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Outcomes & Reviews of Byte Teeth Aligners

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Key Takeaways:

  • Cost: from only $1,999.
  • Treatment time: the quickest treatment time on the market (5 months on average).
  • Customer reviews: an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars in Trustpilot.
  • Freebies and lifetime guarantee included.

All professional Byte reviews state that Byte invisible aligners are a rapidly growing brand in the world of clear aligners, offering a unique and effective way to straighten teeth at home, but is that true? With an impressive track record of success and customer satisfaction, Byte aligners are quickly becoming a popular choice among those seeking a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments.

In this article, we will delve into Byte aligners reviews providing an in-depth look at:

  • The brand
  • Its features and benefits
  • Real customer reviews.

So if you’re considering Byte teeth-straightening, keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

What Byte Aligners Offers?

Byte aligners offer an invisible and affordable way to straighten your teeth at the comfort of your home. You can choose between two treatments: the Byte All-Day Aligners and the Byte All-Night Aligners.

Byte All-Day Aligners
Byte All-Day Aligners

Byte’s All-Day Aligners are an affordable and time-efficient solution for achieving straighter teeth in the shortest time span. These custom-made clear aligners should be worn for most of the day, providing effective treatment with their discreet appearance and comfortable fit.

Price: $1999

  • Shortest treatment time on the market (4 months average);
  • Daily wear of 22 hours;
  • Doctor-directed treatment by a licensed dentist or orthodontist;
  • Freebies included: guarantee, HyperByte device, aligners’ case, and whitening treatment.
Byte All-Night Aligners
Byte All-Night Aligners

Byte’s All-Night Aligners, as their name suggests, are the alternative to the daytime aligners for those who doesn’t want the commitment of wearing their aligners for 22 hours a day. This treatment is a little longer than the All-Day, but is it as invisible, straightforward and effective.

Price: $2,399

  • Continuous wear time during the night of 10 hours;
  • Aligners made with a high-grade, grind resistant polymer material;
  • Treatment plan made and monitored by a team of licensed dentists and orthodontists;
  • An average of 5 months to finish your treatment.
HyperByte Device
HyperByte Device

The HyperByte device is the reason why Byte is one of the fastest at-home alignment treatments. By wearing this device for 5 minutes a day, you will help your teeth move faster and the aligners will cause you less pain during the first days.

Price: Included in your alignment treatment (sold separately for $699)

  • Tested and medically proven;
  • Reduces the pain and discomfort caused by the teeth’s movement;
  • Helps your teeth to move faster;
  • Easy to use.

Byte Invisible Aligners Reviews Overview

Byte Rating
Byte Rating

To rate Byte aligners properly, we had to break the rating into six different categories (effectiveness, price, delivery time, convenience, insurance, and customer service) and also check all types of customer reviews found online (customer service reviews, the customer reviews of Byte at night aligners, etc.) to come up with a rigorous rating and not fall into a biased review.


Byte is quite an effective treatment for its patients. One of the main reasons for this is that they work primarily with licensed orthodontists. This allows patients to have the highest level of care and advice when undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Another reason for Byte’s success is that they only accept cases that they know they can successfully treat. And a third and final reason for the success and effectiveness of Byte treatment is HyperByte, which allows for a more comfortable and faster treatment.


The affordable price of Byte’s aligners is another point that makes them appealing to patients. The full cost of Byte braces is $1,895 for the All-Day aligners, and the At-Night treatment is $2,295.

Delivery Time

You can expect to receive your aligners in about 4 to 5 weeks after sending back the impression kits. The impression kits themselves should arrive within a few weeks. Shortly after Byte receives your impressions, they will send you copies of 3D images that show your treatment plan and project your final results.


Byte teeth straightening is similar to other teledentistry companies concerning its offering of 100% at-home treatment. This allows patients to straighten their teeth entirely from the comfort of their own home and saves them from having to make the commute back and forth from an orthodontist’s office.


Byte does accept some forms of insurance. The insurance must specifically include orthodontic coverage, and cannot just be general dental or medical coverage.

In addition to insurance, Byte also accepts payment via HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts). Both of these are great alternative ways to help pay for your orthodontic treatment with Byte.

Customer Service

In general, Byte has positive reviews across the board. Regarding customer service, some Byte reviews and opinions are conflicting. Some customer service reviews rave about the proficiency of the Byte customer service team, while others complain that it can be challenging to get in touch with a customer service representative.

Customer Service Excellence and Satisfaction

Byte consistently receives exceptional ratings on prominent review platforms like Trustpilot (4.2 stars), ConsumerAffairs (3 starts) or Better Business Bureau® (A+), showcasing its commitment to customer service excellence. Customers appreciate the prompt and helpful support provided by Byte's customer service team, commending their professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile. The user-friendly nature of Byte's products and clear instructions are also praised.

