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How to Pick the Best Mouthwash?

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Mouthwash is more than just a quick way to freshen breath. Rinses also contain active ingredients that keep your mouth healthy. But with so many different kinds of mouthwash out there to choose from, what is the best mouthwash? Or rather, how do you pick the right one?

In this guide, we’ll review seven of the best mouthwash products on the market. This will help you to make an informed purchase.

The Best Whitening Mouthwash

Best Whitening Mouthwash




One 16-ounce bottle of Supersmile’s Extra Whitening Pre-Rinse costs $24.00.


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Ready to swish-and-spit your way to a whiter smile? Supersmile, the pioneer in teeth whitening science, has just the mouthwash you need.

The Supersmile system includes an impressive line of whitening toothpastes, accelerators, gum, and more. Among these is the potent Extra Whitening Pre-Rinse. This teeth-bleaching mouthwash is designed to enhance the whitening effect of other Supersmile products, but it will still get you a glowing smile when used on its own.

The Best Mouthwash for Gingivitis


dr. brite


One 8-ounce bottle of this berry-licious rinse costs $7.99.


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This splash of juicy-sweet wildberry goodness will get you excited about taking care of your gums!

Dr. Brite’s Healthy Gums Mouthwash comes in a refreshing strawberry-raspberry flavor and it’s formulated specifically for boosting gum health. Coconut oil, aloe, and vitamin C in this antigingivitis mouthwash deliver essential nutrients straight to your gums.


One pack of 14 oil pulling sachets costs $38.95 AUD.


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You’ve heard about the benefits of oil pulling, but Keeko takes things to the next level with their specially-formulated coconut oil sachets. These convenient single-use sachets contain more than just traditional coconut oil; they also have mint oils, lemon peel oil, myrrh oil, and chamomile oil. Swishing with this therapeutic combination of gum-soothing oils will detox your gums of harmful bacteria.

The Best Fluoride Mouthwash




One 16-ounce bottle costs $11.95.


You can get a 10% discount at checkout when you subscribe to Oxyfresh’s supply service.

Science has proven that fluoride is the most effective cavity-preventing ingredient and Oxyfresh’s Cavity Fighting Mouthwash delivers plenty of it!

This rinse pairs 0.05% sodium fluoride with the power of essential oils, xylitol, and Oxygene’s special ingredient, Oxygene® (a stabilized chlorine dioxide). This combination results in a mouthwash that kills off cavity-causing germs and strengthens tooth enamel against the effects of decay. Oxyfresh Cavity Fighting Mouthwash is alcohol-free so there’s no burning sensation.

The Best Natural Mouthwash


Nico's Organics


One bottle of Nico’s Organic Mouthwash costs $23.


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If you enjoy oral care products that are pure and clean and simple and natural, then Nico’s Organic Mouthwash is the right rinse for you.

What’s inside? Exactly six organic ingredients: clove oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, myrrh oil, peppermint oil, and thyme oil. That’s it.

Nico’s Organic Mouthwash is a pure concentration of essential oils that freshen breath and fight harmful bacteria. Simply dilute a couple drops of the oils in 4 ounces of water, swish, and spit. There’s not a single artificial ingredient to worry about.

The Best Mouthwash for Dry Mouth


Spa Dental


A 20-ounce bottle of this refreshing total care mouthwash is only $11.99.


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Finally—a mouthwash that fights decay and gum disease while soothing and rehydrating your mouth. That’s exactly what Spa Dental Naturals offers with their Advanced Total Care Mouthwash. This formula is gentle and in just one use brings relief to dry mouth sufferers.

Fruit enzymes, xylitol, and aloe make this mouthwash perfect for people struggling with xerostomia. Plus, it’s free of irritating alcohol and chemicals.

How to Use Mouthwash

Each mouthwash formula is unique, so you should use it according to the manufacturer’s directions. Read those labels carefully!

For example, some kinds like Nico’s Organic Mouthwash need to be diluted for safe and effective use. But others shouldn’t be diluted at all in order to get maximum benefit.

When Should You Use Your Mouthwash?

You can typically use any mouthwash twice When Should You Use Your Mouthwashin one day, once in the morning and once in the evening. But when it comes to frequency of use, this too depends on the type of mouthwash you have and what your oral hygiene goals are.

If you use mouthwash for therapeutic purposes to prevent decay or to treat gingivitis, then you should use it every day. If you just want to give your breath a fresh boost, then you only need to rinse on an as-needed basis.

You should swish with a pre-whitening rinse before brushing if you’re rinsing as part of a teeth bleaching system. Other rinses can and usually should be used after brushing your teeth so that the active ingredients stay in your mouth for several hours.

Does Mouthwash Even Work?

Yes! As discussed above, mouthwash comes in a vast variety of formulas designed to address specific issues.

There are some kinds of commercially-produced mouthwash that are ineffective, however. These ones usually don’t contain anything more than alcohol and water. Alcohol is a key ingredient in mouthwash since it does kill some germs, but it’s responsible for making mouthwash burn your mouth and dry it out.

how to use mouthwash

When choosing the best mouthwash for you and your family, check the ingredients list carefully to make sure it doesn’t have any ingredients you don’t want such as alcohol.

Mouthwash is perfectly safe to use as long as you don’t swallow too much of it. That’s why you should always supervise your kids when they use mouthwash and not give any to young children if the manufacturer hasn’t approved the product for child use. Follow the directions for using your rinse safely and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Rinsing your mouth isn’t a substitute for brushing and flossing, but the right mouthwash will round out and complement your oral hygiene routine. Mouthwash is the perfect way to deliver the nutrients your smile needs to shine!

Whether you need:

There’s a mouthwash out there that’s right for you. Ask your dentist for customized mouthwash recommendations, if needed.

Once you’ve finally found the best mouthwash, there’s no going back; you’ll be addicted to your rinse for life!

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