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AlignerCo Canada Review

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It is a no-brainer that orthodontic treatment is expensive. Apart from the appliances themselves, patients have to factor in other aspects like office visits, face-time with orthodontists, and other products that they may have to purchase.

The introduction of home aligners became a favorite to people. This is mainly because of the price factor, as many other aspects get canceled out. For instance, you may not need an orthodontist present or schedule regular office visits during your treatment period.

At-home clear aligners like AlignerCo have made achieving an ideal smile quite affordable and convenient.

However, price isn’t the only factor to consider when getting the perfect set of aligners when it comes to dental treatment. This review highlights how AlignerCo is probably the best at-home clear aligner in Canada to help you decide if it is the best fit for you.

What is AlignerCo Canada?

If you’ve ever done extensive research on the best at-home clear aligners, then you must have heard about AlignerCo. To many, this brand is a beacon of hope for budget-strapped people that wish to get effective aligners. This is because they offer some of the lowest-priced products in the markets that would offer you expected results, and within a short period too.

AlignerCo is a pretty young company formed in May 2019 and can be found in both the U.S, Canada and Australia.

Like many other home aligner brands, AlignerCo creates custom clear aligners and delivers them to your doorstep. The patient after that self-administers the treatment.

According to most AlignerCo Canada reviews, the most significant difference between this and other well-known brands like Candid or SmileDirectClub lies in the pricing. However, their affordable pricing structure doesn’t mean you’ll get a cheap product.

AlignerCo reviews indicate that the company does not sacrifice high-quality treatment and safety in the name of lower prices; hence, you can be more confident of the care you’ll receive.

How much does AlignerCo Canada cost?

At only $1,360, AlignerCo Canada’s price point is tough to beat. This is nearly $1,000 less than the industry average, making it one of the cheapest invisible aligners.

In general, home aligners are often much cheaper than traditional orthodontics like braces (which can cost upward of $5,000) as at-home aligners treatments cost between $2,000 and $2,500 on average.

alignerco canada alignment plan

However, for only $1,360, you can get a complete AlignerCo treatment with the possibility to get the advantage of occasional promotions and discounts that can make the total cost go even lower. For instance, you can get the full treatment at only $1,120 when using the promo code on the company’s official website.

alignerco canada impression kit

The $1,360 package includes your impression kit, which costs $75 and is sold separately. Furthermore, you get the first set of aftercare retainers which most other companies usually sell for $195.

The AlignerCo Night-Only treatment costs a little higher, at $1,195, which is still way more affordable than many other options in the market.

How to make AlignerCo Canada affordable

While the $1,360 price tag may seem cheap compared to many invisible aligners in Canada, not everyone would be able to afford paying all that money upfront. To make their product even more available to deserving clients, the company makes the treatment manageable through their financing options.

AlignerCo’s SmileFlex Easy Payment plan enables customers to divide the cost into smaller, manageable chunks.

What’s more, everyone qualifies for this particular program as there’s no credit check involved. The only catch is that you’ll first have to make a $395 down payment. After that, you’ll pay a monthly fee of $246 for 6 months

Screenshot of AlignerCo financing plans.

Financing is also available for the Night-Only plan. It requires a $485 down payment followed by a monthly payment of $250 for 6 months.

But, can you use your HSA or FSA to pay for AlignerCo?

Absolutely! AlignerCo accepts payments from either a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Most AlignerCo Canada reviews from customers indicate that this method significantly reduces the total landing cost for one’s treatment.

AlignerCo Canada locations

Like some at-home clear aligner brands, AlignerCo Canada does offer in-office consultations having one location in Canada. But users can choose from order an impression kit from the company’s website or going to its Canadian location in Ontario (Copes Lane, Stoney Creek, ON L8E0B5).

AlignerCo Canada Review 1
AlignerCo Canada Review 3

Comparing AlignerCo Canada with other brands

Is AlignerCo the best at-home clear aligner brand in Canada? How does it compare with other brands? Is cheaper compared with Invisalign cost in Canada? Let’s have a quick dive below:

Product vs. AlignerCO CanadaCostEffectivenessDuration of the treatmentSpecial attributes
AlignerCo Canada$1,360Very4-6 monthsThe most affordable clear aligners. Nighttime option available.
Invisalign Canada$2,000 - $8,000Very12-18 monthsIt can treat more severe cases, unlike AlignerCo, which only treats moderate or mild cases.
NewSmile Canada$1,899Moderate8-10 monthsFlexible financing plans are available
$240 OFF for a Limited Time Only!
$240 OFF for a Limited Time Only!
FREE Gift and $240 OFF when purchasing your alignment plan for a limited time!


Does insurance cover AlignerCo Canada?

It depends, but mostly no. Most insurance companies label aligners as cosmetic treatment hence not covered in their dental plans. However, you can consult your insurer to determine whether you’re able to get covered.

How can I reach out to AlignerCo Canada?

For any inquiries, you can easily contact AlignerCo Canada through their email or call (647) 360 0096. The company displays its physical address as 117 Copes Lane, Stoney Creek, ON L8E0B5.

Does Health Canada accept AlignerCo aligners?

Yes. AlignerCo aligners are accepted and accredited by Health Canada.

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