While a few negative aspects have been highlighted in customer reviews, such instances are infrequent. Some customers mention occasional delays in response time during peak periods. However, these minor shortcomings are overshadowed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback received by Byte. The company remains dedicated to continuously improving its services, ensuring customer satisfaction and promptly addressing any concerns that arise.

Byte Aligners Customer Reviews

While the Byte reviews listed on its website are quite positive (as one would expect), the ones listed elsewhere are also overwhelmingly positive and full of praise. Trustpilot, a consumer review website, rates Byte invisible aligners as “excellent,” with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. However, 3% of customer reviews go so far as to say that their experience with Byte was “bad.”

Marvese J. Williams Byte Review

‘The customer service is good, I can’t take that away from them. I have nothing bad to say about Byte’s customer service.’

Marvese explains her experience with Byte after deciding not to continue with the company’s proposed treatment plan following her case evaluation.

Although she was very excited about the process, its convenience, the impeccable customer service, and the brand’s transparency, she decided not to continue with the treatment as she didn’t like the results she would get after finalizing her treatment plan with Byte.

As she thoroughly explains in the video, the treatment plan offered by the company can only modify the appearance of the six front teeth operating from canine to canine, not the molars. This fact would leave her with teeth gaps and, thus, not the results she sought.

Besides the issue regarding the results, Marvese also mentioned other pros and cons based on her experience:

  • Affordable impression kit
  • Discounts available
  • Quick delivery of impressions kit at home
  • Great customer service
  • Transparency
  • Only can treat mild to moderate misalignment cases
  • Payment plans are not as good as the brand claims, as you will end up paying double of the cost

In the video below, you’ll find Marvese’s complete customer review in which she explains the process of getting Byte aligners, the pros and cons of choosing Byte, and why she finally decided not to continue with her alignment treatment.

Crystal of Morganton, NC Byte Review

‘Byte really do take care of their clients and makes sure that they will love the smile they are going to get! 10/10 highly recommend!’

Crystal recently began using Byte aligners and has shared her experience so far. Overall, she found the process to be straightforward and convenient, with the aligners delivered quickly to her home and the payment plans offered by Byte helpful.

It’s important to note that Crystal hasn’t yet completed her treatment, but she is already pleased with the progress she’s seen. Her smile looks significantly better, and she’s eager to see the final results in the remaining nine weeks of her treatment plan.

Here are some pros and cons based on Crystal’s experience with Byte aligners:

  • Straightforward process for getting aligners
  • Quick delivery of aligners to home
  • Convenient payment plans
  • Aligners caused a lot of pain during the first week
  • Taking aligners in and out was also painful
  • Discomfort with remaining aligners not mentioned specifically

Overall, Crystal would recommend Byte aligners to others, she believes that the convenience and effectiveness of the treatment make it worthwhile.

Samantha of Traverse City, MI Byte Review

'The product is awesome - can see and feel (ouch) a difference in my teeth. Impression kit and aligners are well packaged and easy to use.'

Samantha started her alignment journey with excitement and loved the quality of the products as well as how easy to use they were; however, her experience with Byte‘s customer service was unworthy of her, as she pointed out that she would recommend the product to her loved ones but for the customer service.

Overall, she can see how her smile has improved thanks to Byte’s straightening plan, but she had to wait three months for her aligners to arrive, and the brand’s customer service didn’t help her during that period.

  • High-quality products
  • Easy to use
  • Very poor customer service
  • Long process to get your aligners

Erika Moulton Byte Review

‘Overall I had a really excellent experience. I’ve had an excellent experience with Byte as a company and their customer service and I’ve had a really great experience with the aligners.’

Erika was gifted with the Byte aligners system. In general, she is delighted with the experience, the brand, and the customer service; however, her experience was full of ups and downs.

The first part of her aligner journey was straightforward; she had no problems with the aligners or the brand; in fact, she was stunned to see that after a couple of weeks, she was able to see significant progress on her top teeth. But, after that, she started to experience some issues, mainly related to her bottom teeth; for example, there were air bubbles between the aligners and her teeth.

She highlights that, as a customer, you have a lot of responsibility and that it’s not a simple process. As there are no dental visits, you must be aware of how your teeth are moving, if the aligners fit well, and if you wear them at the recommended time. Of course, you must contact Byte if you notice something is wrong because if you don’t, it can lead to future problems like your teeth not getting the desired results.

  • No dental visits
  • Affordable
  • Great customer experience
  • Quick results
  • A lot of responsibility
  • If the treatment has to be corrected for any reason, the treatment time is longer

Overall, Erika is happy with the results. She still has a couple of weeks to finish her alignment journey, but she recommends the brand if you consider the cons she explains in her video.

