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The 7 Cheapest Teeth Aligners of 2022

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Teeth aligners, also known as clear aligners, invisible aligners, or a combination of the three, are an innovative and cheapest way to straighten your teeth and have continued to grow in popularity amongst consumers over conventional braces. For decades, metal braces have been used to straighten smiles across the globe, but nowadays this innovative treatment has taken its place.

They are usually made of medical-grade polyurethane materials and feature a clear look that is hard to see unless someone really tries to look. They are replaced every two to three weeks with the next set that is slightly adjusted to continue the teeth-straightening process. Since their creation, many new brands have come about, from SNAPCORRECT™ and Aligner Co.™ to Smile Direct club™ and 2Usmiles. The list could go on forever.

This article will discuss the best cheap clear teeth aligners for 2022 to help you find the one that suits your particular needs. To get started, we’ll discuss some important information to consider before making your decision. Let’s get started!

What to Keep in Mind Before Buying Cheap Teeth Aligners?

Before getting excited about the best teeth aligners, it is important to understand what they do exactly and how they work. In addition, each brand has similar processes but vary in some ways. Another thing to note is that you may not qualify for invisible aligners. It is dependent upon the orthodontist’s review of your particular situation. Moreover, severe cases of gaps or crookedness usually require braces.

Treatment Time

most affordable teeth straightening aligners

Invisible teeth aligners are designed to shift the position of your teeth gradually just like braces have always done, except that you don’t need to visit the orthodontist to adjust them. You simply throw the old set out and use the next set. Each aligner set in your package carries a slight change in its form to gradually straighten your teeth. The program generally lasts between 8-24 months depending on your particular situation. Even the cheapest invisible aligners carry the same processes.


Even the cheapest reliable teeth aligners deliver the advantages of invisibility compared to conventional braces. There are no metal wires or nodes that mount to your teeth. They are clear, which is why they continue to grow in popularity. However, every brand has a different degree of invisibility. Some are a little more noticeable than others. Regardless, they all deliver a clear appearance overall.

You are required to wear them at least 22 hours a day, every day. If you don’t, it could fail to deliver the planned results. Each new aligner set will feel a little tight at first. You may be tempted to remove them, but you will get used to it. You usually remove them to brush your teeth and optionally when eating or drinking to prevent staining, so you’ll get a break there anyway.


3d-printing aligners

The process for obtaining a cheap and affordable teeth alignment package starts with an impression or two of your teeth or a 3D scan. Some brands offer both options. 3D scans are performed in one of their offices while impression kits (the most common option by companies) are mailed directly to your home. When you send the impression kit back to the clear aligner company, their orthodontists will review them and determine if you are a fit candidate for clear aligners. If approved, you can then order your aligner package. They custom make them and ship them to your door. Overall, the simplicity of the process is another reason that people choose to try clear aligners. However, they MUST be used as instructed and faithfully used until your schedule is completed or they won’t work as successfully.


When it comes to cost, clear aligners are a very affordable option compared to braces if you can use them. Braces can cost as much as $8,000 give or take while clear aligners only cost between $1800 and $2500. As more brands have come about, pricing has become competitive so that gives you an advantage!

Types of Cheap Teeth Aligners

Most of the cheapest teeth aligners have very similar characteristics, but each brand carries its own slight variations in style, comfort, look, and feel. For instance, Clear Correct aligners are designed to be thinner, which may enhance comfort and clearness, but that can make them less durable. Invisalign clear aligners are thicker, but they have been innovatively designed to promote better comfort. Another difference is that some clear aligners, such as Invisalign and Clear Correct, are obtained through your local dentist while others like SmileDirectClub™,  2Usmiles and Aligner Co.™. are obtained online and through an impression kit that is sent back. Generally speaking, the online clear aligners are the cheapest teeth alignment options available.

