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Byte Aligners Reviews 2022: Are They Legit?

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As a United States-based company that is a member of the American TeleDentistry Association and the Better Business Bureau, Byte is one of the best companies to go to for at-home teeth alignment. Byte is an excellent alternative to metal braces or other more traditional forms of orthodontic treatment. It’s more comfortable for patients, is far less visible, and offers the convenience of being able to receive orthodontic treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Why you can trust our reviews?

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As mentioned above, our team has spent 80 hours to write (and update when it’s needed) this article. In those hours, we have researched not only general information about the brand, but we have also consulted dental specialists as dentists and orthodontists to know what they think about the brand; we have mystery shopped the product to double-check if everything the brand says on its website it’s true and also deep into what customers have to say about their experiences with the treatment.

So, is Byte legit? Well, based on our research it stands out as one of the best invisible braces providers of its kind due to its quick treatment time, its highly regarded customer service (based on Byte teeth reviews), and competitive price. 

Summary of Our Byte Review

    One-time payment: $1,895 At-Day Treatment or $2,295 At-Night Treatment.
    Monthly payment: $82/mo. At-Day Treatment or $99/mo. At-Night Treatment.
Treatment Time
    At-Day Treatment: 4 months on average.
    At-Night Treatment: 6 months on average.
Wearing Time
    At-Day Treatment: 22+ hours a day.
    At-Night Treatment: 10 hours a day.
Customer Service
    You can contact them 7 days a week (7am - 5pm PT).
Refund Policy
    Refund policy for the impression kit and they also offer (for additional cost) a lifetime guarantee: Byte for Life™ Guarantee.
    Accepts dental insurance, FSA, or HSA accounts.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Byte Teeth Aligners

Still wondering, “is Byte worth it”? Read on to learn more about the potential pros and cons of undergoing orthodontic treatment with Byte.




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What Are Byte Aligners?

According to the most basic description, Byte aligners are clear dental aligners that can be used to straighten your teeth at home. You can complete treatment entirely remotely from the comfort of your own home, and your treatment can even be accelerated through the use of advanced technology known as HyperByte. With Byte, there is no requirement to ever visit an orthodontist in person, which makes the treatment convenient and allows patients to save time. But, are Byte aligners safe? Well, of course! Because your treatment will be monitored remotely by a licensed orthodontist who is a member of the Byte team.

Byte Teeth Aligners Plans and Products

To better cater to the needs of all of its patients, Byte offers two distinct types of treatment plans. The main distinction between these two plans involves when the aligners are being worn: Byte All-Day aligners must be worn for 22 hours each day, and At-Night aligners must be worn for at least 10 hours per night to be effective. Since the daily wear time for the All-Day aligners is more significant than for the At-Night aligners, patients can complete their treatment within a shorter time frame if they use byte All-Day aligners.

Day or Night

byte at-day aligners
byte at-night aligners


what does hyperbyte do

The unique technology of HyperByte is one of the things that genuinely sets Byte apart from its competitors. HyperByte utilizes high-frequency vibrations that can both reduce discomfort during treatment and create a closer fit between the aligners and the teeth. Because of this improved fit, HyperByte allows for the more efficient movement of teeth and a faster overall treatment time. According to the Byte website, HyperByte can shorten treatment time and increase comfort during the treatment. For the All-day aligners, it is recommended that HyperByte be worn for 5 minutes each day. For the At-Night aligners, the recommended wear time is 10 minutes each night.



BrightByte is an extra product that is included in your Byte treatment package. BrightByte is a multitasking 3-in-1 product that:

To use this product, start by brushing your teeth. Next, apply one pump of the BrightByte foam into your aligners tray and wear them as usual. BrightByte does not cause tooth sensitivity, and it kills 99.999% of bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay.

How Byte Works?

Byte aligners work as any clear aligners’ treatment: they send you a series of clear aligners with a calendar to know when it’s the time to change the tray; each tray is designed differently to slowly move your teeth by wearing the aligners consistently.

How to start Byte?

The process to start your treatment is straightforward and, if you have any doubt, the Byte team will help you without hesitation with everything. Let’s go through all the steps to start your alignment journey: 

1. At-home impressions

Byte Aligners Reviews 2022: Are They Legit? 1

The first step in any Byte treatment plan is taking accurate impressions of your teeth. To be able to visualize your teeth and create your custom aligners, Byte needs impressions (essentially, molds) of your teeth. Being careful with this step is essential, as the quality of your impressions can impact the quality of treatment you will receive. Additionally, impressions are a way for the dental professionals who work with Byte to be able to tell whether you are a potential candidate for Byte treatment in the first place.

But, how long does Byte take to ship impression kit? Well, it is a very quick process. As soon as the dental team has all your aligners ready to send, you can expect to have your kit at the door of your home in a couple of days.

