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Braces Before & After Images: Discover The Power of Orthodontics

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If you are searching for braces before and after images online, you are probably considering getting the treatment but unsure how your treatment will turn out. Don’t worry, as you are not alone.

The power of braces has been repeatedly proven to help reshape and perfect people’s smiles, giving them their confidence back. But will this treatment work for you?

This article helps you to be more prepared by highlighting the following:

  • Real-life patient experiences and testimonials on using braces;
  • Various dental conditions and how braces have been effective in resolving them;
  • Different types of braces and the conditions they treat.

Benefits of Before and After Images

Braces can help you significantly improve your smile and get your self-confidence back. However, the changes made by braces are usually irreversible.

This means that when you get them, there is almost no going back to how your teeth (and jaw structure) were. So, to know if your condition can get resolved using braces, it would be prudent to review before and after images from actual patients.

Besides that, going through before and after images of orthodontic treatments carries numerous other benefits, including:

Visual proof of transformation

Before and after images offer concrete evidence of an orthodontic patient’s transformation.

By seeing the images of the changes others have gone through, new or potential orthodontic patients can feel more motivated that they can also get the same results.

Informed decision-making

Before and after images help prospective patients understand orthodontic treatment’s potential results and benefits. By observing the transformations achieved in similar cases, individuals can make more informed decisions about pursuing braces or other alternatives to braces.

Visual proof of expectation management

Braces before and after images facilitate clear communication between orthodontists and patients. Besides knowing how much braces cost, orthodontists can effectively manage patient expectations by visually showcasing the potential results, ensuring a shared understanding of the treatment goals and outcomes.

Common Orthodontic Issues Treated With Braces

As you strive to understand whether braces would be ideal for you, knowing if your condition can be treated using braces would be prudent.

Here’s a list of some of the most common orthodontic conditions manageable using braces:

Crooked teeth

Crooked or misaligned teeth can be corrected using braces. Braces work by applying gentle pressure on the teeth and gradually moving them into their proper positions, enhancing the smile’s aesthetics and functionality.


Overcrowding occurs when the jaw has insufficient space for all the teeth to fit correctly.

In this case, orthodontic braces create the necessary space by gradually shifting and aligning the teeth. Besides enhancing one’s smile, braces also are beneficial against overcrowding as they facilitate better oral health practices, as brushing and flossing become easier.

Gaps between teeth

Gaps between teeth can be effectively closed using braces. By applying controlled pressure, braces move the affected teeth closer together, eliminating unwanted spaces, hence creating a more harmonious smile.

Bite irregularities

Braces can correct various bite irregularities. Also known as malocclusions, these irregularities come in various forms, including:

  • Overbites;
  • Underbites;
  • Crossbites;
  • Open bites.

Braces align the upper and lower teeth, bringing them into proper contact and improving the overall bite alignment, improving your oral functionality and overall oral health.

Bite irregularities are often the most time-consuming to treat, making this treatment cost more in most cases. Fortunately, you can still easily get some good cheap braces to help you get the results you desire.

Midline misalignment

When the midline, which refers to the alignment of the upper and lower front teeth, is off-center, it can affect the balance and aesthetics of the smile. Braces can correct this issue by moving the teeth gradually into their ideal positions, ensuring a harmonious smile.

Braces provide a versatile solution to a wide range of orthodontic issues, addressing concerns related to tooth alignment, bite irregularities, and overall smile aesthetics.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of braces before and after pictures of actual patients with different orthodontic issues, picked from random websites of qualified orthodontists.


Case 1: The patient had a large overjet (when upper front teeth protrude forward) that was treated by the dentists in two phases of braces for kids.

3 columns and 2 rows with images showing the braces before and after results of an overjet.

Credits to Brodsky Orthodontists

Case 2: This patient has a severely misaligned bite with an evident protrusion resolved using braces.

Two photos showing braces before and after results

Credits to McCormick Orthodontics

Case 3: This patient had an overjet condition, also commonly referred to as ‘bunny teeth’ or ‘rabbit teeth,’ where the upper front teeth protrude from the rest and can sometimes be visible even after closing the mouth. The condition was treated using braces, and the results are evident.

