Natalie Asmussen
Natalie is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and now lives in Tarragona, Spain. She graduated with a BA in Modern Languages and Literature from Beloit College in 2013 with a focus on Spanish, Arabic and French, She worked briefly as a representative for MNSure, the Minnesota Branch of the Affordable Care Act, and then transitioned to a position as a Community Health Worker and Insurance Assistor for a nonprofit called Portico Healthnet in Minneapolis, MN, where she helped people from every income level find access to the healthcare they needed. Since graduating, she has worked as a copywriter specializing in the field of dentistry. She is grateful that she found a way to connect her passion for access to healthcare and navigating the complicated world of health insurance in the United States with her passion for writing. Her favorite subjects to write about include disparities in access to oral health care and providing resources for people who need dental care without insurance.