Below is the complete video where she talks about her alignment journey in detail, discussing the pros and cons and explaining why it’s worth it.

Ariah Chandra-Scott Bisbee, AZ Byte Review

'My son is 3 months into his treatment plan and thrilled with the results so far. The price is so accessible, and the treatment is comfortable and discreet. So far, our experience with Byte has been fantastic.'

Ariah’s son is three months into his Byte invisible braces treatment, and everything has gone smoothly. The aligners are easy to use, discreet, and comfortable, causing minimal discomfort to her kid; the price was accessible for her family, and the lifetime guarantee is an excellent resource in case her son’s alignment journey doesn’t end up as planned.

But what stands out more for Ariah was Byte’s customer support. She recalls the fantastic experience she has had and how accessible and communicative has been Byte’s team. She doesn’t have to worry about anything related to her child’s alignment treatment, as she can turn to her representative via text message anytime.

  • Accessible price
  • Great customer experience
  • Lifetime guarantee included
  • Invisible treatment
  • Minimal discomfort

Ariah’s son hasn’t finished his treatment yet, but based on her review, he’s thrilled with the results and experience so far.

How Does Byte Aligners Work?

Byte’s treatment process is very convenient and straightforward and can be divided in three stages:

See if You Are a Candidate
See if You Are a Candidate

The first step is to buy the impressions kit to see if you are a candidate. Not all cases can be treated by Byte as the brand only accepts mild to moderate cases of misalignment, that’s why firstly you have to send your impressions to Byte’s dental team, so they can evaluate your dental issues.

If you don’t qualify as a candidate or even decide that you don’t want to start your treatment with them, don’t worry, because thanks to Byte’s guarantee, they will refund you.

Wear Your Aligners
Wear Your Aligners

After accepting your case, Byte will create a custom plan for you and create your aligners for you to wear them during the daytime or nighttime, the treatment you've chosen. During this stage that can last for 4 to 8 months, it will be mandatory to wear your aligners and follow what Byte’s dental team tells you because, if you don’t, the treatment won’t be effective.

Wear Your Retainers After Treatment
Wear Your Retainers After Treatment

After finishing your treatment, your alignment journey isn’t over as you will have to wear what it’s called retainers. Similar to aligner trays, retainers are a dental appliance that will ensure that your teeth don’t move after finishing your treatment, as your teeth can still move and your gums need some time to tighten up and keep your teeth from relapsing.

How Much Do Byte Aligners Cost?


If you choose to pay your treatment plan upfront, you’ll find two prices listed on Byte’s website: $1,999, for the All-Day treatment, and $2,399 for the All-Night treatment. When paying the price upfront, you will get EVERYTHING you need from start to finish your treatment as it includes: the impressions kit, the aligners box with all the freebies (aligners case, HyperByte device, and whitening kit), and, of course, the retainers.

Payment Plan

Byte’s payment plans allow you to spread out the cost of treatment over time, making it more affordable for your budget. The payment plans start from $70/month for 36 months with a down payment of $249 if you choose the All-Day aligners, and they start from $88/month for 36 months with a down payment of $299, if you choose the All-Night aligners. As you can see, choosing to pay for Byte treatment using their payment plans may result in slightly higher overall costs compared to paying upfront.

Online Ordering of Byte Aligners

Ordering Byte is a straightforward process, and the brand ships all over the US and Australia. You can purchase only the impressions kit for $95 or the entire treatment, but the first step is always the impressions to determine your eligibility.

The impressions kit will arrive in less than a week and after sending your impressions in less than a month (about 3 to 4 weeks) the dental team will create your plan to send you all the aligner trays, so you can start with your alignment journey asap!

Comparing Byte Costs vs. the Competition

When comparing Byte’s cost with other alignment brands, we can see that it’s not the most affordable alignment company; however, for us, it’s the best one base on the price-quality ratio.

ByteStarting from $1,999
AlignerCoFrom $795
InvisalignFrom $3000 to $7000
Traditional BracesFrom $4000 to $8500

Byte vs. Invisalign: Which Is better?

Byte offers a convenient and efficient remote orthodontic treatment option that sets it apart from Invisalign. With Byte, you can receive aligners and treatment plans without the need for frequent in-person visits to an orthodontist’s office. This can save you time and effort while still ensuring professional oversight. Additionally, Byte’s emphasis on accelerated treatment through their HyperByte technology may deliver faster results compared to traditional braces or Invisalign. The high-frequency vibration used in HyperByte can potentially speed up tooth movement, allowing you to achieve your desired smile in a shorter timeframe. Byte’s innovative approach provides a convenient, time-saving, and potentially faster alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment.