Braces Before & After Images: Discover The Power of Orthodontics 1


Case 1: This patient had a case of crowding, which was also made more prominent with high canines, a posterior crossbite, and a deep overbite. According to the dentists, she was treated with an expander and braces, and that’s how she got her beautiful smile!

Two photos of braces before and after results comparing the crowded teeth of a patient that went from crooked to aligned.

Credits to Corbridge Orthodontics

Case 2: This patient had a case of severe crowding where some teeth lacked the space to settle within the oral structure naturally. The dentists used braces to restore a proper smile, giving them their confidence back.

Two photos comparing the results a patient got thanks to braces

Credits to McCormick Orthodontics

Case 3: This patient had a severe crowding condition that blocked out cuspids. His orthodontists treated him with extractions and braces to give him a more presentable final result.

Braces before and after photos. Two photos comparing the results a patient got by using braces: from severe crowding to aligned teeth.


Case 1: This patient had a case of spacing corrected using braces after 26 months.

A patient's braces before and after pictures showing how braces fixed their gap teeth.

Credits to Smile Logic Orthodontics

Case 2: This patient had noticeable spacing on the front teeth, which was resolved and closed out using braces.

Braces Before & After Images: Discover The Power of Orthodontics 3

Credits to Brij Dental Clinic

Case 3: This patient initially had severe gapping or spacing issues which got resolved using braces, giving them a more harmonious smile.

Two photos of the before and after braces showing a fixed severe teeth gap

Malocclusions (Bite Irregularities)

Case 1: This patient had a case of an open bite (which describes the lack of vertical overlap of teeth) and was treated using braces.

Two photos: one of teeth suffering from open bite and in the other the teeth are perfectly aligned

Credits: McCormick Orthodontics

Case 2: This patient had a complete underbite and posterior crossbite treated with braces.

A photo of teeth suffering from severe malocclusion as the bottom teeth are before the top teeth. In the second picture, the smile is perfect and the patient is no longer suffering from the issue.

Credits to Brodsky Orthodontics

Case 3: The patient sought orthodontic treatment to resolve an uneven smile, protruding teeth, and a deep overbite. The final result was a spectacular smile and proper bite treated using braces.

Braces Before & After Images: Discover The Power of Orthodontics 5

Different Types of Braces

Braces are quite effective in resolving various bite irregularities, helping you maintain a proper bite. However, you can get different types of braces depending on various factors, such as the severity of the condition, your budget, and overall preferences.

Here are the main types of braces you can get:

  • Traditional metal braces: These are the most commonly used types of braces consisting of metal brackets attached to the teeth and connected by an adjustable wire.
  • Ceramic braces: These braces have tooth-colored or clear brackets, making them the best braces for adults who want effective treatment but more discreetly.
  • Clear aligners: Also known as clear braces, they resemble mouth guards and work to resolve a bite problem. Check out our complete post on invisible braces to learn more.
  • Lingual braces: Lingual braces are discreet as they are placed on the inner side of the teeth.
  • Self-ligating braces: These braces eliminate the need for ligatures and reduce friction, discomfort, and treatment time.

If you are still considering whether you need braces or clear aligners, here’s our braces vs Invisalign post to get you started.


Do braces change the shape of your face?

Braces primarily focus on straightening teeth and correcting jaw alignment. While they may not directly change the shape of your face, they can have an impact on your facial appearance.

Which 4 teeth are removed for braces?

The decision to remove teeth for braces varies depending on individual circumstances. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove four premolar teeth to create adequate space for teeth alignment. However, not everyone requires premolar extractions, as orthodontists assess each patient's specific needs.

Do lips change after braces?

Braces can potentially impact the position and alignment of your lips. When teeth are moved into their correct positions, it can alter how your lips sit, giving your smile a more balanced and pleasing appearance.

Are the results in the photo gallery typical for all patients?

The results showcased in a photo gallery typically represent successful cases treated by a specific orthodontic provider. However, it's important to note that individual results may vary based on several factors, including the initial condition of the patient's teeth, treatment goals, compliance with instructions, and the orthodontist's expertise.

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