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Amabrush Review: Automatic Brushing Technology

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When the creators of Amabrush launched their Kickstarter campaign, the world took notice. Dubbed as the “10-second toothbrush” and the “world’s first automatic toothbrush,” this device promised to make oral hygiene faster and easier. You’ve heard the buzz, but you want to know if the Amabrush toothbrush is legit. Check out this Amabrush review to get the details about this toothbrush.

What is Amabrush?

Amabrush is a fully automatic toothbrush that looks like a mouthguard. You put it in your mouth and it brushes all your teeth at once. It has a button on it that is set to activate the brush for 10 seconds. When the 10 seconds are up, your teeth are supposed to be fully brushed and clean.

What is Amabrush

How to Use Amabrush?

You need to assemble Amabrush before using it. First, attach the toothpaste pod to the mouthpiece; then attach it to the rechargeable handpiece. The mouthpiece and handpiece have a magnetic connection so the two will snap together. Plug it into the wall to charge it. Once the LED glows white, it is fully charged and ready to use.

Keep the mouthpiece on the charger but make sure it’s turned off. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth gently. It is large, so it can be difficult to get it in at first. Bite down softly and adjust the mouthpiece to ensure that it reaches all of your teeth and your gums.

Push the button closest to your mouth that says “Inject Toothpaste.” Then, click the On/Off button to turn it on. If you click it once, you will brush your teeth using the standard mode. If you click it twice, you will turn on power mode; this mode brushes the teeth for 20 seconds. You can click it three times to turn on massage mode; this also brushes the teeth for 20 seconds and is supposed to massage the gums and teeth.

Keep the mouthpiece in until the vibrations stop. Then, remove it and rinse your mouth. You will need to clean the mouthpiece before putting it away.

How Much Does Amabrush Cost?

The Amabrush costs €129 and ships for free. This is less than the price when the Amabrush Kickstarter toothbrush launched.

Where to Buy Amabrush?

Amabrush is available on the company’s website; however, it is currently sold out and the company went bankrupt. There may not be any more products available in the future; if you want one, you might be able to find one from a third-party retailer soon.

When is Amabrush Coming Out?

Amabrush launched its campaign in July of 2017. Around 20,000 people backed it within the month, so it looked like it was going to be a hit. By the end of the month, the Amabrush Kickstarter campaign had reached 5000 percent of its original fundraising goal.

It was clear early into the campaign that the creators were having some issues developing the toothbrush. In September 2017, the company announced it had made some significant changes, including Bluetooth integration and longer battery life. When December of that year rolled around, the company was still unable to announce a shipping date for the toothbrush; this was a warning sign of what was to come.


In January 2018, it announced that it planned to begin shipping in July. In July, it changed the shipping date to September 25, 2018. It did start shipping the product in September, but the fulfillment process was a mess. Many people did not receive their toothbrushes and many of the original shipments had quality defects that had to be fixed. The company slowed down shipping in November in an effort to fix the defects.

'On June 5, 2019, the company announced it was closing its doors and filing for bankruptcy. It is no longer manufacturing the Amabrush toothbrush.'

Octobrush vs. Amabrush

The Amabrush toothbrush is far from the only hands-free automatic toothbrush on the market; there are countless others, including Octobrush. Compare the two to get a better understanding of what to expect if you get a hands-free automatic toothbrush.

Brushing Time10 seconds15 seconds
Brushing modes31
Bluetooth compatibilityYesNo
Battery lifeTwo WeeksOne Month

The lower price for the Octobrush makes it a more attractive option for many consumers who want to try this method of brushing. While it only has a single mode and does not have Bluetooth compatibility, it might be a better option for those who want a hands-free automatic toothbrush.

Amabrush Reviews: What Other Users Think

If you look at Amabrush reviews online, you will see that people are not pleased with this product. First, it does not do a good job of cleaning the teeth. One customer referred to the product as a “strange gumshield/vibrator.” Another customer said he could brush his teeth just as well using his finger. One reviewer stated that chewing gum that was left on the pavement would do just as good of a job of cleaning his teeth, so you will have the toothpaste you have/like (coconut oil toothpaste, whitening toothpaste, etcetera.) to be able to brush your teeth.

People also complain about the mouthpiece itself being large and uncomfortable. It is awkward to hold it in the mouth, and many people state that even 10 seconds is too long to keep it in due to the discomfort. Also, the mouthpiece is just too big for many people so they can’t get it in at all. To make matters worse, the mouthpiece does a poor job of dispensing toothpaste. The mouthpiece has 16 holes that are supposed to dispense toothpaste, but some reviewers claim in only comes out of a couple of them.

Many people would agree that those who had poor brushing experiences are the lucky ones, though. Countless people paid the fee on Kickstarter and never received the product. Some claim the company refuses to answer emails and blocks people on social media when they ask for refunds. This has led many to believe that the Amabrush Kickstarter project was nothing but a scam.

MikeStill believe in this company
Read More
I still believe in this idea and concept. They are a young company, funded by Kickstarter backers to develop their first product. Im sure they will come up with new ideas and improved products.
Simeon S.Toothpaste tastes really great and the…
Read More
Toothpaste tastes really great and the product feels so nice in my mouth! But please please revices the toothpaste dispenser. I don‘t want to press for several times just to get enough toothpaste! I just want to press once!!
Erik VikaAmabrush - Not good enough
Read More
I was excited when i received the product. The first try felt good, but after testing it for a week now, i'm not happy at all with the results. This will never replace brushing my teeth with a toothbrush/electric brush. The results of the Amabrush leaves plaque and other substances.... I cannot understand how this product can havr been tested as good enogh.
Martin StensonYet another person swindled by their…
Read More
Yet another person swindled by their Kickstarter. Paid my US$150 or so for the brush and some extra accessories. Never received anything, and now see they are liquidating. But hey, I have 32 update emails for memories!
MPJi have been scammed by them too
Read More
i have been scammed by them too. don't get mad - get even. the FT are taking an interest in Indiegogo/Kickstarter Amabrush given the scale of the failure - write to the FT to add to their info. also contact the UK European Consumer Centre who are liaising with their Austrian Counterparts, and join the campaign by Peter Kolba and OTS - you may need to use google translate for this last one.... fraud/criminal proceedings against the former directors might be possible
Dennis Claus JorgensenHorrible Product
Read More
I feel scammed. The product seemed so promising, they have “proved” though study that Amabrush is equally efficient as a regular toothbrush. This is simply not true. The Amabrush toothbrush quality is about the same as if you used your finger without toothpaste. It is horrible... so disapointed..

Summary: Does Amabrush Really Work

Amabrush is simply not a good toothbrush. The mouthpiece is awkward and does a poor job pushing out toothpaste. The mouthguard also does not clean teeth very well: You would be much better off with a manual toothbrush. This toothbrush is a waste of money.


Can Kids Use Amabrush?

No, the company did not make a children’s version of the mouthpiece and the adult version is too large for children to use. The company originally stated it might make a kids’ version, but now it is bankrupt so that will not happen.

Is Nuubrush by the Same People Who Made Amabrush?

Nuubrush does not list its owners or creators on its website or social media profiles. It simply states that it was founded as a small startup company.

Is Amabrush ADA Approved?

No, it does not have the ADA seal of approval.

Who Invented Amabrush?

Marvin Musialek is the CEO and founder of Amabrush. The company also consists of Martin Forstenpointner (mechanical engineering), Alexander Stummer (electronic engineering), Dr. Hady Haririan, Ph.D. (dental professional), and Katharina Takacs (study design and evaluation). There are other employees as well, but this is the core team.

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