Why You Should Choose Byte?

There is a multitude of options currently available for the correction of orthodontic problems. Traditional braces, Damon braces, lingual braces, and countless clear aligner companies, including Byte invisible aligners, all promise customers a straighter smile for an affordable price. But not all of these treatment options are created equally. Byte stands out from the crowd in several respects: convenience of treatment, professional dental and orthodontic care access, and HyperByte technology.

If you want to know more about the HyperByte technology, we recommend to check the detailed review of HyperByte published in our Blog.

Summary of Our Byte Review

    One-time payment: $1,895 At-Day Treatment or $2,295 At-Night Treatment.
    Monthly payment: $82/mo. At-Day Treatment or $99/mo. At-Night Treatment.
Treatment Time
    At-Day Treatment: 4 months on average.
    At-Night Treatment: 6 months on average.
Wearing Time
    At-Day Treatment: 22+ hours a day.
    At-Night Treatment: 10 hours a day.
Customer Service
    You can contact them 7 days a week (7am - 5pm PT).
Refund Policy
    Refund policy for the impression kit and they also offer (for additional cost) a lifetime guarantee: Byte for Life™ Guarantee.
    Accepts dental insurance, FSA, or HSA accounts.

If you’re looking for other teeth straightening options or Byte alternatives, you may want to consider NewSmile, 2Usmiles, and Smileie. These three alignment brands also offer convenient and affordable options for straightening your teeth without the hassle of having dental visits. Each of these companies has its unique approach to tooth alignment, so it’s essential to do your research and find the one that works best for you.

NewSmile: Best brand based on the price-quality ratio
NewSmile: Best brand based on the price-quality ratio
  • Treatment 100% remotely
  • Nighttime option available
  • Results in 4-6 months
  • From $1595

Click on the button below to get $100 rebate on clear aligner plans!

2usmiles: Best teeth straightening company based on customer experience
2usmiles: Best teeth straightening company based on customer experience
  • Treatment 100% remotely
  • Nighttime option available
  • Free whitening kit included
  • From $1495

Click on the button below to get $250 OFF at Holiday Sale Special event for a limited-time only!

Smileie: Only brand that offers top or bottom-only aligners
Smileie: Only brand that offers top or bottom-only aligners
  • Treatment 100% remotely
  • Nighttime and only top or bottom options available
  • Free whitening kit and refinements
  • From $699

Get the full treatment for just $849 including a free impression kit, free refinement, free teeth whitening kit & free 2 sets of retainers by clicking on the button below.

Why You Can Trust Our Expert Review?
Hours of research
Experts consulted
Brands considered


Our medical team spent more than 80 hours writing and updating this article once new information was available. Byte is a very popular brand among at-home teeth aligners, and wanted to provide reliable information about the product that can help you make a wise decision for your overall oral health. To do that, we have also followed these rules:

  • We contrast all the info with different dental specialists.
  • We have tried all the products included in the treatment before writing the review.
  • We have watched and read all the verified customers reviews online.
  • We talked to both dentists and orthodontists about the brand and treatments offered.


Do dentists recommend Byte?

Yes, many dentists recommend Byte Invisible Braces.

The treatment is overseen by licensed professionals, and Byte collaborates with dentists and orthodontists to ensure personalized and effective treatment plans for patients.

Are Byte aligners safe?

Yes, Byte aligners are safe to use as directed. They are made from high-quality, BPA-free materials and monitored by licensed dental professionals for safety and effectiveness.

However, it's important to follow the instructions provided by Byte and consult with a dentist or orthodontist for personalized advice and guidance throughout your treatment.

Does Byte offer discounts?

Yes, Byte offers discounts from time to time. They often have promotional offers, deals, and discounts that can help make their teeth straightening services more affordable. 

Do Byte aligners really work?

Yes, Byte aligners have shown to be effective in straightening teeth for many individuals. The treatment involves a series of custom-made aligners that gradually shift teeth into the desired position.

However, the effectiveness may vary depending on individual dental conditions.

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    How will HyperByte work with my two front teeth, which are veneers in addition to a few crowns I have on a few of my back teeth. I had an Invisalign Appt. and they indicated their product works with veneers/crowns/rout canals. I’m interested in your product but want to learn more how the vibration of HyperByte will effect my other dental treatments. Thank you!

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi Ann!

      Byte states that it will work with veneers, but we recommend you to contact and tell them about your case. They will answer also your questions and concerns better 🙂

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    If most of my teeth have caps and one bridge in the back, will the byte aligners pull them off?

    1. TheTeethBlog Team

      Hi, Helen!

      Each case is different, so we recommend contacting the brand. You can get the impressions kit, and if your case is not viable, they will make a refund.

      Hope this helps.

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