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Invisalign Alternatives: What are The Cheapest Alternatives to Invisalign?

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If you considered starting an Invisalign treatment, but the final full cost was too expensive, you are in the right place. There are Invisalign alternatives that offer similar benefits and results and cost a lot less than Invisalign. Do you want to learn more about it? Keep reading. 

What is Invisalign?

If we compare Invisalign vs braces, Invisalign is a high-quality alternative to the traditional treatment that delivers similar results without any visible metal or wires. Instead, you get super-clear, molded aligners that gradually adjust the position of your teeth and they get replaced every couple of weeks. Braces are permanent until removed, and they need to be cleaned and adjusted by your dental professional on a scheduled basis.

Invisalign aligners don’t need any adjustment during the treatment, you only will change the trays every couple of weeks, after you have your dental consultation with an Invisalign doctor.

But, do they treat all malocclusion issues like braces do? Not really. Invisalign is designed to handle moderate to slightly severe crowding, gapping, and crookedness, as well as overbites and underbites, but they won’t treat very complex cases.

For severe cases, braces may be the only solution. Therefore, Invisalign aligners are a good solution to teeth alignment problems and they are barely visible. For more information, see our Invisalign reviews article.

Is There A Cheaper Alternative to Invisalign?

There are several alternatives to Invisalign clear aligners to choose from. Brands like SmileLove, CandidCo, and SmileDirect or Byte aligners are just a few. Although Invisalign is the best solution if you can afford it, the Invisalign alternatives can work very well. They eliminate the need for a local dentist and cut the costs significantly. Professional dentists are used by the company to handle your alignment case on a remote basis. They review your 3D scans or impressions, design an interactive, visual treatment plan for you to review, and create your teeth aligners.

Best Invisalign Alternatives 2022

When it comes to Invisalign alternatives, your savings can vary based on your particular alignment situation. Invisalign costs are established based on need whereas the alternatives are based on a flat price unless you need further treatment afterward. Invisalign cost varies anywhere from *$3,000 to *$8,000 depending on your alignment needs while online aligners cost *$1500-*$2500 depending on current pricing and promotions.

Dental insurance may cover some or all of your Invisalign costs, but it generally just covers a portion of it. Some of the best dental discount plans are also available that can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for Invisalign as well.

invisalign alternatives insurance

Invisalign alternatives also accept dental insurance, but many insurance providers do not offer coverage for online aligner treatments. Most online clear aligner providers do not accept discount plans with cards since the cards are mainly designed to work with dental providers. However, online aligner companies offer payment plans and even offer cheaper costs for upfront payments. They may also offer promotional pricing from time to time, so you can get cheap clear aligners of the best brands.

Almost all online aligner companies also accept Health Savings Account (HSA) payments and Flexible Savings Account (FSA) payments. Here are three of the best Invisalign alternatives.

byte is the fastest Invisalign alternative if you are looking for an alignment company that provides a shorter treatment time. However, comparing Invisalign vs byte, we noted some other differences besides the treatment time. For example, their modus operandi it’s not similar to Invisalign as it has no dental clinics, so all the alignment treatment is 100% remote. Besides, they have a nighttime option treatment, and the price of all the alignments is more affordable.

Their treatment ranges from *1895, and it includes the impressions kit, the aligners (with an aligner case), a whitening foam, and the HyperByte Vibration Tool, which is responsible for cutting your alignment treatment time in half only by using it for 10 minutes a day. They offer payment plans, accept HSA and FSA cards and also have a lifetime warranty.

As with every alignment treatment, you have to wear the aligners for 22 hours. However, as we have mentioned before, they also offer a nighttime treatment that will last longer. Still, you only have to wear the aligners for 10 hours (at least).



candid invisalign alternatives

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Candid™ (Candid Care Co.) is the best brand based on the quality-price ratio as it’s the more expensive brand on our list. Still, it offers a great remote monitoring system through all the process. It works similar to byte, but it has what they call Candid Studios, where you can take a free 3D scan of your teeth instead of having to get impressions by yourself.

It’s more expensive than byte as it costs *$1895. The starter kit (a.k.a. impression kit) is *$95, but, as we said, you can get a FREE 3D scan instead. Upfront payments are accepted, as well as monthly payments through Affirm® that will include interest and possible down payment.

During the treatment, the dental team will monitor you thanks to their remote monitoring system, which allows you to have virtual check-ins by using your phone and the scan box, a tool to help you get proper images of your teeth. As with every alignment treatment, you will have to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours; however, Candid doesn’t offer a nighttime treatment as other Invisalign competitors do.



SmileDirectClub™ is the most convenient brand as it offers different types of treatment, accessories, payment plans… It can be customized to suit your necessities and availability. The brand is very similar to Candid in how they work and what they offer, but without their monitorization system patented by CandidCo.

All of their treatments cost the same *$1950 (nighttime or daytime), and they offer SDC Teens, a treatment plan specifically designed for teens. The impression kit is just *$45, but you can also get a 3D scan for FREE at a SmileShop™, and you can choose between the upfront payment option or an in-house financing option.



