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AlignerCo Review: Does It Really Work?

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Braces will likely always be a mainstay in orthodontic treatment. But invisible aligners are on the rise- for good reason. They’re more comfortable, more visually appealing, and often more affordable. There are a variety of options for invisible aligners on the market, and it can be overwhelming if you’re just getting started with looking at your options. If you’ve been doing some investigation of invisible aligner companies online, it’s likely that you’ve come across AlignerCo, a relative newcomer to the invisible aligner market. Is AlignerCo good? Should you avoid it? To save yourself some time, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about AlignerCo and the pros and cons of going with this company for orthodontic treatment.

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Teeth Straightening at AlignerCo’s Smile Studio

AlignerCo Invisible Aligners Plans

Since patients have unique wants and needs when it comes to their invisible aligner plan, AlignerCo offers multiple plans that can cater to these differences. To help you learn the basics of each one, each plan is briefly outlined below, with a more detailed breakdown of the price later in this post.


SmileAdvantage alignerco

The first available plan is SmileAdvantage. With this plan, you must wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day. With this plan, you will get an impression kit, invisible aligners, and a set of retainers. There are two other plans that require daytime wear of your aligners: SmileFlex and SmileFlex Easy. These options will be discussed more later on.


alignerco nighttime

The next type of plan offered by AlignerCo is the NightAdvantage plan, which is similar to the SmileAdvantage plan. With the NightAdvantage plan and the NightFlex and NightFlex Easy plans, customers only have to wear their aligners for 8-10 hours each night.

How AlignerCo works: Teeth Straightening in 3 Simple Steps

So how does the AlignerCo system actually work? Understanding your invisible aligner treatment doesn’t need to be complicated and can be broken down into three simple steps.

First Impressions Count - Step 1
First Impressions Count - Step 1

The first step to a successful journey with AlignerCo is taking an impression of your teeth to send back to the team of dentists who will design your custom aligners. Order your impression kit for $59.99, and take your impression in the comfort of your own home before sending it back.

Let's Get Things Straight - Step 2
Let's Get Things Straight - Step 2

Next, the orthodontic professionals at AlignerCo will use your impressions to create your first set of custom-made aligners. It is crucial that you take your time making your teeth impressions, as any mistakes made when doing so will impact the fit of your aligners!

Go Ahead. Smile. - Step3
Go Ahead. Smile. - Step3

Following the development of your new aligners, you will receive them in the mail and get to officially start your journey toward straighter teeth. The convenience of AlignerCo becomes clear at this step; there is no need for you to visit an orthodontist's office prior to beginning your treatment. Once you receive your aligners in the mail, you are good to go!

AlignerCo Cost

Each AlignerCo plan has a slightly different final price or payment plan, making it easier for individuals looking for orthodontic treatment to choose the plan that is best suited for their own unique financial situation. Below is a simplified AlignerCo price breakdown:

How to get AlignerCo at a more affordable price?

Wondering how to get your AlignerCo cost down as much as possible? There are a couple of different monthly payment plans available, so you can have the freedom to choose which one you think would be the most appropriate for your own financial situation.

It is possible that an AlignerCo coupon code might become available on the company’s website, so be sure to check back frequently to take advantage of any temporary discounts and deals.

For those in Canada, an AlignerCo Canada promo code is available. Click on the link provided here to get the deal



Can you use your HSA or FSA to finance your AlignerCo invisible aligners?

In short, yes! AlignerCo does accept payments from either a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for their invisible aligner plans.

Refund & Return policy

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, AlignerCo provides a detailed outline of its refund and return policy on its website.

If you want to cancel your entire order, AlignerCo will only accept this within 24-48 hours of placing the order. Once the order has been processed (after this timeframe), you cannot get an AlignerCo refund. Due to customer safety concerns, AlignerCo does not accept any returns of impression kits.

