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Byte vs Smile Direct Club: Which is Better?

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Attention: After SmileDirectClub initiated Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings on September 29, 2023, the brand decided to shut down its global operations on December 2023. The company has informed through its site that it won't continue to sell any products to new customers. Regarding previous customers, SmileDirectClub won't provide any further customer care or guidance with their alignment journey, regardless of the phase of their treatment.

Byte or Smile Direct Club? Both are two popular at-home teeth straightening options but, which is better? Whether you’re a first-time aligner user or considering switching from one brand to the other, read on to find out which of these two aligner companies is the right choice for you.

In this article, we will cover the following topics:

  • The main differences between Byte and Smile Direct Club regarding process, affordability, ease of use and effectiveness
  • Which brand is more affordable
  • An overview of both brands, focusing on their team and reputation
  • The pros and cons of getting any of the brands
  • Which of the brands is better (in our opinion)

How Does Byte Compare to Smile Direct Club?

Byte and Smile Direct Club are two popular at-home teeth aligner brands that offer similar services. However, there are some key differences between the two that are worth considering before choosing one over the other.

Here are some of the main differences between Byte and Smile Direct Club:

  • Price: Regarding Byte aligners vs Smile Direct Club aligners pricing, 
    Byte generally has a higher upfront cost than SDC, but the brand includes freebies that are worth the price.
  • Treatment process: Byte and Smile Direct are more similar regarding the treatment process; however, Byte uses a proprietary HyperByte technology that may help speed up the teeth straightening process.
  • Convenience of use: Both brands offer at-home teeth aligner solutions, but Byte’s aligners are thinner and less noticeable.
  • Treatment time: Both Byte and Smile Direct Club can effectively straighten teeth, but Byte’s HyperByte technology may result in a faster treatment time.

Ultimately, the choice between Byte vs Smile Direct Club will depend on individual preferences and priorities, that’s why in this article we will break down those differences to make it easier for you to choose. But, first, you can take a look at our Byte vs Smile Direct Club comparison table: 

Price$2,099 All-Day aligners or $2,499 At-Night aligners$2,250 both daytime and nighttime aligners
Financing optionsAll-Day aligners: $89 a month for 36 months
At-Night aligners: $106 a month for 36 months
$89 a month for 28 months with $250 deposit ($2,564 total)
Remote monitoring?YesYes
Treatable casesMild to moderate cases of misalignmentMild to moderate cases of misalignment
Treatment time3 to 6 months6-10 months
Nighttime aligners?YesYes
Freebies?HyperByte tool (worth $699), witening kit, aligners case and a set of retainersWhitening kit and an aligners case

Byte and Smile Direct Club: Breaking Down the Key Differences

In this section, we will delve into the key differences between Byte and Smile Direct Club. We will analyze and compare their pricing models, treatment processes, convenience of use, and effectiveness. By breaking down these factors, we hope to provide valuable insights to those considering at-home teeth straightening solutions and help them make an informed decision about which brand may be best suited to their needs.

Comparison of Byte and SmileDirectClub Treatment Process

When comparing Byte vs Smile Direct Club, you need to look at aspects as ‘what are the aligners made of’ or ‘what type of treatments the brand offers’ because are important when choosing among the types of teeth alignments options, and they will determine which company suits you best based on your situation.

Besides, both of the brands offer Nighttime Aligners, a type of teeth alignment treatment in which you straighten your teeth at night, only having to wear the retainers while you sleep. The treatment is longer, but the results are the same (check our blog post about the differences between Byte at night vs all day aligners aligners if you want to know more).

smile direct club treatment steps
byte aligners treatment steps

Comparison of Pricing and Affordability

Price is also a concern when straightening your teeth. You want to choose something you can afford.

In this section, we will compare Smile Direct Club vs Byte cost. By examining the pricing structures and features of each company, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the value offered by Byte and Smile Direct Club.

Besides, if you want to get one of these treatments at the best price possible, there are two ways to do it: using their offers (there is always a Byte promo code and the byte student discount available, and a Smile Direct Club coupon or offer available), or having insurance.

Comparison of Convenience and Ease of Use

Byte and Smile Direct are different in a couple of things regarding the ease of use: the HyperByte tool and how much time you have to wear each alignment set.

Comparison of Results and Effectiveness

In terms of results and effectiveness, both companies have shown promising outcomes for patients seeking to straighten their teeth. However, it’s crucial to check and compare these aspects before choosing one or the other because there are some factors like the predictability of results may affect the final outcome.

Related to the results, it should be noted that all at-home teeth straightening treatments may pose certain risks. Byte has a specific page on its website where you can find a list of the risks, some of them are: allergic reaction, black triangles, damage to nerves and root resorption. But, if you want to know which are the risks related to SmileDirectClub, the brand doesn’t provide any information about it; however, we were able to find some articles with real SDC customer testimonials complaining about side effects like crossbite or tooth loss (even though based on Smile Direct Club reviews found online the brand is a bit better than Byte).

Byte Vs Smile Direct Club Reviews: The Timeline

During your comparison of Byte vs Smile Direct Club, you also need to consider the timeline. This will let you know what to expect during the process.


byte impression kit


smile direct club scan

Overview of Byte Aligners

Based in Philadelphia and co-founded by Dr. Jon Marashi -a famous dentist among celebrities- in 2019, Byte may seem the same as other clear aligner brands. Still, they offer some differences that make it worth it. They offer a different methodology for determining your treatment, an accelerated tooth alignment system (the HyperByte tool), and a lifetime guarantee for your aligners. Besides, we also may highlight its excellent customer experience, which makes this company one of the best invisible aligners companies you can find, and that the brand offers the quickest treatment plan on the market, as you can get your teeth straightened in as little as four months.

