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Best Teeth Aligners 2022 (Updated)

Haleigh Pouliot

Written by Haleigh Pouliot

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Does your smile look the way you want it to? Do your misaligned teeth prevent you from delivering that “happy look” you so desire? Millions of Americans say no to those questions and either search for the best clear aligners for their particular needs, or they just learn to live with their smile as it is.

Yeah, it can be confusing and tiresome to look for different solutions, not to mention finding good products that fit within your budget. After all, the web is full of commercialism, technical jargon, detailed procedures, complicated processes, confusing terms and conditions, and even competition. It can also be hard to remember everything as you continue to absorb all that information. That is why we have researched, tried, and compared the options available to help you find the best option for you.

Disclosure: Links on this site may receive a commission, this does not affect the price you pay and help us cover the costs of running this website.

Why you can trust our reviews?

Hours of research


Experts consulted


Brands considered


Brands selected


Our team spent more than 350 hours writing and updating this article once new information was available. All these products have been chosen among more than 15 brands, and we have selected them because we believe they are the best option for you. To do that, we have also followed these rules: 

  • We contrast all the info with different dental specialists.
  • We have tried all the products before writing the review. 
  • We have read all the verified customers reviews online.
  • We talked to both dentists and orthodontists about the brands and treatments offered.

After in-depth research comparing many teeth aligners brands available in the US, we have found the ones that (for us) are the best brands that are safe to start treatment with and will help you reach your goal of getting the perfect smile.

Some of the factors we took into account while doing the research were: the quality of the materials, price, convenience, customer service, and experience of the dental team. After that research, we ended up with a list of 6 brands; however, we will continue to work on it to update you with the last news about them. Let’s find out which are those 6 brands:

#1: byte: Quick and easy aligner treatment

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Co-founded by celebrity dentist Dr. Jon Marashi, it may seem the same as other clear aligner brands, but they offer some differences that make it worth it. They offer a different methodology for determining your treatment, an accelerated teeth alignment system, and a lifetime guarantee for your aligners. We may also highlight its excellent customer experience, making this company one of the best companies you can find.



#2: NewSmile: the Best brand based on the price-quality ratio

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NewSmile is a new teeth aligners brand that ships both Canada and the USA. The brand has a similar process to Byte with no appointments, waiting rooms, or dental visits, everything from the comfort of your home at the best price. And when we say the best price, we mean it because all the treatment offered by NewSmile is only $1495 with a treatment duration of 4 to 6 months and a nighttime option. While there are some customers talking positively about the brand, there are still some negative reviews about the experience provided.



#3: 2Usmiles: Best customer experience

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2Usmiles is a brand-new aligners company that provides an affordable, quick and effective alignment treatment. Based in the US, they offer patented aligners that help you achieve your dream smile in only 4 months. Their bundle kit includes all you’ll need for your alignment treatment, with some freebies like a whitening kit and a free set of retainers. But, the best of this new brand is its price, as the entire treatment is only $1495. As it is a new brand, there are not many customer reviews online, but they are all great! Highlighting the convenience of the treatment and the great customer service provided by the brand.



#4: Aligner Co: Most affordable brand

alignerco clear aligners

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We’ve just tried Aligner Co, the newcomer brand from New York, and we can tell that it can be considered one of the best teeth alignment brands. This clear aligners company offers a complete straightening plan for only $1145 (EVERYTHING included). Sounds interesting? Well, it’s not the only advantage of choosing the brand. Aligner Co also provides FDA-approved aligners (according to them ‘the clearest aligners of the market’) in a very straightforward way with an excellent customer experience and no need to visit any dentist or orthodontist. You only have to see the great reviews they have!



#5: SmileDirectClub: Most convenient brand

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SmileDirectClub ranks as one of the best clear aligners brands, primarily because of their continued success with teeth straightening aligners and customer service initiatives. They not only offer an at-home impression kit for you to send back but also have opened up and continue to open new Smile Direct Club offices labeled as SmileShops across the country. These are offices where you can receive a 3D image of your smile rather than wait to receive an impression kit in the mail. The company is based in Nashville, TN, and has been in business since 2014. Their customer service is responsive and focused on the customer. SmileDirectClub tries to resolve any issues that the customer has.