However, if you feel like your aligners do not fit correctly, AlignerCo will evaluate your case and may send you a new set of aligners. And if you’re not happy with your results at the end of your treatment plan and you’ve followed all of the provided guidelines, you may be eligible for additional aligners free of cost. If you do not meet AlignerCo’s criteria to qualify for free additional aligners, you can request “refinement” aligners for $150.

Furthermore, suppose the orthodontic professionals at AlignerCo determine that you are not a good candidate for treatment with their clear aligners. In that case, the cost of your impression kit will be refunded entirely.

WorryFree Protection

To ensure that its customers have peace of mind with their treatment, AlignerCo offers a WorryFree Protection plan for $680. With this plan, you are guaranteed a six-year supply of clear aligners to help keep your teeth straight. These aligners are delivered every six months, making sure that you have a consistent supply of aligners. If you are happy with the results of your treatment but concerned about the longevity of those results, you should consider purchasing a protection plan. Also, the cost is rather high; it could be worth it to make sure that your teeth do not shift back into their previous positions following successful treatment

Why you should choose AlignerCo

What makes AlignerCo an excellent option for straightening your teeth?

Are ALIGNERCO invisible aligners the right option for you to get straighter teeth?

Are the invisible aligners from AlignerCo the right option for you to straighten your teeth? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question. Each individual will have a slightly different experience with AlignerCo, as everyone’s teeth and orthodontic needs are a bit different.

The complexity of your case can definitely play a role in whether or not you would be an ideal candidate for Alignerco’s aligners. Typically, invisible aligners like those offered by AlignerCo are best suited for mild to moderate alignment and bite issues. Aligners can usually fix gap teeth, overcrowding, and mild cases of underbite and overbite. However, individuals with more complex cases might not be best suited for this form of orthodontic treatment. To learn more about whether or not you would be a good candidate for treatment with AlignerCo, visit the “Free Assessment” section of their website, which should give you a pretty good indication of whether or not you should proceed with treatment with them.

Benefits & Drawbacks of ALIGNERCO Invisible Aligners

Now to really break it down: what exactly are the specific pros and cons of AlignerCo invisible aligners?

  • Freedom to eat & drink
  • Convenient to remove
  • Simple cleaning
  • Guaranteed money back if it is determined that you are not a good candidate
  • Nighttime aligners option
  • Affordable prices
  • Multiple plans available
  • Long treatment time
  • Remote treatment only: no physical location
  • Best for straightforward cases: more complex cases might be better off getting treatment elsewhere

AlignerCo Before and After Results

Does AlignerCo work? One of the best ways to get a sense of what AlignerCo aligners might be able to do for you is to check out some of the AlignerCo before and after images. Most of the available before and after images are on AlignerCo’s own website. While these do provide some context for the results of the treatment and what the aligners are capable of doing, they do not show the whole picture. There are not many AlignerCo reviews before and after treatment available on other websites that are not directly affiliated with the company, making it difficult to gauge how well its system works and what AlignerCo results are actually like.

before and after aligner co
aligner co before and after

Additionally, most of the before images are of relatively mild cases. Since AlignerCo does advertise that their aligners are best for mild to moderate cases, this makes sense. However, they do not provide a variety of images, and most of the images shown seem to be more on the mild end of the mild to moderate spectrum. This makes it more challenging to estimate how well AlignerCo might work for those who have slightly more complex orthodontic problems that they are seeking to fix.

AlignerCo Customer Reviews

What do past customers have to say about their experience with AlignerCo? And is AlignerCo legit? On Trustpilot.com, AlignerCo has a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. According to Trustpilot, this puts it into the “excellent” category. Additionally, this 4.5-star rating is based on 555 AlignerCo reviews, which gives the final rating a fair amount of credibility.

Outside of Trustpilot and the AlignerCo review information contained on the company’s own website, there are not many reviews available. Ideally, you would want to read reviews from multiple sources before deciding to purchase something from a company, particularly in a case like this where the product could potentially impact your health and physical appearance. Perhaps over time, more AlignerCo reviews will appear. Still, for now, it seems that the majority of reviews that are available are relatively positive and have good things to say about the company.

