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Best Whitening Pens in 2022

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Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic procedure. There are several ways to whiten the teeth, including professional treatments at a dentist’s office, whitening strips, whitening gels, and, last but not least, whitening pens. Teeth whitening pens offer a simple and portable at-home solution for those who want to be able to whiten their teeth at their own convenience, and there are plenty of different brands on the market to choose from.

How do teeth whitening pens work?

How do teeth whitening pens work

Teeth whitening pens lighten and break down the existing stains on the teeth with the help of the bleach that is included as the main active ingredient.

With most types of teeth whitening pens, you twist the bottom of the pen to release the gel onto the brush tip of the pen. Then, all you need to do is apply the gel to the surface of the teeth that you would like to whiten and let it sit to allow the bleaching agent to get to work. While the bleaching agents in the whitening pen will get to work right away, it will usually take at least a week of consistent application of the gel to achieve the final results.

Do teeth whitening pens really work?

Yes, teeth whitening pens are an effective whitening solution for many people! They’re an excellent option for whitening on the go and are one of the best teeth whitening DIY options.

However, their effectiveness does somewhat rely on the type of stain on the teeth-users usually have the best luck with removing yellow-colored stains, as the bleach tends to work better with that variety.

Apart from teeth whitening pens, you could try more natural teeth whitening methods, like coconut oil. While coconut oil teeth whitening results are not as good as those of whitening kits with bleaching ingredients, it could be worth a try.

How to choose the best teeth whitening pens?

Choosing the best teeth whitening pen can feel overwhelming at first due to the sheer number of options available on the market. They all promise the result of bright white teeth but vary in price, ingredients, and But to help you narrow down your search, below is a list and quick review of some of the top teeth whitening pens of 2022.

What are the best teeth whitening pens in 2022?

What is the best teeth whitening pen? Out of all of the teeth whitening pens out there, here are some of the best ones to pick from in 2022!

Smile Direct Club whitening pen

Smile Direct Club whitening pen

Smile Direct Club offers a set of 8 whitening pens for $45 a deal that the company claims provides an entire year’s worth of whitening benefits. The treatment is broken into two one-week whitening sessions during which you apply the gel twice daily. Doing this for just one week whitens your teeth for about six months, at which point you can complete the second one-week treatment session. The number of pens you get for the price makes Smile Direct Club one of the top teeth whitening pen options.

Snow Teeth whitening wands

Best Whitening Pens in 2022 1

Snow Teeth’s whitening wants to come in packs of 2 for a total of $29. The company claims that its whitening formula was designed for sensitive teeth and is gluten-free, making it one of the best whitening products for sensitive teeth.

As far as how long their pens last, Snow Teeth states that each of their wands should last for approximately two weeks of treatment. Like similar at-home teeth whitening treatments, how to use snow teeth whitening wand is easy just brush the formula onto your teeth.

Auraglow teeth whitening pen

Best Whitening Pens in 2022 3

The Auraglow teeth whitening pens are slightly more expensive, with one pen costing $26. With this being said, however, Auraglow also offers its customers a 30-day risk-free return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with any of their products (and don’t think that they are some of the best teeth whitening pens around), you can return them and get your money back. Additionally, the price of these pens is still significantly lower than the cost of the professional teeth whitening, which can go over $1,000.

Wondering how to use Auraglow teeth whitening pen? The design was created to make this simple and easy- all you need to do is click the bottom of the pen and brush the gel onto your teeth.

Manufactured in the United States, Auraglow claims that their teeth whitening pens are clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 10 shades over a period of 7 days.

AsaVea teeth whitening pen

AsaVea teeth whitening pen

For $21.99, AsaVea offers a pack of 2 teeth whitening pens that contain over 20 applications of whitening gel. The gel in the AsaVea whitening pen has a mint flavor and is formulated to minimize or even eliminate teeth sensitivity during and following application. AsaVea teeth whitening pen reviews are overwhelmingly positive on Amazon.com, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

VieBeauti teeth whitening pen

VieBeauti teeth whitening pen

VieBeauti is a beauty brand that has a range of products from makeup to dental collections. Their teeth whitening pens come in a pack of 2, but for a slightly lower price of $19.99 compared to the other brands listed. Similar to AsaVea’s whitening pens, those offered by VieBeauti are mint-flavored and designed for minimal sensitivity.

The pens are very easy to use, and the brand claims that they can remove years of stains, and they can whiten 4 to 8 shades if used consecutively. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Teeth whitening pens are typically perfectly fine to use with aligners. However, braces are generally recommended to avoid whitening your teeth until you have completed your treatment. Otherwise, even with the best whitening pen, you may end up with darker spots on your teeth where the brackets were during treatment.

On average, one teeth whitening pen lasts about two weeks. But of course, there is the potential for this to vary from brand to brand.

Yes, teeth whitening pens are overall a safe option. Each of the brands listed and described above were formulated to minimize teeth sensitivity, and many of them use the same type of enamel-safe bleaching agents used in dentist’s offices.

But if you are concerned with the safety of a specific brand of teeth whitening pens, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring up these concerns with your dentist. Additionally, suppose you have a history of tooth sensitivity. In that case, you should also speak with a dental professional to see if using teeth whitening pens would be a good option for you.

Most teeth whitening pens start working as soon as you apply the gel for the first time. However, it will usually take about one week for the full benefits of the treatment to become apparent. After a week of using the teeth whitening pens on a consistent basis, you can expect to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your teeth.

At this point, there hasn’t been a sufficient amount of research done into the safety of whitening treatments during pregnancy. While there isn’t much to indicate that it would pose a danger, there also isn’t a solid amount of data demonstrating its safety. So to be on the cautious side, it’s probably best to avoid whitening treatments, including whitening pens, during pregnancy.

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