#6: SnapCorrect™: Clearest aligners of the market


(or $80.84/month)


SnapCorrect™ offers aligners that actually include a much clearer appearance than many other brands, which is why they get the #6 spot on this list. However, customer reviews are somewhere in the middle. Regardless, their website states that they offer a full refund on impression kits if you are not approved as a candidate. In addition, the company guarantees results.



#7: Candid: Best dental team care

Right now, Candid doesn’t have any coupon or discount available.


Candid is a company based in New York that really cares about your smile and the quality of the treatment. In order to do that, their professional orthodontists must meet specific criteria. They must be licensed orthodontists with 20 years of experience and two years of teeth-moving, postdoctoral training. Aside from that, their rankings for quality, price, and customer service are high across the board (Google, Product Hunt, Facebook, and more.) They always strive to make having the best invisible braces at home an easy and headache-free process. So far, that seems to be working out for them.



Which Clear Aligner Option is Best for You?

Before choosing the brand, the best thing you could do is compare not only the price of the companies listed above but other factors as treatment type, what orthodontic issues they can treat or if they accept insurance. To make the comparison easier for you, we have listed below all those details:

Company Price (Complete) Price of Impression Kit Duration Type of Orthodontic Treatment Insurance Guarantee Rating
byte $1999 All-Day Treatment & $2399 At-Night Treatment $95 3 months Mild-to-moderate cases of crowding and spacing, and some bite issues. Yes. Lifetime guarantee. ★★★★★
NewSmile $1495 $49 4-6 months Mild and moderate cases of crowding and spacing. Yes. No. ★★★★
2Usmiles $1495 $9.95 4-9 months Mild and moderate cases of crowding and spacing. Yes. Yes. ★★★★
Aligner Co $1145 $39.99 6-10 months Mild and moderate cases of crowding and spacing. Yes. No. ★★★★
Smile Direct Club $1950 $59 6-18 months Mild-to-moderate cases of crowding and spacing, and some bite issues. Yes. 30-days after completing the treatment. ★★★★
SnapCorrect $1749 $49 3-18 months Mild-to-moderate cases of crowding and spacing, and some bite issues. Yes. No. ★★★
Candid $2400 $95 5-18 months Mild-to-moderate cases of crowding and spacing, and some bite issues. Yes. 30-days after completing the treatment. ★★★

What to Consider Before Purchasing Teeth Aligners?

Clear aligners are an excellent alternative for many people who want to achieve their ideal smile, but you should pause and consider a few things before jumping into the process.

First, you should be evaluated by an orthodontic professional to determine the severity of your case. Although our list has the best aligners for teeth, not all cases are the same, as more complex issues should probably avoid remotely-monitored clear aligners and go with a different option instead.

What Factors Should be Considered Before Purchasing Teeth Aligners

Another point to consider before starting your treatment is whether or not you would be comfortable taking impressions of your own teeth at home since this is something that many of these companies do require for their treatment.

Finally, price is something you should think about before making a final decision about whether or not you would like to purchase invisible aligners. Each company has its own perks and differing price points, and familiarizing yourself with this information can help you select the best option for yourself.

In-Office Aligners vs. At-Home Aligners

There are several types of teeth aligners available, but not all of them are considered the best clear aligners. One of the significant differences is whether the treatment occurs in-office or remotely at home. Below are some key points to consider for each of these options.



Are clear aligners right for you?

Of course, they are. Clear aligners are a great alternative to traditional braces if you suffer from a minor misalignment issue, they are affordable, convenient, and very comfortable as they are removable and don’t involve any food or drinks restrictions. The only thing you should care about is finding the best brand for you.


Most frequent questions and answers

Knowing where to buy teeth aligners online is the first step in your journey to smiles. You can use our website to find companies that offer clear aligners direct to your home, such as SmileDirectClub, Candid Co., SnapCorrect™, and Smilelove as listed above.

You have to order an impression kit from an at home teeth aligner provider like the ones listed above. The impression is then sent back to the company and reviewed by a dental professional to determine if you qualify for clear aligners.

At-home teeth-straightening treatments entail using a set of invisible aligners that you’ll have to change every couple of weeks. Every time you’ll change those aligners, the trays will have slight differences; those differences in the form will make your teeth move to the “right” position by applying pressure to your teeth.

The dentist or orthodontist will create your treatment by organizing these set of aligners, how many days you have to wear them, etcetera.

A clear aligner cost depends on different factors like the brand you choose, the complexity of your treatment, etcetera. However, on average, you can expect to pay between $1800-$4000.