If you are located in Canada, it’s even more difficult to find reliable AlignerCo Canada reviews. The available ones are on the company’s website, which likely results in skewed reviews in a more positive direction, as there are not really any AlignerCo bad reviews posted on their website. Hopefully, more reviews will become available in the near future, but all we can do for now is base our opinions on what is currently available to read and to see.

AlignerCo Location

At first, AlignerCo did not have a physical location, and customers were limited to the at-home impression kit for starting off their AlignerCo journey. Now, however, there is a physical location where customers can go to get assistance with the process of taking their teeth impressions and discuss any questions they may have about the treatment process with an AlignerCo professional. This is fantastic news for those who might have otherwise been hesitant about getting AlignerCo aligners due to concern surrounding taking their own teeth impressions. If patients are able to travel to the Smile Studio, this could relieve a significant amount of that stress and worry. However, in order to be eligible to visit the AlignerCo Smile Studio, you must have had a visit with a dentist in the past six months.

AlignerCo’s only physical SmileStudio is located at the following address:

621A Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead NY 11552

If you are unable to visit the in-person location, it is still 100% possible to complete AlignerCo treatment entirely remotely.

AlignerCo Compared to Other Teeth Aligners

Let’s see how AlignerCo stacks up to its competition. Compared to other popular teeth aligner brands, like Candid Co., and Byte, AlignerCo does have the advantage of having the lowest cost- by quite a bit as well operating partially remotely with the option to visit an in-person location, similarly to Candid Co. and Byte. If you look at similar plans across these four companies, the prices and benefits are as follows:

AlignerCo review comparison table
$150 OFF for a Limited Time Only!
$150 OFF for a Limited Time Only!
FREE Teeth Whitening Kit and $150 OFF when purchasing your alignment plan for a limited time!


What is the shipping time for AlignerCo?

Once your teeth impressions are taken correctly and received by AlignerCo, they can get started on creating your smile projection. This process will take about three weeks, and if you approve of your smile projection and choose to move forward with treatment, it will take an additional 4-5 weeks to receive your aligners following payment.

How to reach AlignerCo Support?

To contact AlignerCo’s customer service team, send them an email at [email protected]. If you would prefer to try a quicker communication method, there is a live chat function on their website that provides 24/7 access to customer support.

Is AlignerCo covered by insurance?

Whether or not AlignerCo is covered by insurance will depend on your specific insurance company. To learn more about insurance coverage for AlignerCo in your particular case, it would be best to try to get in touch with a representative from both your insurance company and AlignerCo.

Can you get AlignerCo if you have wisdom teeth or missing teeth?

If you have wisdom teeth, it is recommended that you have them evaluated by your dentist to see if you need them removed before beginning treatment with AlignerCo. If you are told that you will need to have your wisdom teeth removed at some point in the future, it would be wise to have that done before getting invisible aligners. Otherwise, the wisdom teeth may shift the positions of the rest of your teeth as they grow in.

If you have missing teeth, you can still get AlignerCo invisible aligners! AlignerCo can put pontics (fake teeth) where you are missing teeth, and you will have to obtain a colored coating on your aligners so that the gap is not visible while you are getting treatment.

Can you get AlignerCo aligners only for upper or lower teeth?

Yes, you can choose to get AlignerCo aligners for only your upper or lower teeth instead of a complete set! Your bite will be evaluated at the end of treatment to make sure that it is correct, and you will still need to take an impression of both your upper and lower teeth. Additionally, the price of the treatment will remain the same as if you got aligners for both your top and bottom teeth.

Is there any activity (sports, play instruments, etc.) that can’t be done if I have my aligners on?

You can play musical instruments while wearing your aligners, although it might take some getting used to. However, it is not recommended that you play high-impact sports while wearing your aligners. If you are hit, this could cause damage to your aligners, mouth, and teeth.

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