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Byte Before & After Gallery: Photos of Real Customer Results

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The field of orthodontics not only helps people to achieve the perfect smile and improve their aesthetics, but it also helps patients avoid severe oral issues. However, as more people are getting to appreciate invisible teeth aligners compared to traditional braces, it is understandable if you still have doubts about these products.

Byte aligners are some of the most popular teeth aligners globally, having served thousands of satisfied customers. Many people have regained a more streamlined smile thanks to these aligners. But are they really good for you?

This post shows you how effective these products are by highlighting some Byte before and after images of real users with genuine reviews.

The Effectiveness Of Byte Aligners

Byte aligners work by applying a gentle yet constant force on mildly to moderately misaligned teeth. These removable products are designed to shift teeth toward a desired position or alignment in various phases.

The force applied is gentle and takes some time so that the users can avoid injury.

Most people that wish to explore the benefits of clear aligners, such as Byte aligners, are often skeptical at first. This is mainly because we are used only to traditional metal braces delivering proper teeth alignment results. You can check Byte aligner reviews to find out the extent of their effectiveness and how exactly they work to get you a perfect smile.

Moreover, finding genuine customer reviews for some products may be a hassle, as with the internet, you can never really be sure which reviews are real and which aren’t.

Knowing how these products have worked for people with similar dental problems can help you determine if they are right for you.

We have gathered several real Byte reviews before and after from genuine customers that have used Byte aligners to help you discover just how effective these products are and determine if they are the right solution for your needs.

Real Results From Byte Customers

Both satisfied and unsatisfied customers often post their reviews on independent platforms regarding a product they have used. In most cases, trusted customer reviews can be seen on platforms like Amazon, Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and even Google reviews.

We have gathered Byte before and after pictures of real users, indicating their initial oral situation and Byte aligners results.

Here are some of the top results for your consideration:

Video reviews

Beth (FiftyPlusBeauty): Opted for a more affordable orthodontic solution

I will say that this has been such a super easy program and it is very reasonable in price.

In this video, Beth, a real user of Byte aligners, first puts a disclaimer that the video was not sponsored by the company. This means we can trust that her review was an honest opinion of their experience with the product.

Problem summary

Beth had a fairly good set of teeth but wanted to get even straighter teeth, especially on her bottom teeth. She sought help from her dentist, but the treatment quoted was upwards of $4,000, which was quite pricey.

The treatment

Beth thereafter opted for a more affordable solution, which is how she landed on Byte aligners. She went through treatment using the Nighttime Byte aligners, meaning she’d only wear the aligners at night.

You can check out other customer reviews of Byte At Night aligners for further clarity.

She used the treatment for about eight months.

The results

In the review, she explains that the dental procedure wasn’t easy and didn’t get the results she wanted within the projected time frame.

Therefore, she got refinements to the treatment, which saw her spend an additional three months, whereby she finally got the results she was satisfied with.

From the video, Beth highlights the following pros and cons of Byte aligners based on her experience:

  • More affordable treatment compared to the dentist
  • Free refinements
  • Shorter treatment time compared to traditional braces
  • The dental procedure wasn’t easy
  • Treatment needed refinements, which meant she got additional time on her treatment

Check out her video for the full story and experience.

Dr. A Jhoy: Achieved 90% of expected results

I would just like to say that my teeth are 90% better than they were before I started the program.

This next video from Dr. A Jhoy takes us through her journey with the aligners. She claims she had been on the treatment for nearly two years but still had not achieved optimal results.

Treatment experience

The review states that she had already done eight impression kits by the time the video was recorded. Generally, she says that one of the biggest frustrations users may face with the company is its customer service which may not seem quite helpful. However, she notes that Byte’s customer service has generally improved.

She also asserts that it is imperative for one to take images of their teeth throughout treatment, as it aids in establishing any needed refinements in the end.

The results

According to the user, although her teeth look 90% much better than before, she would be happier if she achieved 100% satisfaction. This is because some of the teeth may have not been properly aligned by the Byte aligners.

She concludes by showing before and after images of her smile, which is noticeably straighter than how it was initially.

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of Byte aligners based on her experience:

  • Achieved significant improvements in her smile
  • You don’t pay extra for impressions
  • She didn’t get 100% satisfaction from the treatment
  • The company’s customer service could be improved

Brianna Liebl: Explains the extent of Byte’s effectiveness

It’s straight teeth for life, so like, as long as you’re following all their rules and don’t break their warranty, you will get impression kits, and they will keep working with you for free for the price you paid in the beginning until your teeth are where you want. [...] As soon as my teeth were starting to get really straight, I was smiling a lot more. I’m totally fine with smiling in pictures like I just felt more confident with my daily life.

The treatment

Brianna takes us through her journey with the Byte aligner treatment, including her experience with her opinions on the product’s pros and cons. According to her, she had initially expected treatment to take only four months.

