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Best Invisible Aligners in the UK: Brands, Cost, and All You Need to Know

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There are many benefits to choosing invisible aligners over traditional orthodontic braces, or metal braces. Clear, plastic aligner trays are custom-fitted to your mouth for comfort and they can correct misalignment in as little as 12 weeks, depending on the brand and your particular case. They’re removable, so you can take them out to eat, drink, brush, and floss. Plus, they’re clear, which makes them practically invisible so you don’t have to feel embarrassed to wear them.

There are several different brands of invisible aligners available to UK residents, with a wide range of features and costs to consider. How can you choose the best invisible aligners in the UK? Here are a few things to consider.

How do Invisible Aligners Work?

Just like metal braces, invisible aligners correct misalignment and malocclusion by applying gradual pressure to teeth. The use of invisible aligners is overseen by dental and/or orthodontic professionals (depending on the brand) that create a personalized plan for swapping out aligner trays to continue shifting teeth until you enjoy perfect alignment.

Patients will receive several sets of custom-fitted aligner trays made from molded plastic, and with check-ins and supervision, they’ll progress through each set of trays until the process is complete and desired outcomes are achieved.

Top 6 Invisible Aligners in the UK

Choosing the best clear aligners for your needs can be difficult with so many brands to choose from. Here are several options to consider and what sets them apart.

#1: Caspersmile
#1: Caspersmile

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Price: Starting at £599
Duration: 3-5 months

Caspersmile is a direct-to-consumer oral care brand that offers affordable teeth straightening solutions. Their mission is to make orthodontic treatment accessible and convenient for everyone, regardless of their location or financial situation. Caspersmile’s clear aligners are custom-made based on a patient’s impressions and treatment plan, and are shipped directly to their door, eliminating the need for in-person appointments. The aligners are made of BPA-free plastic and are designed to gradually shift teeth into the desired position and there are various treatment plans available: daytime or nighttime aligners and single or dual arch treatments. Caspersmile also offers financing options to help make treatment more affordable for patients.

#2: Smileie
#2: Smileie

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Price: Starting from £845
Duration: 4-8 months

Smileie is an at-home teeth alignment brand that provides alignment treatments to patients in America and the EU. As Caspersmiles, it sells both daytime and nighttime alignment treatments but also single and dual-arch solutions. It offers the fastest delivery service to have as soon as possible your invisible aligners treatment. They work with licensed dental professionals and their invisible aligners are designed and manufactured at their own lab in UK. Regarding discounts, even though they usually have coupons available, they also offer discounts for NHS workers and students.

#3: NewSmile
#3: NewSmile

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Price: Starting from £1,849
Duration: 4 – 6 months

NewSmile is a Canadian company that also works in the UK. It is an at-home company, so it works similarly to other brands listed here like Smileie or Caspersmiles (you order the impressions kit, take the impressions at home, etcetera). As a 100% at-home treatment, the brand only treats mild to moderate cases of misalignment. They claim that their average treatment time is 5 months, but it can take between 4 and 6 months; besides they offer a nighttime option that usually has a longer treatment time but it can be convenient for a lot of patients. The overall price of the treatment is affordable as it only costs £1,849, but they often have coupons codes available and they offer different payment plans and accept insurances that can make the treatment more affordable.

#4: Dr. Smile
#4: Dr. Smile

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Price: Starting at £1,390
Duration: 6 – 12 months

Dr. Smile, a leading German dentistry brand, brings cutting-edge orthodontic solutions to individuals across Europe. With availability in countries like England, Spain, and Poland, Dr. Smile offers a unique semi-at-home approach to dental care. Patients begin their journey with a personalized 3D scan, ensuring precision and effectiveness in their treatment plan. What sets Dr. Smile apart is its convenient delivery model: after the initial visit, patients receive a comprehensive Dr. Smile box containing all necessary aligners. This innovative approach minimizes the need for frequent clinic visits, offering flexibility without compromising on quality. Whether you’re in London, Madrid, or Warsaw, Dr. Smile makes advanced dental care accessible to everyone, revolutionizing smiles across the continent. Experience the future of orthodontics with Dr. Smile.

#5: Invisalign
#5: Invisalign

There are no coupons available as Invisalign is an in-office alignment plan.

Price: £1900 – £4650 (on average)
Duration: 12 – 18 months

Invisalign is probably the most well-known alignment brand worldwide. They provide the best in-office alignment treatment with state-of-the-art technology and personalized care. Their clear aligners offer a discreet way to straighten teeth without the hassle of traditional braces. In addition to their effectiveness, Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear and can be easily removed for eating and cleaning. With a global network of trained orthodontists, Invisalign ensures consistent and reliable results for patients of all ages. Beyond just straightening teeth, Invisalign also focuses on improving overall oral health and confidence. Patients appreciate the convenience and aesthetics of Invisalign, making it a popular choice for achieving a beautiful smile.

#6: SmileWhite
#6: SmileWhite

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Price: Starting from £1,695
Duration: 2 to 9 months

SmileWhite is a British teeth alignment brand that also sells other treatments like whitening kits and oral care products. It is a semi-at-home company as it works similarly to Invisalign: dental visits are required but the treatment is much more affordable. The consultation and plan preview is free and the treatment includes a lot of benefits like: free adjustments, medical-grade Zendura FLX aligners, free whitening kit and retainers worth £790 and all dental appointments are included. You can choose among 3 treatment plans from £1,695: mild, moderate and complex. As dental visits are required, SmileWhite can treat severe and complex cases of misalignment; besided, they can offer single-arch treatments too.

