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Invisalign Alternatives: What are The Cheapest Alternatives to Invisalign?

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Invisalign alternatives exist and can help you straighten your teeth at a more affordable price with the same effectiveness as the well-known brand.

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • The best ways to get Invisalign at an affordable price;
  • The best alternatives to Invisalign you can find in the US and the UK

Keep reading to find which option is the best one for you.

Best Invisalign Alternatives in 2024

When it comes to Invisalign alternatives, your savings can vary based on your particular alignment situation. Invisalign cost varies anywhere from *$3,000 to *$8,000 depending on your alignment needs while online aligners cost *$1500-*$2500 depending on current pricing and promotions.

However, you can reduce the price even more by taking out insurance or choosing any of the best dental discount plans available.

In this section, we have listed the best alternatives to Invisalign with the key information so you can make a wise decision for your smile.

BrandWhy is it a good alternative?
ByteFastest teeth alignment brand
CandidBest brand based on the quality-price ratio
Motto AlignersSuitable for a wider scope of dental issues
AlignerCo.The most affordable brand
CaspersmileWidest variety of treatment plans (day or night and top or bottom only)
Straight My TeethThe most affordable brand in the UK
Straight Teeth DirectThe most convenient alternative to Invisalign in the UK

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Price: Modeling Kit: $95 (FREE Shipping) | Invisible Aligners: $1999 | Retainers: FREE

Payment plan: Starting at $70/mo. for 36 months with a $249 down payment.

Treatment time: 4 to 6 months.

byte is the fastest Invisalign alternative for shorter treatment time. However, when comparing Invisalign vs byte, there are notable differences. byte operates remotely without dental clinics, and they offer a nighttime treatment option. Their prices are more affordable, starting from $1999, which includes the teeth aligners, impressions kit, aligner case, whitening foam, and the HyperByte Vibration Tool. They provide payment plans, accept HSA and FSA cards, and offer a lifetime warranty.

  • More affordable than Invisalign
  • Convenient as you don't have dental visits
  • Shorter treatment time thanks to HyperByte
  • Guaranteed results for life
  • Payment plans available
  • Only works for minor orthodontic cases

Byte vs. Invisalign Key Features:

  • Byte is cheaper than Invisalign: Byte offers a budget-friendly choice with their aligners priced between $1,999 and $2,399 while Invisalign costs, on average, around $5,000.
  • Byte is one of the quickest alignment brands in the market: Thanks to the HyperByte device, you can achieve the perfect smile with Byte in less than 6 months.
  • Invisalign doesn’t offer a nighttime option: Byte offers both daytime and nighttime options allowing patients to choose the most convenient treatment based on their needs.
    Byte offers more payment options than Invisalign: Invisalign payment options depend on the provider you choose while Byte offers various payment options, and accepts HSA/FSA cards and also insurance.
#2: Candid
#2: Candid

Right now, Candid doesn't have any coupon or discount available.

Price: Modeling Kit: $95 (reinbursable) | Invisible Aligners: $2400 (on average, depends on the provider) | Retainers: $99 per set.

Payment plan: Varies based on the provider.

Treatment time: About 12 months.

Candid™ (Candid Care Co.) offers a quality-price advantage, and it is the most similar brand to Invisalign as is a 100% in-clinic treatment. It’s more expensive than Byte, averaging $2400, but the final cost depends on factors like location, provider choice, and case severity. They require dental visits and 22-hour aligner wear, but do not offer a nighttime treatment option.

  • Remote treatment
  • Offers 3D scan
  • Free whitening
  • Great monitorization with orthodontists
  • Payment plans available
  • Only accepts minor cases
  • No refunds on teeth aligners

Candid vs. Invisalign Key Features:

  • Candid is slightly cheaper than Invisalign: Candid final cost is more similar to Invisalign compared to other Invisalign competitors listed here, but still costs less than Invisalign as the treatment plans usually sell for $2,400 (on average).
  • Candid doesn’t require as many visits as Invisalign: Even though both brands are in-office treatments, Candid allows users to get online monitoring to cut costs and also make the treatment process more convenient for patients.
  • Candid and Invisalign promise the same treatment times: As they both have a similar treatment process, both brands have on average the same treatment time: 12 months.
#3:Motto Aligners
#3:Motto Aligners

By clicking in the button below, you can get a $150 OFF in your alignment plan for a limited time only!

Price: Modeling Kit or 3D scan FREE | Invisible Aligners: Starting at $1,895 | Retainers: FREE

Payment plan: Starting at $52/mo. for 60 months at 0% interest.