2. Doctor prescribed

byte Doctor prescribed

Next, your impressions will be evaluated by the team at Byte to determine if you would be a good candidate for treatment. Typically, the patients who have the most success with Byte treatment have mild to moderate cases to fix. Orthodontists working with Byte may determine that some patients with more complex cases may need to seek treatment elsewhere.

If the dental team considers that you are a good candidate for treatment with Byte, your alignment kit with your custom aligners will be shipped to you.

3. Track your progress

Byte Aligners Reviews 2022: Are They Legit? 3

As you progress through your treatment plan, your progress will be monitored remotely by one of Byte’s dental professionals. The motoring is crucial as it will ensure that your treatment continues as planned and that your results will be what you are looking for.

Byte Cost

Byte’s treatments come at an overall affordable price point, making it one of the best clear aligners for teeth, standing out from its other competitors in the teledentistry clear aligner business.

Day & Night

cost of byte day and nigh aligners

The full price of the byte All-Day treatment is $1,895, and the full cost of the At-Night treatment is $2,245, answering the common question of “how much is Byte total”. Clearly, the All-Day aligners are the more affordable option out of the two, primarily due to the extended duration of the At-Night treatment and the different materials used in the construction of the aligners. The byte At-Night aligners are designed slightly differently than their daytime counterparts, and are constructed with materials that are designed to prevent excessive grinding of the teeth at night.

Does Byte have insurance?

your dental plan just got better... byte and aetna

Byte does accept some forms of insurance to help further reduce the cost of its aligners. However, they do not accept general dental insurance and only take insurance that explicitly covers orthodontics. Additionally, the bill for your treatment only goes through your insurance company after you have already paid for the treatment in full. What does this mean for patients, and how much is Byte after insurance coverage? Essentially, you have to ensure that you are able to cover the entire price of Byte treatment at one time, although you will get reimbursed through your insurance company later on. The cost of Byte after insurance coverage will depend on your specific insurance plan.

Byte Discounts

Byte usually provides excellent discounts on special occasions like holidays and sales periods. However, if you want to start your treatment right away, we always have an exclusive deal to start whenever you want!


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byte aligners guarantee

Aside from accepting orthodontic insurance, Byte also offers something called the Byte life guarantee. With this guarantee from Byte, you can ensure that your treatment results last a lifetime. If you complete your treatment and your teeth shift back into their previous positions, Byte will send you a new set of aligners to fix the issue for free.

Additionally, Byte offers a similar guarantee for its impression kits. If you purchase an impression kit and Byte orthodontists determine that you do not qualify for treatment, you will get 100% of your money back.

Does Guardian Cover Byte?

Yes, it does! Byte partnered with Guardian insurance to offer a more straightforward access to teeth aligners at the best price possible.

Guardian is a very well-known insurance company, being one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. Its dental insurance includes not only orthodontic coverage, but also includes preventive and restorative care.

Regarding the byte total cost with insurance, if you get the Guardian dental insurance, it will end up costing only $847.50, in other words, you will save more than $1000!

And what about other teeth alignment brands: does Guardian cover Invisalign? Well, it does, but as Byte is a more affordable option, the price won’t be the same, and you won’t be able to save that much.

Why You Should Choose Byte?

There is a multitude of options currently available for the correction of orthodontic problems. Traditional braces, Damon braces, lingual braces, and countless clear aligner companies, including Byte invisible aligners, all promise customers a straighter smile for an affordable price. But not all of these treatment options are created equally. Byte stands out from the crowd in several respects: convenience of treatment, professional dental and orthodontic care access, and HyperByte technology.

Are Byte Aligners Worth It?

If you were wondering if does byte actually work and if they are with the price? Of course, they are worth it. Byte is great brand, that offers the quickest alignment treatment at the best price possible. The reviews found online are,a great on average, very good and the byte reviews before and after pictures posted by the customers show amazing results.

Before and After Results

Not every case is the same, so individual results with Byte (and any alignement brand) can and do vary. The outcome the treatment depends on several factors like the complexity of the case and if the patient follows the treatment plan instructions. However, Byte does guarantee that you will get the promised results and that they will remain like that forever. Therefore, if your initial results with Byte are not what you expected and your Byte before and after images are not what you hoped, contact Byte, and they will help you get those results by sending you more aligners. Byte before and after teeth straightening results should be exciting, and patients should ensure that they get what they paid for.

byte teeth aligners reviews results

Based upon the Byte reviews found online of past customers, overall, they are satisfied with the results provided by the use of Byte teeth aligners and HyperByte device as directed. However, you must take into account that, normally, the best results usually come from patients with mild cases, as there is not as much for Byte to correct from the “before” teeth positions. Read a Byte review or two for yourself to learn more!

Byte Reviews

While each Byte review that is listed on its website is quite positive (as one would expect), thebyte aligners reviews listed elsewhere are also overwhelmingly positive and full of praise. Trustpilot, a consumer review website, rates Byte as “excellent,” with an average Byte review of 4.8 out of 5 stars. However, 3% of reviews go so far as to say that their experience with Byte was “bad.”

