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Get Your Perfect Smile with These Teeth Aligners' Brands

Best Teeth Aligners Online Reviewed

byte homepage teeth aligners


Co-founded by the celebrity dentist Dr. Jon Marashi, it may seem the same as other clear aligner brands, but they offer some differences that make it worth it. They offer a different methodology for determining your treatment, an accelerated teeth alignment system, and a lifetime guarantee for your aligners. We also may highlight its excellent customer experience, which makes this company one of the best invisible aligners companies you can find.

candid teeth aligners homepage


Candid is a company based in New York that really cares about your smile and the quality of their teeth aligners. In order to do that, their professional orthodontists must meet specific criteria. They must be licensed orthodontists with 20 years of experience and 2 years of teeth-moving, postdoctoral training. Aside from that, their rankings for quality, price, and customer service are high across the board (Google, Product Hunt, Facebook, and more.) They always strive to make having invisible teeth aligners at home an easy and headache-free process. So far, that seems to be working out for them.

NewSmile Best Teeth Aligners


NewSmile is a teeth aligners company available in Canada and the US. Their offer great treatment plans, both day and nighttime, at the best price on the market and provide excellent results thanks to their professional dental team in as little as four months

alignerco best

Aligner Co.

Aligner Co is the new brand on the block. Their FDA-approved aligners deliver ultra-clear characteristics at the best price on the market. And although they’re new and they seem the same as the other brands, they rank high as one of the best teeth aligners available based on our price-quality ratio. 

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