It seems like candid went up in price

  3. Victoria


  4. Barb

    I visited a candid shop in Seattle and had my teeth scanned instead of using the impression kit. I was surprised I even qualified because in previous years with other clear aligner companies I was told I wasn’t a good candidate. I have pretty bad protrusion with my two top fronts. One is way too far forward and the other it too far back. I got my scan done in September of 2019, got my treatment plan emailed to me a few weeks later and then received my entire aligner kit by October 10th. My treatment plan consists of 18 different aligners and I am currently on 16. My teeth are already nearly straight and I am so excited. I have loved this entire process. I can’t relate to the lack of communication that others have complained about. Other than my appointment to scan my teeth I haven’t had to communicate and everything has worked out the way I have expected it too. My treatment was only 1900, I believe that it was supposed to be 2k but they had a promo going. I highly recommend candid, I still can’t believe that this actually worked for me.

  5. Kayla

    I just got my first set of aligners. The process has been so easy! I researched before buying them and found this girl named Ally Dunn on YouTube who did a great job at being honest with her journey (def watch it). So far my teeth only hurt a little bit. I’ve had braces in the past so maybe I’m used to it. Highly recommend so far!

  6. Toothie

    Two years with Candid and had horrible experience. Zero customer service. I would have finished sooner but their delays and ineptitude cost me almost a year. I have had to finish with another company. I do not recommend them at this time. Additionally they said their orthodontists had many years of experience, now it has been changed to two years of orthodontist experience and this shows in their plans.

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