Regarding the Byte teeth aligner reviews found online, customers are generally very happy with the experience with Byte as a whole. This is a crucial point to recognize, as customer service is one of the most important aspects of a company that operates entirely remotely like Byte does. This, coupled with the “Byte for life guarantee,” makes the company quite appealing to potential customers.

Byte Compared to Other Teeth Aligners

Byte has several clear competitors in the world of clear aligners. Three of Byte’s main competitors are Candid Co., Smile Direct Club, and Invisalign.

Byte vs Candid Co

One of the competitors of byte is Candid, another teeth alignment brand with great reviews that provides high-quality aligners with dental experts monitoring. However, even though it seems they are the same, they don’t. Check our comparison chart below:



If you want to know more about Candid, you can check out the CandidCo review we published in TheTeethBlog with all the details needed to understand better the differences and the product itself.

Byte vs Smile Direct Club

byte and Smile Direct Club are the most similar brands among the competitors as they have similar prices and they both offer nighttime plans; however, there are some differences:


Smile Direct Club

If you want to learn more about SmileDireClub, you can check our Smile Direct Club honest review where we go through all the details about the brand.

Byte vs Invisalign

Invisalign is the most well-known aligners brand, it’s not exactly an at-home alignment company, but both byte and Invisalign help you achieve the perfect smile with teeth aligners. Do you want to compare the most famous aligners with byte to know which suits you best? Check the table below!



Byte Aligners Reviews 2022: Are They Legit? 5

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byte Rating

When trying to determine the overall rating for Byte, it is simpler to break the rating down into six separate categories and look at all types of Byte teeth straightening reviews.


Byte is quite an effective treatment for its patients. One of the main reasons for this is that they work primarily with licensed orthodontists rather than dentists who may not have completed an orthodontic residency. This allows patients to have the highest level of care and advice when undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Another reason for Byte’s success is that they only accept cases that they know they can successfully treat. Byte will not accept more complex cases, because the lack of in-office monitoring can make it more difficult to treat severe malocclusions.

A third and final reason for the success and effectiveness of Byte treatment is HyperByte, which allows for a more comfortable and faster treatment.


The affordable price of Byte’s aligners is another point that makes them appealing to patients. The full cost of treatment is $1,895 for the All-Day aligners, and the At-Night treatment is $2,295.

Delivery Time

How long does it take to get Byte aligners? And how long does it take Byte to ship impression kits? The delivery time for your Byte aligners is not typically anything of concern. You can expect to receive your aligners in about 4 to 5 weeks after sending back the impression kits. The impression kits themselves should arrive within a few weeks.

Shortly after Byte receives your impressions, they will send you copies of 3D images that show your treatment plan and project your final results. After seeing these 3D images, you will be able to decide whether or not you want to proceed with the treatment.


Byte teeth straightening is similar to other teledentistry companies concerning its offering of 100% at-home treatment. This allows patients to straighten their teeth entirely from the comfort of their own home and saves them from having to make the commute back and forth from an orthodontist’s office. However, some brands offer the option of getting a 3D scan in person instead of using an at-home impression kit, and Byte does not.


Another advantage to choosing Byte for your orthodontic treatment is that it does accept some forms of insurance. The insurance must specifically include orthodontic coverage, and cannot just be general dental or medical coverage. Additionally, patients should check with their specific insurance provider and plan to see if treatments like Byte are included in orthodontic coverage. With some insurance plans, only traditional metal braces and perhaps Invisalign are covered as forms of orthodontic treatment.

In addition to insurance, Byte also accepts payment via HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts). Both of these are great alternative ways to help pay for your orthodontic treatment with Byte.

Customer Service

In general, Byte has positive reviews across the board. Regarding customer service, some Byte reviews and opinions are conflicting. Some Byte reviews rave about the proficiency of the Byte customer service team, while others complain that it can be challenging to get in touch with a customer service representative.

On reliable Byte review sites, including ConsumerAffairs, Trustpilot, and ResellerRatings, Byte has overwhelmingly positive reviews.


Most frequent questions and answers

Aligners should fit tightly, specially the first days; however HyperByte device will help your teeth to move quicker and don’t feel that pressure. But if aligners don’t fit or you see that there are air gaps you should contact byte immediately.

Byte aligners are manufactured in China.

Yes, as soon as a dental specialist prepares your treatment and the aligners are made, the brand will send you a box with all the aligners you have to wear during your treatment.

Yes, you can; however, if the crowns are on your molars, in that case, you can’t.

Byte only treats ages 12 and above, if you are under 18, they will request your parent’s consent.

No, it doesn’t. If you want to keep track of your treatment, you can download other smartphone apps like SmartSmileapp or TrayMinder Invisalign Tracker.

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