Treatment time: As little as 6 months

Motto Aligners stands out as one of the best Invisalign competitors, offering a variety of treatment plans, monitoring options, and flexible payment plans to suit your needs and schedule. Developed by the renowned dental clinic Aspen Dental, Motto Aligners closely resemble Invisalign in requiring dental visits but offer the added benefit of allowing patients to choose from different monitoring options. With a treatment approach that includes 50% in-office care from Aspen Dental, these aligners can effectively address a wider range of dental issues compared to other brands in the market. Regarding pricing, Motto Aligners are similar to Byte, with treatment plans starting at just $1,895. However, it’s important to note that they do not offer nighttime options.

  • Payment plans available
  • Offers free 3D scans
  • It can treat a wider range of dental issues
  • Great monitoring options
  • Great customer service and satisfaction
  • Semi-remote treatment plan (dental visits are required)
  • Provided only in Aspen Dental locations
  • No nighttime options available

Motto Aligners vs. Invisalign Key Features:

  • Motto Aligners is low-cost compared to Invisalign: Byte offers aligners priced between $1,895 and $2,495 upfront, being thousands of dollars cheaper than Invisalign.
  • It can treat as many cases as Invisalign: As Motto Aligners offer only in-person treatment plans, they are able to treat as many dental issues as Invisalign.
  • Motto Aligners offers at-home monitoring: Despite of Motto Aligners being an in-office brand, they offer at-home monitoring to skip some of the dental visits making the process more comfortable for patients.
#4:Aligner Co.
#4:Aligner Co.

Limited Time Offer: you can get a Free Holiday Gift Pack Worth $145.

Price: Impression Kit & Invisible Aligners for $995

Payment plan: Starting at $69/mo. 0% APR for 12 months.

Treatment time: 4 to 6 months.

Aligner Co. is the newest and most affordable alternative here, offering a similar alignment treatment to other Invisalign competitors. Operating entirely remotely like byte, they don’t have physical studios or clinics. This remote process allows them to provide the most budget-friendly option, with daytime treatment priced at *$995 and nighttime treatment at *$1,195. Additionally, AlignerCo offers flexible payment methods for those unable to pay upfront, similar to other brands.

  • 100% remote treatment
  • Payment plans available
  • Offers nighttime plans
  • Not many references online
  • Only works for minor orthodontic cases
  • No freebies included in the plan

Aligner Co. vs. Invisalign Key Features:

  • AligernCo is a more affordable option than Invisalign: AlignerCo’s aligners are priced affordably, ranging starting at only $995.
  • The treatment time is faster than Invisalign’s: As it only treats minor to moderate misalignment issues it can provide a faster treatment plan than Invisalign which also requires dental visits that due to the hassles of arranging appointments can make the treatment last longer.
  • AlignerCo offers more payment options and nighttime treatment: Invisalign is less customizable regarding payment and treatment plans than AlignerCo as this US-based brand offers 6 payment plan options and a nighttime treatment plan.

How We Chose the Top Invisalign Competitors

At The Teeth Blog, we understand the importance of choosing the best teeth alignment brand to achieve optimal results and ensure customer satisfaction. Our selection process is meticulous and based on several key criteria that prioritize effectiveness, convenience, affordability, and customer experience. That’s why the first thing we did was select the best teeth alignment brands based on those criteria to then shorten that list to the best of the best brands.

The factors taken into account in the process were the following:

  1. Treatment process: we checked meticulously how the brand works and the process they follow to straighten your teeth. This is vital to consider, as following a comprehensive and proven methodology is crucial for achieving optimal results in teeth alignment.

  2. Customer reviews: we compared all the information provided by the brands with verified customer reviews to see if there was any false piece of information. Besides, some patients also upload before and after photos that tell us a lot about the effectiveness of the treatment and what type of cases they treat.
  3. Dental team involved: This is probably one of the most important aspects to check when selecting any dental-related brand. We ensured that the dental team involved possesses the necessary credentials, meeting the standards set forth by regulatory bodies in the United States.
  4. Location: This also gives us a lot of information about the effectiveness and quality of the treatment. We checked that the brands were based in the UK or the US to ensure they followed the regulatory requirements of both brands. It is crucial to verify that all the material used was crafted according to these standards to avoid any side effects and ensure effectiveness.
  5. Treatment options: We prioritize brands that offer a variety of treatment options to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. We seek brands that provide comprehensive treatment options to address different types and severities of dental misalignments or at least allow you (the patient) to decide the treatment (daytime, nighttime or only top or bottom) to make it as convenient for you as possible.
  6. Affordability: Last but not least the overall cost of the treatments. The main reason why lots of patients look for Invisalign competitors is because of the final cost of Invisalign which can end up costing $5,000 (on average). Therefore, we carefully consider the affordability of each brand, including the cost of treatment plans, payment options, and any additional fees or expenses involved.