How We Compare Teeth Aligners

To better decide which cheap and affordable teeth alignment system will suit your particular needs and preferences, we compare the most important elements, including:

The specifications are important since every brand has its own design and technology. Pricing is also a considerable factor. Lastly, customer feedback and experiences help you decide which one will suit you best, assuming you qualify for clear teeth aligners.

Most Affordable Teeth Aligners

Here you will find a list of the best cheap teeth aligners based on the factors mentioned above:



Product Specifications

2Usmiles clear aligners are made with a patented material from a specially engineered plastic meant to bring comfort to its wearer and strong support of the teeth without weakening as most plastic materials do when under pressure.

2Usmiles Price

2Usmiles pricing is one of the most affordable on this list, ranging from $1,200 to $1,600 (depending on if you choose daytime or nighttime aligners). A local dentist is also not required for this one. The total amount that you pay includes the impression kit, your aligners, and one FREE set of retainers. Your payment method also determines the final costs in the end. For upfront purchases, your total for all three items would be $1,295 for the daytime treatment and $1,495 for the nighttime treatment. With a payment plan for the aligners, your final costs would cost hundreds of dollars more than paying it in a one-time payment; still, it’s an excellent choice if you don’t have that amount saved. 

Customer Reviews


As the brand is new on the market, there are not many customer reviews online. However, if we read the little published on websites like bestcompany.com, we can see that their customers are very happy with the results and customer service provided by 2Usmiles. All the customers highlight the convenience of the treatment plan and payments and the great support given by the brand during the entire process as they always got fast responses. 

Chad Edgar
Read More
I love you smiles and they're invisible braces I'm so glad I chose to get them my teeth not only looks so much better but some are straighter to and people barely even notice I wear them
ramesh pothuru
Read More
flexible designed plan, very comfortable & convenient to use. provided free kit.
Carolina Camacho
Read More
2Usmiles gave me so much confidence in my smile! They are an affordable teeth straightening company and I had a great experience with them! Painless teeth straightening! Worth the money!

Aligner Co

The 7 Cheapest Teeth Aligners of 2022 1

Product Specifications

Aligner Co™ is the most affordable option right now on the market: they offer a complete alignment treatment for only $1145. This new brand based on New York, provides FDA-approved aligners and (according to them) the clearest aligners compared to all the teeth aligners brands.

AlignerCo Price

As we said before, Aligner Co. offers the cheapest invisible aligners on the market. You can have all your invisible aligners treatment for only $1145, including impression kit and retainers; or you can choose their SmileFlex payment plan and pay $110 per month for 12 months.

Customer Reviews


If you search for Aligner Co reviews, you’ll see that the ‘cheapest teeth aligners brand’ has very few negative comments. Everyone agree on the great results these aligners provide, the ease-to-use system and the great kind treatment of the Aligner Co’s team.

Jassell Maciel
Great Aligners
Read More
I have been doing aligner co for awhile now and am on my 15th set! Two more sets until I am done and I can say my experience has been fantastic. It takes awhile to initially get your trays but they fit well and do the job! I had some teeth shifting after I stopped wearing my retainers from traditional braces and wanted my teeth perfectly straight again. I would highly recommend Alignerco for anyone who has minimal teeth shifting or crowding or spacing. Overall highly pleased with the overall service and lower prices, compared to other companies. I would do it all over again. Now I can smile again confidently!
Andrea Martin
I appreciated the communication
Read More
I appreciated the communication, friendly reminders and kind customer service! I had a very hard time understanding the initial impression instructions though.
Al Moskal
I am very disappointed in the result…
Read More
I am very disappointed in the results of this company. Both my upper and lower arches are not straight after a 40 week program. Products took months to ship. Most aligner sets did not fit properly. Ele, the customer service representative is short, rude and doesn’t address your issues until you file a claim with the BBB. Their fix to the issue is to charge additional fees for another round of aligners. Had to fight with the company to get additional products for new impressions. Then they don’t send a postage paid label or package to mail the additional impressions back. The Sr Rep assigned to me after my BBB complaint takes weeks to respond to emails, and doesn’t answer calls. Don’t waste your money, they do lot guarantee results. Go with a reputable company and pay more money for a professional service. I will be filing another complaint with the BBB and filing a small claims in court.