However, she had some stubborn teeth that weren’t moving to the proper alignment, so she had to do refinements. In the end, she had to go through five impression kits and six Byte aligner packages.

The results

Brianna notes that while Byte aligners help you align misaligned teeth, there are some severe cases in which the product may not prove helpful. This is where the use of traditional braces outweighs clear aligners, like Byte.

The reviewer also points out that although she had to go through different types of aligner packages and impression kits, you don’t have to pay for them, especially if you need refinements. Byte works with you until you get your desired results.

In the video review, Brianna states that she just wanted to be done with the treatment, so she discontinued treatment after two years. After all, she was generally happy with the results.

From her experience, we can note the following pros and cons of Byte aligners:

  • Affordable solution
  • Less dental visits
  • Effective treatment, as she was happy with the results
  • Dissatisfied with the company’s customer service
  • The treatment took longer than the expected period

Byte before and after images

There are many people that have taken to the internet and various social media to showcase the Byte results. Byte aligners are helpful for people with mild to moderate misalignment, including gaps, overbite, crowding, and spacing.

We have gathered a few images for your consideration.

Gaps: Allison B.

Two images of a woman showing Byte before and after results. On the right, she is smiling and you can see that she has teeth gaps. On the left, she is also smiling, but now she has no teeth gaps.

Dental condition

Many people like Allison B (pictured above) have gaps in their teeth. This is a common occurrence that occurs between the upper middle incisors. Fortunately, this is a condition that Byte can comfortably help with.

Results from Byte treatment

Allison received prescription custom-made Byte aligners based on the impressions of her teeth, which she took earlier. The user was able to get incredible results within just 14 weeks.

Byte aligners worked by realigning the two gapped teeth into place. Moreover, the treatment did not only nudge the two teeth but also readjusted adjacent teeth to ensure a seamless alignment for all her teeth.

You can also check out our complete guide to help you understand how to treat teeth gap.

Overbite: Ruby S.

Byte Before & After Gallery: Photos of Real Customer Results 1

Dental condition

Ruby S. used Byte aligners to correct a misalignment issue that affected her upper canines and incisors. In the first picture, Ruby had her upper canines sticking out from the others.

This is a condition known as an overbite. Her incisors also appeared crooked as they had grown backward from the other teeth.

Results from Byte treatment

Ruby’s Byte treatment was designed to help align her upper front-row teeth. Doing so is not only beneficial to her dental aesthetics but also to boost her oral health. This is because without resolving such teeth misalignment, you can be prone to various dental concerns in the future.

The picture on the right is Ruby’s Byte treatment after just 12 weeks of treatment. It is quite evident that her upper canines and incisors are now straighter than before, giving her a smile makeover.

Crowding and misalignment: Zephian T.

Two images of a man showing Byte before and after results. On the right, he is showing his teeth and you can see that his teeth are crooked and also has teeth gaps. On the left, he is showing his teeth, but now his teeth are straight with no teeth gaps.

Dental conditions

Zephian was suffering from a case of severe misalignment on both rows of his teeth. This was more pronounced on the front teeth, where the top incisors appeared very crooked and grown outward. This forced a visible gap to be formed between his middle front teeth.

Such dental problems can cause oral issues like:

  • Cavities
  • Gum diseases
  • Dental infections.

Get to know about what causes teeth crowding in our previous post.

Byte treatment results

Zephian got custom-made Byte clear aligners to help get him his brilliant smile back. Within only 15 weeks of treatment, the result was the second photo.

These Byte results before and after are arguably more than excellent as they show just how effective Byte aligners are in resolving even complex issues, like crowding and other misalignments.

Are Byte Aligners Worth It?

From the thousands of reviews you can find online, it is evident that most of the users of these products find them useful and able to assist them in achieving desired results. In fact, most of the negative or not-so-positive reviews that we saw were focused on the customers’ dissatisfaction with the company’s customer service and not necessarily on the effectiveness of the aligners.

These aligners are quite effective and provide fast results for those with mild to moderate issues. However, in cases where there are some stubborn teeth, you may require refinements, which may ultimately increase your expected treatment period.

Fortunately, you do not pay for the refinements when using Byte aligners. This is because the one-time payment cost of Byte aligners covers it all. Moreover, the company will work closely with you to ensure you realize your desired results. Byte will work with you until you are satisfied.

Remember that there are other brands that you can consider besides Byte aligners. For instance, Invisalign is a household name in the clear aligner industry. Find out which is ideal for you in our comparison of Invisalign and Byte aligners.

Final Thoughts

Byte offers one of the best clear aligner solutions to misaligned teeth. There are thousands of reviews on independent platforms that paint this company as trustworthy, reliable, and with effective products.

We randomly picked the Byte aligners before and after images featured in this post. We hope that by going through other people’s experiences, you can be better placed to determine if this is the right product for you.

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