Is There A Cheaper Alternative to Invisalign?

Yes, there are several alternatives to Invisalign clear aligners to choose from. Those brands offer the same effectiveness but are a lot cheaper than Invisalign by eliminating the need for a local dentist and cutting costs significantly. Brands like CandidCo or Byte aligners are just a few. Professional dentists are used by the company to handle your alignment case on a remote basis.

Top Invisalign Alternative in the UK

If you live in the UK and are surprised after finding out how much does Invisalign cost in the UK, don’t worry, there are also alternatives to Invisalign for you. The best ones for us are these two:


Right now, Caspersmile doesn't have any coupon or discount available.

Price: Modeling Kit: £29.95 | Invisible Aligners: £875| Retainers: FREE.

Payment plan: £395 deposit, £95/month or less for 7 months. 

Treatment time: 3 to 6 months.

Even though it’s actually a US-based brand, Caspersmile also works in the UK. This teeth alignment brand is a newcomer to the alignment market. Still, the customer reviews show that it should be an Invisalign competitor to consider when looking for at-home teeth aligners. The brand modus operandi is very similar to Straight Teeth Direct as it’s 100% remote and both daytime and nighttime plans are provided as well as only top or bottom plans, but the price is lower as the full alignment plan costs only costs £875.

  • Remote and convenient treatment
  • Most affordable UK alignment brand
  • Payment plans available
  • Offers only top or bottom alignment treatments
  • Nighttime option available
  • Only works for minor orthodontic cases
  • There aren't many customer reviews from the UK available

Caspersmile vs. Invisalign Key Features:

  • Caspersmile treatment cost lot less than Invisalign: Caspersmile costs a lot less than Invisalign in both the US and the UK. In the UK, Invisalign can end up costing from £1,500 to over £5,000 while Caspersmile starts at a price point of only £625.
  • Offers a wider variety of treatments compared to Invisalign: Caspersmile is the brand that a wider variety of treatments offers compared to the Invisalign competitors listed here. Caspersmile allows their patients to choose from daytime or nighttime aligners or dual or only top or bottom aligners. Invisalign doesn’t offer either of these plans.
  • More payment plans available than Invisalign: The payment plans offered by Invisalign depend on the provider you choose, but Caspersmile offers a great deal of payment plans as you can choose to pay upfront or in monthly installments thanks to Partial.ly.
  • Caspersmile treatment time is only 3 to 6 months: While Invisalign treatment can end up lasting more than a year, Caspersmile promises to achieve the perfect smile in as little as 3 months.
Straight My Teeth
Straight My Teeth

Get your treatment discounted (325 OFF!) for a limited time only by clicking on the button below. 

Price: Modeling Kit: £29.95 | Invisible Aligners: £999| Retainers: FREE.

Payment plan: £359 deposit, £45/month or less for 12 months. 

Treatment time: 6 to 8 months.

Straight My Teeth is a UK-based brand that has been in the teeth alignment market for a while now. It works similarly to every at-home teeth aligners company listed here: you take an online assessment, then they will send you the impressions kit and based on your personal situation they will tell you if you can continue with the treatment or can’t. If you are a good match, and you decide to continue with the process, the treatment will be monitored from the comfort of your home. The cost is very competitive as it is cheaper than Invisalign but more expensive than Caspersmile as the full cost of the treatment is £999. The brand offers nighttime options and payment plans are also available for both daytime and nighttime plans.

  • Remote and convenient treatment
  • Cheaper than Invisalign
  • Payment plans available
  • Nighttime option available
  • Whitening and 2 sets of retainers included
  • Only works for minor orthodontic cases
  • No refunds on teeth aligners

Straight My Teeth vs. Invisalign Key Features:

  • Straight My Teeh is less expensive than Invisalign: The full cost of Straight My Teeth alignment plan is only £999, more than £2000 cheaper than Invisalign. Besides, you can often find the price reduced (like right now).
  • You can achieve results faster with Straight My Teeth: Regarding the treatment time, Straight My Teeth is like its counterparts: a quick alignment treatment. In 6 months you can achieve the smile you dreamt about, half a year sooner compared to Invisalign and in the comfort of your home.
  • Various payment options available: You can choose between paying the whole treatment upfront (which ends up being cheaper) or in monthly installments thanks to Partial.ly, which allows you to pay the plan in 12 months.
Straight Teeth Direct
Straight Teeth Direct

Right now, Straight Teeth Direct doesn't have any coupon or discount available.