Early Black Friday Discount: Get $275 off on AlignerCo aligners, and instead of paying $1,145, you only pay $870.


byte cheap teeth aligners

Product Specifications

Byte’s BPA-free polymer aligners are stain- and tear-resistant and so clear that no one would notice you’re wearing them. When you start Byte, you’ll take the initial impressions at home using the company’s kit and then send them in for an orthodontic evaluation. After the orthodontist sends you your treatment plan, you can begin treatment. Not only is it ultra-affordable, but Byte offers a surprising amount of value its kit. The kit includes one medical-grade retainer, a carrying case, a bottle of the teeth-brightening cleaner BrightByte, plus a high-frequency acceleration device called HyperByte that speeds up treatment. Most Byte users see straighter teeth within just three months of treatment. If you opt to go with Byte’s Nighttime Wear Program, you can wear the aligners for 10 hours overnight, only, and see some results in about six months. To be sure before deciding between the two types of treatment, we recommend you to read byte reviews online so you can clear up your mind.

Byte Price

Treatment with Byte costs a flat rate of $1895 no matter how long your treatment takes. You can opt to pay the full price upfront, or use Byte’s financing plan, BytePay, to make monthly payments of $83 for 25 months after an initial deposit of $249. The initial orthodontic evaluation isn’t included in this price, however. You pay that fee of $95 separate at the outset. That cost covers a complete at-home impression-taking kit which includes a box with free return shipping to send your impressions in. After using the kit and sending in your impressions, an orthodontist will evaluate your smile and let you know whether or not your teeth qualify for Byte. If they do, you can go ahead and pay to begin treatment. If Byte isn’t right for you, however, Byte will completely refund that $95. Byte accepts alternative payment options including CareCredit, FSA, HSA, dental insurance, Affirm, and Splitit. Byte also offers discounts for qualifying students, first responders, and members of the military.

Customer Reviews


Right from the start when you use the impression kit, Byte offers a simple and guided experience with clear directions. It works quickly by design and when users see the quick results, they’re motivated to stick with the program and use the trays as directed. Many reviews included positive remarks on the fast responses and courteous interactions of the Byte customer service team. Unfortunately, not everyone who tries Byte will see amazing results within just three months’ time, but everyone has unique needs and Byte seems to work best for those who need only minimal orthodontic treatment, anyway. 

Read More
This is the best and most affordable teeth aligning company! Awesome customer service.. I’m in my 5th week and already see results. I was set to go with the company my orthodontist recommended but the cost seemed incredibly too high for me. So I did research and found Byte! I recommend it to anyone wanting to fix any type of alignment issue. Hands down.
Read More
Very efficient at following up with me to get me started on my new smile. Text and emails and training video helped me through the setup process. Continuing to have excellent customer service as it gets closer to my slinger arriving.
Read More
I'm on week five of a 15 week treatment plan and the experience has been great so far. I appreciate that you don't even need to go into the office. Compared to other companies I checked out, Byte seemed to have the best options for me for the cost (and the shortest treatment time), which is awesome. Didn't give five stars because I'm not a fan of hidden costs, so know that only one bottle of the aligner cleaner/whitener is included and you will need to purchase additional bottles after that. IMO, you should be provided enough cleaner to get you through your treatment plan.

Click the button below to get $580 OFF your treatment until 12/4! You can use the discount for both the All-Day and All-Night alignment systems!


Invisalign Logo

Product Specifications

Invisalign® uses its exclusive SmartTrack® material that enhances comfort and makes it easy to install and remove their cheap clear teeth aligners. The material delivers a gentle, yet constant force against your teeth, unlike many clear aligners that are somewhat stiff and less comfortable. It is capable of speeding treatment times by as much as 50%. Your dentist and orthodontist use Invisalign’s iTero Element® scanner to capture a precise 3D image of your teeth so that the aligners fit snugly and comfortably. That ensures better accuracy with your aligner molds and a good fit.

