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Byte At-Night vs. All-Day Aligners Review: How do They Compare

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Teledentistry company Byte offers two different aligner treatment plans for prospective patients. They offer the typical all-day treatment plan, in which patients wear their aligners for most of the day and the night, as well as a special nighttime only option in which patients do not have to wear their aligners as often. Each treatment plan eventually gives you the same results, and having both of these options allows patients to select the choice that best suits their individual needs and circumstances. Keep reading to learn more about these plans and which one might be the best option for you.

How is Byte At-Night Different from All-Day Treatment?

While both Byte-At-Night and All-Day aligner plans will lead to the end goal of achieving an ideal smile, they accomplish this in slightly different ways. Continue reading below to learn more about the main differences to be aware of between these two treatment plans. If you would like additional information, you can also check Byte reviews that provide a lot of details about the company, the process, and its efficacy.

Treatment Plan

The primary difference between the At-Night and the All-Day aligner plans is found in their names- one requires the patient to comply with wearing their aligners all day, while the other focuses on nighttime only treatment. With the All-Day aligner plan, patients must wear their aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day. This clearly requires a good amount of responsibility and commitment to the treatment plan, as 22 out of 24 hours in a day is by far a majority of that time and only leaves you with two hours to be aligner-free. The At-Night aligner plan, on the other hand, requires at least 10 hours of continuous wear. While the 10 hours required with this plan do need to be continued, and you cannot break it up to eat or drink, this is far less of a daily time commitment when compared to the 22 hours required for the All-Day aligner plan.

Treatment Time

Since the amount of time that patients must wear their aligners each day differs in each plan, the total treatment timeline is also different. When patients choose the All-Day option, they can expect that their treatment time will be 3 to 4 months. With the At-Night option, the treatment timeline increases to 5 to 6 months on average. Given these treatment times, those who want results as quickly as possible and do not mind wearing their aligners for 22 hours per day can opt for the faster All-Day plan, while others might choose the At-Night option. Byte At-Night can be a better choice for patients for whom the convenience of not having to wear the aligners for 22 hours per day outweighs the longer total treatment time.

Clear Aligner Materials

Byte At-Night vs. All-Day Aligners Review: How do They Compare 1

An additional difference between the two Byte treatment plans is the material used to construct the aligners themselves. Compared to the All-Day aligners, the nighttime aligners are made out of thicker, medical-grade polymer material.


Byte At-Night vs All-Day Aligners hyperbyte

Hyperbyte’s Byte technology is what sets the brand apart from other teledentistry companies. By using high-frequency vibrations, Hyperbyte can both reduce discomfort and to increase the rate of teeth movement. With the All-Day treatment plan, patients are expected to use Hyperbyte for 5 minutes per day. With the At-Night plan, on the other hand, patients are expected to use Hyperbyte for at least 10 minutes per day. By increasing the Hyperbyte technology use with the At-Night plan, the total treatment time doesn’t increase as much as would otherwise be expected compared to the All-Day treatment plan.


There is also a difference in Byte cost when comparing the At-Night and All-Day treatment plans. The Byte at night treatment plan is more expensive than the All-Day option, with the plan’s total cost adding up to $24399 if paid in full. Monthly, this plan costs $106 per month for 36 months without down payment. The All-Day plan comes to a total of $2,099 when paid in full, with the monthly payment option being $89/month.

Byte At-Night vs All-Day Aligners Comparison Table

To get a quick summary of the information presented above, or if you would prefer to see a side-by-side comparison of that information, check out the table below.

Byte All-DayByte At-Night
Cost$2,099 single payment$2,499 single payment
MaterialsMedical grade polymerThicker medical-grade polymer specialized for nighttime wear
Daily Wear Time22+ hours/day10+ hours/day
Treatment Timeline3-4 months5-6 months
Using Hyperbyte5 minutes/day10+ minutes/day

What do Customers Think About At-Night Aligners?

Reading about a company’s services and what they claim to be able to do for you can provide useful information and educate you on those services. Still, it can sometimes be difficult to believe these claims without any further evidence. So what do actual real-life Byte customers have to say about the At-Night aligners?

One of the most frequently cited points about Byte and their At-Night aligners is the ease of use. Customers are quick to point out the simplicity and the convenience of the plan and how easy it can be to get started on the journey to straighter teeth. Patients familiar with the At-Night Aligners also comment on how quick the plan works, and that one can begin to see noticeable results within a relatively short time frame. Finally, customers appear to be happy with the quality of customer service provided by Byte for these aligners.

When to Choose Byte At-Night vs All-Day Aligners?

Selecting the appropriate treatment plan for Byte aligners should take several factors into consideration. First, patients must be honest with themselves about how often they think they will actually be willing and able to wear the aligners. If someone likes to snack often or otherwise would need to remove their aligners more frequently during the day, then perhaps the All-Day plan would not be the best suited to that lifestyle. Another point is the speed with which patients want to see the results of their treatment. If getting results as quickly as possible is essential, regardless of how often aligners must be worn, then choosing the faster All-Day aligner plan would be the best option. But if a patient doesn’t mind taking a bit longer to see results, then the Byte At-Night aligners are a great choice. Finally, patients must consider the difference in price when evaluating which Byte treatment plan to select. The standard All-Day aligner plan is cheaper compared to Byte At-Night, so if cost is a concern, then going with the standard All-Day option might be a better choice. If you foresee price being an issue for you, be sure to take advantage of this Byte aligners discount code.

Byte At-Night vs All-Day Aligners differences which is better
Byte At-Night vs All-Day Aligners differences better


Are Byte At-Night aligners as effective as the All-Day treatment?

Yes! Byte At-Night aligners end up giving you the same end results as the All-Day treatment. Both treatment plans can help you achieve your goal of straighter teeth, although Byte At-Night takes a couple of months longer to do so than the standard All-Day treatment.

Can I switch from All-Day to At-Night aligners if I have already started the treatment?

Given the differences in the structure of the aligners and the difference in the treatment schedule, unfortunately, you cannot switch from All-Day to At-Night aligners if you have already started the treatment.

How can I contact Byte if I have a problem or a question?

If you have a problem or a question, you can easily get in touch with one Byte’s customer service representatives. There are several options available on their website, including texting, a phone call, Facebook messaging and emailing.

If the treatment does not work, can I get a refund?

Byte, unfortunately, does not offer refunds once you have purchased your aligners. With this being said, however, Byte does offer to send you new sets of aligners in order to fix any remaining problems. Additionally, the Byte-for-Life Guarantee ensures that if your teeth ever move out of alignment following your treatment, you can get new aligners at no additional cost.

Are at-night aligner treatments safe?

Night-time aligners are generally a very safe orthodontic treatment. The main problem that could occur with this type of treatment is potential irritation or injury to the roots of your teeth. However, the probability of this complication arising is relatively low. This type of issue is more likely to occur with at-night aligners since your teeth will shift more often during the day than during the standard treatment.

Do at-night clear aligners hurt?

While you may experience some discomfort wearing at-night clear aligners, it is not of great significance to most patients. Given that your teeth shift slightly during the day before being corrected again at night, you may experience minor irritation, but not any form of significant discomfort.

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