Price: Modeling Kit: £69 | Invisible Aligners: £1650 | Retainers: FREE.

Payment plan: £499 deposit, £169/month or less for 8 months. 

Treatment time: About 8 months.

Straight Teeth Direct is a more convenient and cheaper alternative to Invisalign. They offer remote treatment with options for 3D scans or impression kits. The cost is £1,650 but still cheaper than Invisalign, with flexible payment plans available. They provide a warranty for lost or broken aligners and offer “Smile Upgrades”: a whitening plan (£199) and a maintainer plan (£150/year) with new retainers and an extended warranty.

  • Remote and convenient treatment
  • More affordable than other brands
  • Payment plans available
  • Great warranty plan
  • Only works for minor orthodontic cases
  • No freebies included
  • Treatment time longer compared to other Invisalign competitors

Straight Teeth Direct vs. Invisalign Key Features:

  • Straight Teeth Direct treatment cost is more affordable: Even though Straight Teeth Direct is the less affordable treatment on the UK list, compared to Invisalign it is a good deal as it is only £1650.
  • Quicker treatment time compared to Invisalign: In addition to being more cost-effective than Invisalign, Straight Teeth Direct treatment typically lasts an average of only 8 months. While two months may not seem significant, in the context of orthodontic treatment, they make a considerable difference.
  • Great variety of payment options available: Straight Teeth Direct stands out from the rest of the Invisalign competitors on the list as the most convenient brand regarding payment options. The brand offers upfront and monthly payments as the rest of the brands, but it also offers what they call finance, which consists of getting the treatment and paying it later thanks to an external credit provider.

How to make Invisalign cheaper?

The total cost associated with Invisalign clear aligners is dependent upon your needs, as well as your doctor’s charges. Your local dental professional decides how much the aligners cost for their patients and then the rest of the pricing is based on quantity needed plus the dental office visits and services rendered. Therefore, it is best to shop around for Invisalign pricing in your surrounding area. Every doctor is different when it comes to costs, although you may find that most dentists have similar pricing in your region.

how to make Invisalign cheaper

Overall, you will find a cheaper alternative to Invisalign by doing your research and shopping around. There is no specific way to find the cheapest Invisalign treatments or services. However, you have other options to assist with your out-of-pocket costs.

The first question that may come to your mind is: does insurance cover Invisalign? Well, dental insurance may cover all or a portion of the aligners, it will depend on the insurance you have and if it has orthodontic benefits. On the other hand, dental discount plans with cards may also drop your costs and some clinics offer an Invisalign discount from time to time (for example, for a short period of time $100 OFF or a more convenient payment plan). Besides, some dentists accept both options for the same services, but most do not honor both at the same time. Aside from that, HSA and FSA accounts are accepted to help reduce your total costs.

There is one last option that doesn’t actually save you money in the end, but it helps you manage your budget with lower monthly payments. Check each dental office for options on payment plans. All suggestions discussed here can really drop your total costs down significantly!

However, if any of these tips can help you drop down your Invisalign treatment price, check one of the Invisalign competitors we have talked about.


Are these Invisalign competitors as good as Invisalign?

Yes, they are as good as Invisalign, the only things you have to take into consideration is that these Invisalign alternatives don’t treat complex cases and don’t have in-person visits, then, if your case is a complex issue, it’d be better to see first an orthodontist or dentist.

What advantages have Invisalign alternatives when compared to that brand?

The main advantages to choose Invisalign competitors instead of that brand are that these alternatives are cheaper, that they are more convenient as they are telehealth companies, they have a shorter treatment time, and they provide some freebies as whitening kits, retainer cleaners and replacement retainers.

Have Invisalign alternatives shorter treatment time?

Yes, they offer shorter treatment times as they don’t accept complex cases. 

What are the best Invisalign competitors?

Some of the best Invisalign competitors include Byte, SimleDirectClub, and AlignerCo as stated in this article.

What are some cheaper alternatives to Invisalign?

All the brands listed in this article are a lot cheaper than Invisalign, so you can check the one suits you best. The cheapest from the list is AlignerCo only costing $995.

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