Aligner Co. is the most affordable alternative listed here and also the newest brand; that’s why you may not find as much information compared to the other Invisalign competitor, but they offer a similar alignment treatment. Like byte, they don’t have studios or clinics where you can take a 3D scan as all the process is entirely remote. That’s why they offer the most affordable alternative, as they can cut the price by doing all the processes remotely.

Like byte and SmileDirectClub, AlignerCo offers night and day treatments, costing only *$1145 for the daytime treatment and *$1345 for the nighttime treatment; however, you can get those treatments even cheaper, as they often have great promotions. Besides, and similarly to other brands, they offer different payment methods if you can’t pay up-front.

Like the other Invisalign competitors, this brand doesn’t treat complex cases. The aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours a day for the daytime treatment and 10 for the nighttime plan.



Invisalign Alternative UK

If you live in the UK and are surprised after finding out how much does Invisalign cost in the UK, don’t worry, there are also alternatives for you. The best ones for us are these two:

Straight My Teeth consists of dentists, dental technicians, and orthodontists that oversee every aspect of treatment, including creating the treatment plan and delivering customized aligners. The aligners are made from transparent and medically approved Raintree Essex Plastic. They work similarly to every at-home teeth aligners company listed here; however, you have to get an in-person consultation before starting your treatment, and the impressions will be taken by a dental professional as they don’t offer an impression kit. From then, the rest of the treatment will be monitored from the comfort of your home.

The cost of the treatment is low-priced (one of the main reasons they are one of the most popular brands in the UK) as you can get all the day treatment for only £699 and the nighttime treatment for £749, both with free teeth whitening kit included in the price. In case you can’t pay all the price up-front, they also offer an installment plan of £67.00/mo for 12 months with a £295 down payment for the daytime treatment and an installment plan of £75.00/mo for 12 months with £349 down payment for the nighttime treatment.



Compared to Straight My Teeth, Straight Teeth Direct is more convenient as they work similarly to SmileDirectClub: you can choose between taking a 3D scan or get an impression kit, and it can be 100% remote. However, this brand works with a great team of dental specialists two.

The price is higher than Straight My Teeth as the entire treatment cost is £1350. However, it is still cheaper than Invisalign, and the brand also offers payment options to make the payment more suitable: in 3 installments, a monthly payment plan, or finance from an external credit provider.

They also have a great warranty that covers you if you lost or break your aligners and a results agreement guarantee. As for extras, you can also get an extended warranty after finishing your treatment or get one of their “Smile Upgrades”: their whitening plan (for £269) that consist of receiving high-quality whitening kits during your alignment process or their maintainer plan (for £139/year) that consists on receiving new retainers every six months and extending your warranty against broken or lost retainers and tooth movement.



How to make Invisalign cheaper?

The total cost associated with Invisalign clear aligners is dependent upon your needs, as well as your doctor’s charges. Your local dental professional decides how much the aligners cost for their patients and then the rest of the pricing is based on quantity needed plus the dental office visits and services rendered. Therefore, it is best to shop around for Invisalign pricing in your surrounding area. Every doctor is different when it comes to costs, although you may find that most dentists have similar pricing in your region.

how to make Invisalign cheaper

Overall, you will find cheaper Invisalign treatments by doing your research and shopping around. There is no specific way to find the cheapest Invisalign treatments or services. However, you have other options to assist with your out-of-pocket costs.

The first question that may come to your mind is: does insurance cover Invisalign? Well, dental insurance may cover all or a portion of the aligners, it will depend on the insurance you have and if it has orthodontic benefits. On the other hand, dental discount plans with cards may also drop your costs and some clinics offer an Invisalign discount from time to time (for example, for a short period of time $100 OFF or a more convenient payment plan). Besides, some dentists accept both options for the same services, but most do not honor both at the same time. Aside from that, HSA and FSA accounts are accepted to help reduce your total costs.

There is one last option that doesn’t actually save you money in the end, but it helps you manage your budget with lower monthly payments. Check each dental office for options on payment plans. All suggestions discussed here can really drop your total costs down significantly!

However, if any of these tips can help you drop down your Invisalign treatment price, check one of the Invisalign competitors we have talked about.

top invisalign alternative


Most frequent questions and answers

Are these Invisalign competitors as good as Invisalign?

Yes, they are as good as Invisalign, the only things you have to take into consideration is that these Invisalign alternatives don’t treat complex cases and don’t have in-person visits, then, if your case is a complex issue, it’d be better to see first an orthodontist or dentist.

What advantages have Invisalign alternatives when compared to that brand?

The main advantages to choose Invisalign competitors instead of that brand are that these alternatives are cheaper, that they are more convenient as they are telehealth companies, they have a shorter treatment time, and they provide some freebies as whitening kits, retainer cleaners and replacement retainers.

Have Invisalign alternatives shorter treatment time?

Yes, they offer shorter treatment times as they don’t accept complex cases. 

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