Invisalign Price

Invisalign pricing will vary based on your dentist or orthodontist, as well as other circumstances (read further). The dentist/orthodontist receives a cut in order to provide the services rendered and cover all administrative costs and supplies to keep their business going. The average cost can range from $3,000-$8,000 after everything is done. They don’t rob you blind, but it does add up. For slightly severe alignment issues, the SmartForce® attachments (added cost) make complex tooth movement possible, which is something that other aligners cannot handle. The total price paid will include any dental fees plus the charges for the Invisalign clear aligners and attachments if necessary.

Customer Reviews


Invisalign cheap clear teeth aligners are a little higher on price because they are handled locally by your dentist or orthodontist, but customers have reported good results using them. They claim that they have some level of discomfort for the first couple of days with each new aligner, but like how quickly they fix their teeth alignment issues. Many consumers are happy that Invisalign can help solve their slightly major crowding that other invisible aligners cannot handle. This is mostly due to the Smartforce attachments that are placed on the teeth before the aligners are used. Customers don’t like the periodic checkups with their alignment progress and Invisalign usage, but they shun that off when they see the results from using them. The majority of Invisalign users recommend them to others.

Read More
They move you through slowly altering your teeth. I wish I had not throwing out my previous set because sometimes you need to go back to the previous set. Also don’t use toothpaste to clean them because it scratches them and they are no longer invisible. Overall I was very pleased. Just didn’t want it so obvious after I scratched them.
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Invisalign braces are a wonderful solution for adults needing braces. I would not recommend them for teenagers, especially boys. You have to pay more attention to brushing and cleaning than most young people do not like to do. I would also recommend really taking a deep dive into the differences between traditional braces and Invisalign before deciding. All in all, I would choose the Invisalign.
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I tried taking advantage of the time at home during the pandemic by investing in Invisalign, something I've always wanted to do. Last December (2020), I was told to wear Invisalign until July and your teeth will look a lot better. By July, following their instructions perfectly, my teeth did look a lot better. But I was told it wasn't what they were expecting and I needed another 6 months. How can you be that far off on your time assessment? I declined and said I like the progress that was made. This all happened on July 26th.

Clear Correct

clear correct logo

Product Specifications

Clear Correct™ aligners are very similar to Invisalign aligners and they use a medical-grade polyurethane by Zendura®, made exclusively for their product. They are the cheapest clear aligners brand of the two that requires a dentist. It also carries a gentle yet forceful support system for your teeth. The material was designed to also promote stain resistance. Your dentist or orthodontist create a 3D scan of your teeth and send it to Clear Correct.

Clear Correct Price

ClearCorrect pricing is similar to Invisalign, except that it is a little cheaper, ranging in costs from $2,500 to $5,500. Therefore, if you don’t have a slightly severe alignment problem, ClearCorrect can be a good choice. Don’t forget that there is no aligner that can handle severe crowding, spacing, or crookedness effectively. The total price you pay in the end will include the dentist’s/orthodontist’s price for the aligners, the office visits and services rendered, and the established quantity of aligners based on your situation.

Customer Reviews


ClearCorrect cheap clear teeth aligners are also higher on price than other options since they also require a local dentist like Invisalign, but many customers really enjoy the clearness they deliver, which has been known to be the clearest aligners available on the market. Many say that discomfort is low when initially wearing them the first couple of days due to their flexibility and design. The big difference compared to Invisalign is that people like the fact that ClearCorrect aligners are made in the USA.

