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$ 1795 TOTAL
  • Get the discount by clicking the button below
  • Also get the impressions kit for ONLY $14.95 and BrightBytePRO FREE.


$ 100 To Spend on Nike, Amazon, etc.
  • Your friend will get a 85% off impression kit discount and $100 OFF their aligners

Byte is a revolutionary, relatively new-to-the-game clear aligner brand. Byte makes orthodontics and beautiful smiles accessible to those who might not be able to afford traditional braces or in-office brands like Invisalign. Byte is able to offer cheaper treatment because you don’t have expensive monthly appointments with your dentist or orthodontist. Instead, treatment is completed 100% remotely.

All you need to do to get Byte is to take an online eligibility test and then order your impression kit to be sent to your doorstep. Once you receive the kit in the mail, you follow the instructions to make the molds of your teeth, and then you send them back in. Byte will create your clear aligners and send all of them to you at once. And then you begin treatment, it’s that simple!

The first Byte aligners discount on this page is an exclusive TheTeethBlog offer for $100 OFF your Byte invisible aligners, the impressions kit for ONLY $14.95 and BrightBytePRO FREE by clicking on the button “GET DEAL”.

There’s also another option you can use to GET some money! It’s $100 toward retailers like Nike or Amazon every time you refer a friend, and your friend will also get a discount!

How To Use A byte Aligners Promo Code?

It’s super easy to use your promo code. Byte codes just take three simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to excellent savings and the smile you’ve always wanted:

  • Click the button below:
  • Copy the Byte promo code you want to use
  • Paste the code at checkout
BYTEBLOG byte promo code

If you want to use the other offer with which you get $100 off by referring a friend you’ll have to follow the following steps:

For every friend that gets Byte treatment, you will get $100 toward retailers like Amazon, Target, Nike, etcetera. And your friend will get a 85% off impression kit and $100 OFF their aligners by getting the treatment through you.

How Much Can You Save With byte Aligners Discount Code?

The Byte aligner treatment normally costs $1895, but with this Byte aligners discount code, you only have to pay $1795 and get some freebies! Byte also accepts insurance, and you can use your FSA or HSA accounts as well. What’s more, Byte offers payment plans, for both their All Day and At Night Aligners. The day aligners payment plan is just $82/month for 32 months with a $249 deposit, and the nighttime aligners payment plan is $99/month for 32 months with a $299 deposit. If you opt to pay for Byte all at once, you will pay $1,895 for the All-Day plan and $2,295 for the At-Night plan. Either way, when comparing Byte with Invisalign or other braces options, it is much more affordable.

Byte Promos

Ready for some more good news? With Byte, you don’t need a coupon to save money. This socially conscious brand also offers other types of promos for people with a budget, like the byte student discount or the byte military discount.

Byte Aligners Treatment Discount Code

For general treatment discounts, you can use the Byte discount code provided on this page!

Byte Aligners Military Discount

The military discount code isn’t actually a code, but you can get $150 off your aligners for all active and retired military. That means you can get treatment with Byte for just $1,745, or as low as $65/month. To get the military discount, order your impression kit online and indicate that you are a member or veteran of the military. A byte advisor will reach out and verify your status.

Byte Aligners Student Discount

There isn’t an actual Byte student discount, but there is the opportunity to get discounted Byte aligners as a student. To get the student discount, you must email Byte and they’ll give you the instructions to continue.

Save Money With byte Aligners Coupon Code Compared To Other Teeth Aligner Companies

Byte doesn’t just want to give you a perfect smile with their teeth aligners, they also want to make orthodontics affordable for everyone, not only by offering Byte coupons but also by offering a great treatment plan at the best price possible. That’s why byte cost is so much lower than other braces and in-office clear aligners.

You can also trust Byte with their expertise because they work with orthodontists to plan your treatment. This is key because orthodontists are dentists who have special training in the art of teeth straightening. Other brands work with dentists also, which means your treatment may not be as accurate or effective.

When you choose Byte, you are choosing affordability, convenience, a shorter treatment time thanks to HyperByte technology and quality treatment. You’ll save a lot when compared to byte alternatives and in-office braces (and even more when using a Byte coupon code), and you’ll get the smile of your dreams.

byte aligners coupon code
byte aligners discount code

If you want more information about Byte, you can read our Byte review article by clicking on the link.

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