How Much do Invisible Braces Cost in the UK?

When seeking the best invisible aligners in the UK, pricing is sure to be a major factor in your overall decision. The first thing you need to know is whether braces are covered by insurance. The National Health System (NHS) only covers metal braces, and will pay 100% for patients under the age of 18. Coverage isn’t typically available for adults, unless braces are needed for health reasons, and then coverage must be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Invisible aligners are not covered by NHS, and they may or may not be covered by private insurance (you’ll have to check with your provider). This means that most people will have to pay out-of-pocket for invisible aligners, which makes pricing an important factor. Here’s a quick comparative breakdown of costs:

Which Clear Aligner Brand in UK is Best For You?

Choosing the best clear aligner brand based on your situation can end up being a difficult task, but we are here to help you.

The first thing you should do is assess your case and define your personal preferences when it comes to the treatment plan and costs. Some questions you should ask yourself are: Do you have a minor or severe case of misalignment? Do you prefer in-office or at-home treatment? After collecting all that information, your decision will be easier to make.

Nonetheless, we are going to recommend the best aligner brand for each case:

  • Best brand for severe cases of misalignment: Invisalign
  • Best brand for those looking for a budget-friendly treatment: Caspersmile
  • Best 100% at-home treatment: Dr. Smile
  • Best brand for mild to moderate cases of misaligned: NewSmile
  • Fastest treatment time: Smileie
  • The best aligners' quality: Smile White

How We Selected the Best Invisible Aligners in the UK

We acknowledge the importance of selecting the right teeth aligners to achieve a confident smile and maintain optimal oral health, especially in the context of the UK. To ensure the reliability and accuracy of our recommendations, we conducted thorough research and evaluated various factors to identify the top brands in the field of teeth aligners specifically tailored for the UK market.

Our Methodology

To ensure a comprehensive and dependable selection process for the best teeth aligners in the UK, we considered a range of factors including effectiveness, customer reviews specific to the UK market, expert opinions relevant to UK dental practices, safety and regulatory compliance within the UK, and affordability relative to the UK healthcare landscape.

The key criteria is the following:

    • Effectiveness in addressing common alignment issues
    • Customer Reviews specific to the UK market
    • Expert Opinions from UK-based dental professionals
    • Compliance with UK safety and health regulations
    • Affordability and accessibility within the UK healthcare system

By synthesizing these factors and conducting rigorous research tailored to the UK context, we identified the top teeth aligners that uphold high standards of effectiveness, user satisfaction, safety, and accessibility within the UK.

Invisible Teeth Aligners vs. Braces

Invisible aligners are generally considered to be superior to metal braces. They work to correct misalignment and malocclusion faster than braces, they entail less pain and embarrassment, and in many cases, even the best invisible aligners in the UK are less expensive for adult patients.

Invisible Aligners vs. Braces: Which is Faster?

Invisible aligners are nearly always faster than metal braces. Whereas metal braces are typically worn for up to two years, invisible aligners could complete your transformation in as little as about 12 weeks, and often in under a year.

How Much do Regular Braces Cost vs. Invisible Teeth Aligners?

Children under the age of 18 can receive total coverage for the cost of metal braces through NHS, but adults can expect to spend £2,000-2,500/2,279-2,849€. If adult braces are deemed necessary for health reasons, NHS may cover some costs, leaving the patient with an out-of-pocket expense around £219/250€. In many cases, invisible aligners are more affordable than metal braces.


How are invisible aligners made?

After physical impressions or 3D scans of your mouth are taken, invisible aligners are custom made for you from molded plastics. Process and materials differ by brand.


Where can I buy invisible aligners?

If you want custom invisible aligners, your best option is to visit brand websites to learn about the customization and purchasing process. Whether you visit a local clinic for a 3D scan of your mouth or you take impressions with an at-home kit, your invisible aligners will be delivered to your home.

Are invisible aligners painful?

Some discomfort is to be expected when you moving teeth, but it is often well-managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Can invisible aligners fix an overbite?

Invisible aligners are designed to correct several forms of misalignment and malocclusion, including overbite.

Can invisible aligners fix a snaggle tooth?

Invisible aligners are designed to correct several forms of misalignment and malocclusion, including snaggle tooth.

Can invisible aligners fix an underbite?

Invisible aligners are designed to correct several forms of misalignment and malocclusion, including underbite.

How should invisible aligners fit?

Invisible aligner products are custom designed for your mouth, and they should fit snugly over teeth.


How do I clean invisible aligners?

There are several products like Retainer Brite that you can use to soak your invisible aligners for daily cleaning. Learn more about best practices for cleaning your aligner trays here.

Are invisible aligners noticeable?

As the name implies, clear aligner trays are practically invisible during wear.

Can you use invisible aligners with crowns?

Unlike traditional orthodontic braces, invisible aligners aren’t attached to teeth. This means they fit over existing crowns.

Can you eat with invisible aligners?

It is recommended that you remove invisible aligners while eating and drinking to avoid damage and prevent particles from becoming trapped between teeth and aligners.

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