Read More
Clear Correct was so much cheaper than other companies but still did the job. I used them with my dentist for over a year, the process was so much slower than initially anticipated. Wish they had an access to portal for clients not only for the dentists.
John Wilcox
Read More
The aligners and retainers worked fine, but ClearCorrect closed my case after a year. Then when I lost my retainers, I was told it'd cost thousands of more dollars to repeat the whole process with aligners just to get some retainers. Don't go with ClearCorrect. They're just a money grubbing corporation trying to bleed your pockets dry. They don't really care about their customers or their interests more than they care about maximizing their own profits at your experience.
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I love my aligners. They are thin and comfortable. After the 1st week I would find myself forgetting to put them back in immediately after eating because they became so familiar. My first set did have a small section that was a little sharp, but I called my dentist and went in the next day and they sanded the sharp edge and it no longer was a problem. My treatment only cost $3,000 for the 6 months changing a tray every 2 weeks. My teeth look better everyday. I can't wait to see the final outcome.

Smile Direct Club

smile direct club

Product Specifications

SmileDirectClub™ cheap clear teeth aligners are very similar to Invisalign clear aligners, except that you get them direct from the manufacturer. Ironically, the same manufacturer that makes Invisalign also makes SDC’s clear aligners. However, both options have their own material design yet offer similar benefits. Therefore, SDC clear aligners also deliver a snug fight with enough flexibility to maintain comfort without sacrificing tooth placement and shifting. They are made with PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) thermoplastic material that has a clear opal color to it. However, one notable difference between the two is that SDC aligners rest about 2-3mm over the gumline in a flat fashion and Invisalign aligners are scalloped. The gumline on Smile Direct Club aligners is hidden by the lips so it is not noticeable.

Smile Direct Club Price

SmileDirectClub pricing ranges from $2,700-$3,000 after completing the program. No local dentist is required so it definitely falls within the cheapest teeth alignment systems available and your expenses are much less. The total cost includes the impression kit, aligners, and one set of retainers. The amount you pay depends on how you pay. Upfront payments for aligners, your impression kit, and one set of retainers puts the costs at around $2,700. For payment plans that cover the aligners portion of your total, the cost for all three items will be around $3,290 in the end. The regular price for one set of retainers is $99, but you will often need more than one set, so just factor any additional ones into your total. Take note that promotions or price changes can change the total costs as well.

Customer Reviews


SmileDirectClub’s cheap and affordable teeth alignment system appears to have many positive reviews across the web. However, there are some claims that it didn’t work. Customer service has been questionable as half of the customers complain of poor customer service while the other half claim it is great. However, it has continued to grow with Smile Direct Club reviews, and the vast majority are very positive! So it seems apparent that they are working hard to satisfy all their customers. Results have been successful for most and many consumers like the affordable prices.

Brian S.
6 Months Complete
Read More
My smile plan was set for 6 months, but after completion of this time, I was slightly unhappy with my lower teeth. With the smile guarantee, I got my teeth rescanned and was approved for refinement trays (3 more months). Overall, I am very happy with the customer service and results I have had with my smile. I will update after the completion of my refinement treatment.
Delia D.
Sensory Issues and Straight Teeth
Read More
My son has severe sensory issues so braces were Not an option. He did well with the aligned because there was no metal cutting his gums and he could take his time getting used to the Aligners. We Easily changed his schedule on line only 3 times and his teeth look beautiful. We are so great full for this option!! 💕
Stephen B.
Two thumbs up
Read More
Very please with the progress. After 12 of 16 aligners I’m please with how my teeth look so fast in such little time. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Only 8 weeks to go!

Using the code BF2022 you can get your impression kit for FREE after rebate, plus a FREE whitening kit!

And you could also save 50% or $975 on SmileDirectClub treatment with insurance as the brand partner with leading dental insurers like MetLife, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Anthem, and more. Plus, we accept HAS, FSA, and CareCredit.