Get the impressions kit for ONLY $17.95!
Get the impressions kit for ONLY $17.95!
Click to get the impressions kit for ONLY $17.95, BBP and FREE travel whitening pens!

Overview of SmileDirectClub Aligners

SmileDirectClub ranks as one of the best clear aligners brands, primarily because of their continued success with teeth straightening aligners and customer service initiatives. The company is based in Nashville, TN, and has been in business since 2014. Their main goal has been to provide affordable oral care to everyone, and their customer service is responsive and focused on the customer. One of the key differences between SmileDirectClub and other brands is that, even though it is a 100% at-home treatment, they have locations all over the country where you can get a free 3D scan.

FREE Impressions Kit!
FREE Impressions Kit!
Using the code SMILE2SMILE you can get your impression kit for FREE after rebate and 6 months free whitening with light!

Why Choose Byte?

Byte is an excellent choice for clear aligners. First, the Hyperbyte technology makes Byte stand out for all the right reasons. You’ll likely have straight teeth in three months, which is superior to other options out there. Also, because the Hyperbyte technology ensures an accurate fit, the aligners are more comfortable.

Byte’s warranty is also outstanding. While SDC offers a warranty that you must apply for within 30 days of treatment, Byte has a byte-for-Life Guarantee. Your warranty lasts your entire lifetime. If your teeth move after you finish treatment, just contact Byte for additional aligners at no cost to you.

Treatment time with Byte aligners is usually shorter compared to SmileDirectClub. Thanks to the HyperByte tool, you can get quicker results compared to other at-home teeth aligner brands.

Speaking of great deals, you’ll also get free retainers with Byte. You’ll need to wear retainers after finishing your treatment plan, so your newly aligned teeth don’t move out of place. While lots of companies charge for retainers, you don’t have to worry about paying extra with Byte.

Paying is even easy with Byte. If you don’t have the money to pay upfront, you can finance it without a credit check. This is great news if you want straight teeth but don’t have great credit.

And last but not least, Byte's customer services is outstanding. If you take a look at Byte's customer reviews, everybody highlights its excellent responsiveness and will to help their customers with any problem.

If you want fast results, Byte is a top option. It’s fast, convenient, and countless people are pleased with the results. Although, if you’re not entirely sure about which’s best, you can read Byte Reviews to clear your doubts or check other Byte alternatives in TheTeethBlog.

And if you want to research more about online teeth aligners brands, and you like this Byte comparison review, we have more! Like our Candid vs Smile Direct Club comparative review or Smilelove vs Smile Direct Club post or our review of the best invisible braces brands


How is Invisalign different from Byte and Smile Direct Club?

The three brands are similar, in a way, as they are teeth alignment brands that treat alignment issues with a dental plan curated by a dental professional that consists of a series of clear aligners. However, there are some differences; for example, Invisalign can treat more complex cases, it does not offer a 100% remote treatment as regular office visits are mandatory, and the final price is more expensive than both Byte and Smile Direct, being the final cost on average from $3000 to $8000.

Why is Byte cheaper than Smile Direct Club?

Byte is usually cheaper than Smile Direct Club because Byte doesn’t have any location to get 3D scans, and the treatment time is shorter (making the brand use fewer resources as they send you fewer aligners and the dental professionals work less time).

Can Byte or Smile Direct Club be covered by insurance?

Yes, they can be covered. First, however, you have to go through your insurance details and check if you have orthodontic benefits included in it; in that case, part of the treatment can be covered. Some of the orthodontic insurance options are Humana, Delta Dental, or Cigna.

Do Byte or Smile Direct Club offer discounts?

Yes, both of the brands offer discounts, and, from time to time, they also offer promotional codes to get the treatments at an affordable price. In addition, you can also find permanent promos for both brands like students and military discounts to cut the treatment cost up to 20% off.

Are Byte or Smile Direct Club aligners suitable for everyone?

No, neither of the brands are suitable for everyone. Both brands only cover mild to moderate cases of misalignment, and customers that have crowns most of the time don’t qualify either. This is because they are 100% remote dental brands and those type of cases need an in person monitoring to avoid possible complications.

What are customers saying about Byte and Smile Direct Club aligners?

Customers have varying opinions about Byte and Smile Direct Club aligners. While some have had positive experiences with the treatment and the companies, others have raised concerns about customer service, treatment effectiveness, and pricing. Byte has a 4,7 stars, while Smile Direct Club has 4,6 stars in Trustpilot.

Can I switch from Byte to Smile Direct Club aligners or vice versa?

Yes, it is possible to switch from Byte to Smile Direct Club aligners or vice versa. However, it is important to note that the treatment plans of each company may vary, and switching between the two brands may require additional assessments and costs (as you will start your alignment treatment all over again). Before making a switch, it's best to consult with your orthodontist or dental professional and discuss your options with the customer service teams of both Byte and Smile Direct Club.


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  1. Lisa

    Can I use byte with implants?

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      Yes, you can. But, first, the byte team will have to take a look at your impressions to make sura that the treatment will. In case you take those impressions and you aren’t a candidate, byte will refund the entire price.

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    thanks for the article.. very informative

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    Can I use byte with a 3 teeth bridge?

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    How does Byte correct for off center misalignment (i.e., centerline of front teeth is left or right of center of nose/face),
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