Yes, they are! Most of the teeth alignment brands offers monthly payment plans, but also accepts orthodontic insurance and payment via HSA and FSA cards.

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  1. Marguerite

    Is byteme a good product

  2. Smile Aligner

    Dear The Teeth Blog Team,

    You are doing a really nice job by educating people about the teeth aligners. Keep it up.

  3. Tara

    This is a fantastic website. Can you please clarify this statement:

    a company’s higher financial cost could compensate for lower prices. On the other hand, lower financing costs may catch you missing something, such as very high costs on the products offered

  4. JP

    I’ve been told I’m not a candidate for invisalign. (I assume because they can’t guarantee the results?) Would any of these companies take a chance on me if I’m just seeking some improvement and would waive their responsibility? Thanks.

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi JP!

      Most of the times these companies deny you as a candidate because your case beyond the range of the mild to moderate malocclusions. But you can try to pass the ‘candidate’ tests of these companies (are free), each works in a different way and if you’re not a candidate they’ll tell you the reason.

  5. Cynthia

    My issue is on the one side of my upper teeth, middle area, needs to come out towards my cheek more. Is this something that could be fixed?
    Thanks for this article

    1. Maile petit

      Same here !

      1. The Teeth Blog Team

        Hi Maile and Cynthia!

        You should contact you orthodontist to know better if it’s something that can be fixed with these type of treatments. Also, teeth aligners companies can tell you, when you take the impressions or go to take the 3-D scan (for FREE) they will recommend you the best way to fix it.


  6. Alvie Waters

    No one mentions the pain. To move your teeth in 3-18 months must cause considerable and constant pain. Is this correct?

  7. Danny


    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi Danny!

      Each company has a different process of evaluation for their treatments, so although Invisalign gives you that info, probably the other companies will ask you to take 3D impressions or a consultation.

  8. Nikki

    This article is great and I found at the right time as I am starting to research the online aligners. Question – do you know if they can help with reshaping the bite? My dentist told me that my upper bite needs to be pulled out (It is a tighter U and I guess needs to widen a bit). They also want to charge me $6800 which is way out of my budget. Trying to figure out if online companies like Byte can help with that along with straightening teeth.

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi Nikki!

      Thank you for your words! To answer your question, these teeth aligners can’t reshape the bite, so you’ll need another type of treatment. These aligners only fix minor dental problems, so we recommend you to stick with your dentist treatment.

  9. Meghan

    Hi Does Aligner Co come with a lifetime guarantee?

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      No. But if you aren’t happy with the results, you can contact the brand to have a re-evaluation of your results and get additional aligners.

  10. Anirudh Singh

    In the longer run for kids, which is preferable invisible aligners or metal braces?Any cons in specific?

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Both are suitable treatments for kids, but if you choose invisible aligners, the treatment must be specific for them, as the one offered by Invisalign (you can check here more info about it: https://theteethblog.com/invisalign-teen/).

      Regarding the cons, on one hand, braces are visible and more difficult to clean, especially for teenagers, while invisible aligners are transparent and removable. On the other hand, invisible aligners only work with mild to moderate cases.

  11. Maria

    Thank you for this informative blog. I need a front tooth extract procedure and bone grafting treatment for 4 months before having the implant done. Do these aligners options incorporate front fake tooth like Invisalign does during these 4 months?

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi, Maria!

      Most of these brands accept treatments with fake teeth, but you need to make the impression or 3D scan first, so the dental team can tell you if you are a candidate.

      Hope we have answered your question.


  12. Ann M

    Is Invisalign better because you are monitored by a dentist? Is it ok not to be monitored by a dentist/orthodontist throughout this process?

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi, Ann!
      All the aligners brands in this list are monitored by orthodontists because it is necessary as an alignment treatment must be monitored by a dental professional. Invisalign is one of the best brands because they offer a great alignment method and it’s suitable for many people as it has different types of treatments.

      Hope our answer was helpful.

  13. Maria Yazji

    Good Post

  14. Sabrina

    Can you use aligners if you have a permanent bridge on the back molars?

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi, Sabrina!

      Normally, yes, you can use aligners even though you have a permanent bridge. However, you must ask the company because it will depend on your case, that’s why you have to ask the company in which you’ll get the aligners first.

      Hope this helps!

  15. Mandy

    Are the aligners painful to wear?

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi, Mandy!

      They can cause discomfort the first days after changing the trays.

      Hope you find this helpful!

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