Snap Correct

snapcorrect logo

Product Specifications

SnapCorrect™ clear aligners are known to be the clearest invisible aligners on the market. Using innovative technology and materials, the clarity is very real, even up close. The aligners are made with medical grade plastic from DENTSPLY RaintreeEssix, USA. They maintain comfortability while delivering a snug fit to keep teeth in place. The edges have a contoured design that enhances comfort compared to raised borders.

Snap Correct Price

SnapCorrect prices range from $1,844-$2,036 depending on your payment preferences. The impression kit is regularly $95. The aligners cost $1,749 and your first retainer is FREE. Therefore, upfront payments total $1,844 minus any current promotions. If financing is the option you choose, you purchase the impression kit and then set up a payment plan for your aligners, which costs as low as $80.84 per month for 24 months plus interest. In the end, your total cost would be $2,036 plus any required deposit if applicable and any interest on the payment plan. Even though you get your first set of retainers at no charge, you will probably need more. Each additional retainer costs $95 per set, so just add that to your totals.

Customer Reviews


SnapCorrect is also one of the cheapest clear aligners brand available that mostly receives positive reviews, claiming that the product works great and is not that visible. That coincides with what SnapCorrect claims. Some consumers have commented about the pain when wearing them, but most accept initial discomfort because they know it means it’s working. Overall, that clearness is what separates them from others.

Kenneth Silver
I paid for snap correct in April
Read More
I paid for snap correct in April, 2021 and did not get they device until July. When they arrived, the bottom fit but the top did not. They said they would send another mold. No three weeks later, it still has not arrived. When I call on the phone they have never answered despite 20 phone calls. They have called back three times. Very frustrating.
Andrea Linschied
Experience has been very good
Read More
Experience has been very good. Seemed like it was taking a really long time, with no communication. Ver happy with the product!
Matt Havens
The process was a snap. Great costumer service
Read More
The entire process couldn’t have been more of a snap,(pun intended),. Ordered my impression kit, did the impression, sent it back. Next thing I know the aligners show up and I start wearing them. It totally worked. Customer service was friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions. I am Completely satisfied with the results and I would Totally recommend SnapCorrect to someone looking to get their teeth straighter.

Summary: What's the Cheapest Way to Straighten Teeth?

In closing, all cheap and affordable teeth alignment systems cause some pain or discomfort at first because the aligners are moving the teeth into a new position. However, each product is designed differently so the discomfort can vary. In any case, they all appear to fix a variety of teeth alignment problems effectively for most people. 

Do cheap teeth aligners work effectively? 

The answer is yes for most people, assuming they follow the directions and learn to adjust without giving in. In fact, a lot of consumers had tried aligners at a younger age and didn’t follow through and wished they would have. Those people definitely strive to stick to the program when they give it another try.

If a dentist has ever told you that you have major bite alignment issues or severe crowding, then a cheap teeth aligner treatment program may not work for you. This is because some problems can only be fixed with metal braces (as we said before, not the cheapest braces), tooth extractions, or even surgery, all of which you can’t do on your own at home.

But cheap aligners can be a great solution if all you need is a little help straightening your teeth so that they look better. Clear cheap aligners are perfect if you don’t want to pay the full price of traditional metal braces. You can find dozens of companies online to choose from that can send you aligners that cost much less than in-office treatments.

But which company offers the best cheap teeth aligners?

Of all the cheap clear aligners we reviewed in this article, we’ve come to this conclusion:


2Usmiles offers the best aligner value for price

Aligner Co treatment starts out at just $1145 while 2Usmiles treatment is $1295. But you shouldn’t just go for the cheapest option because you’ll save a few hundred dollars. 2Usmiles offers a lot of value in their kits that other brands of a similar price do not and, still, is one of the most affordable brands on the market.

So if you’re ready to get these cheap teeth straightening treatments smile for less, our advice is to start by checking out 2Usmiles online to see for yourself whether it’s the right cheap aligner for you.

However, if you think that none of these brands will suit your needs, or you live in UK or Europe, you can also check other brands and their customers’ opinions like 6monthsmiles or PlusDent reviews.

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